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Halo 3 ViDoc – Et tu, Brute?
December 21, 2006, 12:43 am
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A little late to the party with this, but come on… you really should have seen it by now.
If not, or like us you simply can’t get enough – here is the all new Halo 3 ViDoc straight from Bungie HQ via the power of ma YouTubes.

Et tu, Brute?

Get excited.


No Julie Benz for Halo 3
December 15, 2006, 12:45 am
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Over at TVguide.com there’s an interview with Julie Benz (the Buffy and Angel star who played Miranda Keyes in Halo 2) including some intriguing information about Halo 3.

TVGuide.com: Are you all done with your voice work for the Halo 3 video game?
Benz: You know what? I am actually not a part of Halo 3. I was informed a couple of weeks ago that they are actually changing the voice of Captain Miranda Keyes, and giving her an accent.

TVGuide.com: Are you serious?! What kind of an accent?
Benz: I have no idea. [Laughs] They didn’t even entertain the idea of having me do it, so… I was very sad. I was very sad. I had such a great time doing Halo 2.

Bungie giving Miranda and accent?? Why?

Sure, many have voiced over the years opinions about her less than perfect dialogue in Halo 2, but why do Bungie suddenly feel the need to disrupt continuity in such a way?

Of course, it’s completely possible the accent rumour is simply an AIB (Actress Interview Blunder), but either way, it looks like we won’t be seeing Julie Benz returning for Halo 3.

7 Minutes of Halo 3 footage on its way?
December 14, 2006, 12:49 am
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According to Belgian blogger and Microsoft employee YLA G, of the Xbox Elite Team Belgium, we can expect a brand new video of Halo 3 to hit Marketplace next week.

In his blog post he states:

On December 20 a new Halo 3 video will be available on marketplace. It’s a 7 minute video that will be released next week. It highlights the emergence of the Brutes as playable characters in the game. It touches on their skills, origins, and how they are being created. It has about 2 ½ minutes of gameplay footage.

Gameplay footage? Brutes as playable characters? Un-freakin-believable? Maybe.

Microsoft and Bungie have so far said nothing about the emergence of the new footage so for now we’ll file this news under ‘uber-rumour’.We already know that Brutes will feature heavily in Halo 3 in terms of plot, but as playable characters a la the Arbiter? Awesome!

Imagine if they made it into multiplayer. As it stands SPARTANS and Elites are pretty evenly matched in terms of abilities and armour, making for an even playing field. With the addition of Brutes (and who knows what else?) things could be set for a drastic change.

Will character choice now play a large role in the outcome of a match? Completely changing the way we play? Brutes are after all, rock solid hard.

What other playable characters would you like to see included? The Flood? Marines? Be sure to let us know below.

In the meantime… be very, very excited.


Well, it looks like Frankie has confirmed (on the Gaming Age forums) that the ‘playable brutes’ part of this rumour, is NOT true. As for the footage, it looks like we’ll definitely be getting some new stuff very soon.

Beta(buy) – The Halo 3 Scandal
December 13, 2006, 12:46 am
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As you should all be aware by now, a number of European websites within Microsoft’s XCN have gotten their hands on a bunch of Halo 3 beta slots to give away over the Christmas period – and have been doing so.

Recently however, due to the incredible demand for such a coveted spot in the Halo beta test, some sites have been attempting to sell the codes to make a quick buck at Christmas from desperate fans.

Naturally, the big M weren’t impressed, and sent this warning out to all members of the XCN stating:

“If your site is found to be one of the offenders you will not receive any beta codes and will be removed from the XCN with immediate effect”

They also go on to threaten,

“We will also ensure that Microsoft will no longer have any involvement with your site.”

Strong stuff indeed – and rightly so. Bungie and Microsoft have stated numerous times that this is merely the first step at getting a place on the beta. The first step.


Infact, we have it on good authority that odds are if you want to get involved in the beta test, you will be able to. Expect further announcements over the coming months…

So, you may not be able to buy your way into the test, but I’m interested as to what lengths you would actually go to to get a slice of the Halo 3 pie?

Personally, I’d get a Halo tattoo… oh wait, I already have. Come on then Bungie, whadd’ya say… am I in or what?

Halo 3 Commercial – An Overview
December 5, 2006, 9:55 pm
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Ok, first things first – if you haven’t seen the new Halo 3 commercial that aired yesterday, jet over here and be ready to have your eyeballs blown out of their sockets.

All done? Then here’s a very brief summary of some of the key points that have been picked out by Halo fans accross the net.

The muffled dialogue seems to have been pinned down – Narcogen, over at Rampancy.net has transcribed the commercial here.
It has been clarified that the commercial takes place on Earth. It has not been specified however whether the whole commercial takes place on earth, or simply the bulk of it – it’s quite feasable that the opening scene, with the children, takes place elsewhere.
The children seen in the opening are open to interpretation and are most likely one of two options. They could simply be two generic kids on Earth, or (more likely) John and a female companion somewhere else (John was never on Earth as a child).

Speculation about who the little girl is ranges from Cassandra (from the Conversations with the Universe booklet included with Halo 2), a Spartan we know (Linda/Kelly?), or a totally unrelated, non-spartan childhood friend.

There are two UNSC vehicles in the trailer – an overturned Warthog (visible before the Chief picks up his rifle), and an overturned Mongoose, visible after he’s shielded.
The shield itself seems to be focused forwards – with the plates closer together. Potential weak spots are presented towards the rear and clear gaps can be seen. This would make sense should we see the shield make it into the multiplayer side of the game.

The Chief appears to be holding the M6D, from Halo 1 (although this too is under dispute). Many believe it may be the pistol from Halo 2, or infact a variant of the two lurking somewhere in between.
The large cloud bank visible at the end of the trailer is almost certainly the Ark Storm seen in the E3 Halo 3 trailer. Suggesting the commercial takes place prior to the events of the announcement trailer.

The vehicles visible at the end of the trailer are new (Brute) Wraiths.

The characters below the Chief in his final jump are Brutes, with the one in the center the Alpha Brute (Tartarus’ replacement), as evidenced by his hold on the Fist of Rukt. They appear to be wearing new armor.
The points noted above are merely the tip of the iceberg at this point and more information will surface over time. Expect a full analysis from the 7th Columnist shortly.
In the meantime, please continue discussing and sharing any ideas/speculation in the comments below.

Halo 3 Commercial – It’s Here!
December 5, 2006, 3:40 am
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It’s up and it’ll blow you away.

Bungie’s new trailer for the forthcoming Halo 3 is now available to download on Xbox Live Marketplace in 480 and 720p.
Alternatively you can stream it here at Xbox.com

Master Chief leaps into battle.

Mixing CGI and live action it’s a brutally realistic vision of the Halo universe.
So many questions now, I mean… what was that shield? Is that what the X button is for?

I’m working on getting a version available on this site right now. Stay tuned.


Thanks to the sneak tactics of 7th Columnist reader Skevens, we can now provide you with a version of the trailer (coutesy of YouTube).

Halo 3 beta registration is now fully under way, with North American gamers signing up via Halo3.com. For us Brits, beta slots are currently being offered up as prizes in various competitions from the Xbox community sites listed below.

The 7th Columnist wishes you the best of luck in securing a place.

ESPN ad reveals new shot of Halo 3 commercial
December 3, 2006, 11:03 pm
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An ad for the forthcoming Halo 3 commercial (airing tomorrow in the States and Friday 15th over here) has sprung up on the ESPN website giving another minor glimpse of what is to come.

Showing the same dusty wasteland as the previously released screenshot (and presumably the same setting as in the announcement trailer), Master Chief’s helmet is off, laying on the ground. Why?

Will we see his face in the ad? Pfft… not likely. I’m guessing the camera will conveniently cut away as he picks it up. True Bungie-style.

Here’s a few details from Bungie about the ad –

  • The commercial is 60 seconds long.
  • It will air during Monday Night Football on December 4th. Sometime around 6-ish, PST.
  • That’s the US date. Everyone else will get a chance to see it soon (UK – Channel 4, Friday December 15, at 22.45).
  • An HD version will appear on marketplace fairly soon.
  • The commercial is a mix of CG and Live Action.
  • It is not supposed to represent gameplay.
  • It is supposed to show pure action from the Halo universe. Think of it like the Graphic Novel.
  • It was made by Hollywood effects house, Digital Domain.
  • Digital Domain did base its stuff on our in-game 3D models.
  • It is packed full of clues and stuff.
  • It is nifty.
  • We may host it on Bungie.net at some time in the future.

Personally, I’m psyched about the commercial and even though it seems its only purpose is to fix in the minds of many that Halo 3 is well and truly on its way, the tiny glimpses we’ve seen so far look awesome.

Live action and CGI? Is this more than an ad and something of a test for public reaction to a CGI realisation of Halo? The movie is on hold (potentially cancelled), perhaps we will see something like this in the future? I’ve always thought the Halo universe would be perfect for a CGI TV series, maybe this is the beginning of just that very idea.

Expect to see the ad on this very site the second it becomes available.