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Halo 3 Commercial Screenshot and Beta News
November 30, 2006, 9:01 pm
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From Bungie –

The image below isn’t from Halo 3 gameplay folks, it’s from the upcoming TV ad – scheduled to run this Monday, 4th of December, during Monday Night Football on ESPN. The CG was created by Hollywood FX house, Digital Domain, using assets supplied by Bungie. We’re very excited about the way they’ve managed to capture the Chief and other elements and clues from the Halo universe. What are those? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

We also made mention of the Halo 3 Beta (coming some time in 2007) and folks panicked when they saw that a press release mentioned only the US. Don’t panic. The Halo 3 Beta will be available in the US, Europe and elsewhere in the world. We’ll keep you updated on the detailed specifics as they come in.

An HD 720p version will be made available on Xbox Live Marketplace soon after for those folks with no access to cable TV. The music is by Marty O’Donnell and believe us, it’s worth checking out. Tune in soon when we’ll talk to the fellows at Digital Domain about what it took to put this together.


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I can’t wait to see this.

Comment by Wompa

Same here!…OMFG the wait kills me

Comment by Livewire



and everybody will watch just to see the commercial


Can someone convert 5:50 – 6:20 Pacific Time to

?:? to ?:? Eastern Time!?

Comment by Wanted 4 Murder

5:50-6:20 pacific is 8:50-9:20 eastern and 7:50-8:20 central.

Comment by Sadgoat

I like cheese but I want halo 3 so much I am a total freak about it

Comment by cheese

Just seen it. MC has some new kind of shield

Comment by Dirk

it was nothing to gey crazy about

Comment by it was ok

That video was Friggin Awsome

Comment by Joey C

I can’t wait until Halo 3 comes out. Also does anyone have a guess to when the release date is going to be next year. I heard it was around in the fall, but I could be wrong.

Comment by highflyr619


Comment by highflyr619

game stop said that it will hit the selfs early november

Comment by landon

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