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Halo 3 – The Movies Continue…
October 29, 2006, 10:57 pm
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Remember when you first truly ‘pwned’ on Xbox Live at Halo 2? Or when you stuck a mate with a plasma grenade from halfway across the map? Or how about when your mate drove that warthog over a ramp only for you to arrange a mid-air meeting for him and a well timed rocket?

Halo moments. That’s what they’re called. We’ve had plenty of ’em here in the office and we’re sure you have too. Now imagine if you could replay them…

It has recently been confirmed that Halo 3 will allow players to save their own movies from both single and multiplayer games. This means you’ll be able to watch all those ‘Halo moments’ over and over again, forever reminding yourself (and your friends) of that time when you ‘rocked’.

Both Halo and Halo 2 already have massive communities online dedicated to making movies within the two games and there are a number of sites lurking on the interwebs where you could literally spend days watching all the different Halo movies on offer. Everything from series’ such as Red Vs. Blue to speedruns and trick montages, Halo machinima has a big following.

Introducing the ability to save your own footage from the game not only makes the whole process easier for those inclined to do so, but it also opens up all the doors labelled ‘potential’ in the eyes of an aspiring machinimator. To see how far some folk have already pushed the boundaries of Halo and Halo 2 movie making (without the aid of an in-game video recorder), go check out the machinima channel on this very site. You’ll like.

And what about tournaments? Imagine being able to record whole matches from various camera angles and put them up online for people to watch. Bungie’s own website already records all the information from every match played in Halo 2, allowing you to check your stats and look over previous battles to see stuff like who killed who where and with what weapon etc… Perhaps we’ll see a ‘Gotham TV’ type channel where we’ll be able to watch games live?

It’s unknown at the moment whether or not you’ll be be able to export your movies out to your PC, but we reckon you can pretty much bet your last plasma grenade you’ll at least be able to send ’em to friends over Xbox Live. Braggers, get ready for the ultimate ‘in yer face’ tool.

More news guys, as it happens…


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i would love that… to forever remember the one moment you toatally owned,then died 10 seconds later…HECK YA!!!!

Comment by garrett

yeh i have the beta and i can confirm….itś true the movie features kick ass and yes you can send tehm easily to your friends

Comment by gaffers

i like games like global chat games like that

Comment by zach

i like games and chat i have never play it befour

Comment by zach

i like games and global chat

Comment by zach

i like master chief

Comment by zachery brown


Comment by Walla

u have to love halo 2

Comment by 187 killer

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