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It’s finally here!
November 25, 2005, 8:19 am
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Well, sort of.

The Xbox 360 has officially kicked off it’s first wave of attack. Launching in the USA on Tuesday sparking off more excitement than the prospect of a Neighbours star fighting in the nude whilst simultaneously getting ready for a night on the town (you’ll see).

So what’s the verdict from the cheese burger scoffing public?
Well, they love it, naturally.
It seems the 360 is more than equipped to warm the hearts of gamers and gadget junkies accross the globe. It’s even been noted that there are over 3000 of the new console up for sale on ebay. Pre-sale of course, as with stock being as short as it is, there’s no chance of that many machines making their way on to the famous bidding site so easily.

It’s not all High-Def, Next gen fun though, as www.smashmyxbox.com proves. Not content with taking out their anger on Apple’s iPod anymore, they’ve turned their attention to the 360, collecting donations from the public over the last few months in order for them to purchase the machine, at launch – and destroy it in front of fanboys waiting to collect their own.

Oh the humanity!

In other news, Uwe Boll’s latest movie based on the Dead or Alive games finally has a trailer. Looking every bit as good as Street Fighter: The Movie, this really has to be seen to be believed.

Getting dressed whilst fighting? A good trick if you can do it.