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ESPN ad reveals new shot of Halo 3 commercial
December 3, 2006, 11:03 pm
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An ad for the forthcoming Halo 3 commercial (airing tomorrow in the States and Friday 15th over here) has sprung up on the ESPN website giving another minor glimpse of what is to come.

Showing the same dusty wasteland as the previously released screenshot (and presumably the same setting as in the announcement trailer), Master Chief’s helmet is off, laying on the ground. Why?

Will we see his face in the ad? Pfft… not likely. I’m guessing the camera will conveniently cut away as he picks it up. True Bungie-style.

Here’s a few details from Bungie about the ad –

  • The commercial is 60 seconds long.
  • It will air during Monday Night Football on December 4th. Sometime around 6-ish, PST.
  • That’s the US date. Everyone else will get a chance to see it soon (UK – Channel 4, Friday December 15, at 22.45).
  • An HD version will appear on marketplace fairly soon.
  • The commercial is a mix of CG and Live Action.
  • It is not supposed to represent gameplay.
  • It is supposed to show pure action from the Halo universe. Think of it like the Graphic Novel.
  • It was made by Hollywood effects house, Digital Domain.
  • Digital Domain did base its stuff on our in-game 3D models.
  • It is packed full of clues and stuff.
  • It is nifty.
  • We may host it on Bungie.net at some time in the future.

Personally, I’m psyched about the commercial and even though it seems its only purpose is to fix in the minds of many that Halo 3 is well and truly on its way, the tiny glimpses we’ve seen so far look awesome.

Live action and CGI? Is this more than an ad and something of a test for public reaction to a CGI realisation of Halo? The movie is on hold (potentially cancelled), perhaps we will see something like this in the future? I’ve always thought the Halo universe would be perfect for a CGI TV series, maybe this is the beginning of just that very idea.

Expect to see the ad on this very site the second it becomes available.


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I can ot wait for the commercial. i guess ill have to watch the commercials tonight ;)

Comment by Logan Jacobsen

We’ll have the commercial up here as soon as it is released.

Less than three hours to go!

Comment by Feenix

I just saw the commerical it was sooo sweet!!!!!!!!!

WTf was the sheild thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by I Just seen iT!

Wow that commercial was awesome!! Cant wait to see it again and again.

Comment by Juan

Just saw the ad…it was amazing, the cgi looked great and the trailer ends leaving you wanting more. Great work.

Comment by chris60190

dang son just saw it and i wasnt even expecting it b/c i didnt know about it….it was awsome!!i have to watch it agian. post it!!!

Comment by Rob


Comment by woot


Comment by Dustin

it just aired and i couldnt stop yellling “OH MY GOD” someone needs to post it so i can watch it over and over.

Comment by YoungJezus

I just saw it.

Comment by That Guy

Think the boy might of been MC as a child

Comment by Dirk

it aired……

Comment by Z

I did’t expect it to kids laying down talking then Boom!! flash flash shell shock waaa boom!!

Comment by UNSCsilver

im in shock

Comment by Z

that was sooooo tight…
what was the shield grenade

Comment by NAS

Just saw it… awesomeness…

‘specially the shield grenade. ^^

Comment by NEStendo

I freaked thinking it was the movie! Was that George Clooney doing the voice?

Comment by pony

xbox.com has it available

Comment by Mike

i missed it and its killing me.. get it up soon!

Comment by halo gamer

s1 upload it

Comment by Z

dude that halo 3 commercial was so sweet when i saw it! that shield was so awsome and so is the assault rifle woohoo i can’t wait

Comment by pak

the commercial was awesome!

Comment by HelljumperTJ

so where can I find the video????!!! I watched it once on ESPN, it was amazing!!

Comment by Jack

Hey the vid is on xbox.com check it out

Comment by Jon

The sheild thingy was the X buttons secret feature, it was origianally planned for H2 but got cut

Comment by i like halo

i jus saw like 10 min ago and it was awsome
and what was that sheild thing?
if they have it the game it wud be pretty sweet

Comment by MacMan

Oh My God that was awsome it was really cool. I WANT MORE!

Comment by Mastro

omfg man ….omfg,,,, that was sooo sweet…and yea i think the boy in the beginning was MC and the girl was most likly kelly…or linda…know what i mean if you have read the novels. I am wondering if you get the shield thingy he used agains the wraith and there was a brute taht looked like tarturas in the middle of the group he jumped….hmmm , any way it looked fucking Amazing

Comment by theonetheonly

that was by far one of the best commercials for a video game ever!!! MUST GET HANDS ON HALO 3!!!

Comment by WANT HALO3!!!

is halo 3 only gonna be for xbox 360???

Comment by WANT HALO3!!!

i just shit my pants!!!

Comment by soiledpants

eagles are down by 7 -_-“

Comment by MacMan

they just tied! w00t!

Comment by MacMan

The trailer is now available through the xbox marketplace via free download. HD version available, check it out.

Comment by chris60190

i saw it and it was awsome

Comment by christian

Check out the Halo 3 commercial.

Comment by Probuono

i hate football love HALO

Comment by christian

yo i cant see the trailer do you know where i can see it on the net?because i live in canada

Comment by GHOST

The Commercial is available for download on Xbox live. Checked Dec 4 9:08 pm CST

Comment by t891411

“Any sign of the Chief?”
“Negative sir, I think we lost him.”

Chief: “Not yet.”

This just made the wait even more unbearable…

Comment by MistRCaboose

It cant be the chief as a kid. If you had read the books, you’d know that. (Halo: The Fall Of Reach)

Comment by No One You Know

Wow y. y do they do this. give us these hints and shit. tormenting us to no end. . if interested cheack out ign. they got some good shit, not the intervews though. Halo 3 Will woop Some gears of wars ass

Comment by Kyben

No duh it is mc as child MORON and i think the pistol he is holding when he gets under the sheild is the original halo 1 pistol

Comment by kyle

Starts off with two kids lying in the grass, one of which is the master chief. They lie down and talk about life in the universe, and then the one kid says “Do you think we’ll ever meet them?” Master Chief replies “I hope so, don’t you?” and then the screen turns to him looking at his helmet. Master Chief is having a flashback. An explosion goes off and he awakes in the middle of the African desert. You can tell this because there is a huge storm very similar to the storm in the first E3 trailer. Everything is slightly tinted grey because he is still gaining consciousness. He sits up and puts on his helmet. You hear the little boy talk again and his hearing is a little off until a Marine chimes in. They question whether he is alive when Master Chief responds in his normal badass way. He stands up and you can see in the distance the huge storm from possibly the ark. He grabs what could be the new “spike grenade” and throws it down to shield himself from the incoming wraith blast. He gets up, starts SPRINTING (could be new to the game), grabs his shotgun off of his back and jumps down on 6 wraiths with headlights, 13 enemies not yet identified, and 1 “more powerful” figure with what looks like a brute staff and bright armor. And that is it. Comments anyone?

Comment by Matt Smith

Did the Commercial air on ESPN before the Eagles and Panthers game??!?! Or is it still gona air again? Cuz i saw it on xbox but im wondering if i missed it on TV. Did it air b4 the game?

Comment by Xtian

That is John and Kelly when their kids on Reach. Thats why they shaded his face so much. They don’t want to show his face. When he was a kid he had brown hair and they were wearing the uniforms that were given to them also.

Comment by Pedo118

YO Did the commercial air before the football game on ESPN?

Comment by Xtian

OMGOSH THAT SUCKED!! now the next year is going to go by so slow in anticipation!! ughh….but it was SO AWESOME! H3 is gonna rock my socks off

Comment by Ben

can anyone help me find out what the shield thing was… when will bungie tell us… it has already been shown, they should just tell us…

this sucks…
that was tight tho…

stop being secretive bungie you fucking assholes

Comment by NAS

ZOMG anyone else hear Cortana say “Chief, leave me!” as he is putting on his helmet???

/cry B E A utiful

Comment by Jimothy

dont you find it ironic that he says “do you ever wonder what up there?” The next scene shows probably the same person fighting the aliens that he dreamed about as a kid. He also “hopes” that he meats them. Strange but gives you hints to the story.

Comment by Perfect

i hear “time to go” as he puts on the helmet

Comment by Perfect

The reason MC’s helmet is on the ground is because he got thrown out of the warthog he was in…the big red dude is obviously a brute although whether it’s tartarus is still a mystery….and those aren’t ghosts with headlights they’re wraith tanks….eeee ! i’m really excited about what that shield grenade might mean ! yea sure maybe you can sprint…but i think a shield grenade would kick ass so much more

Comment by Spartan117

Oh yea and that’s is MC and either kelly or linda when they’re on reach

Comment by Spartan117

first of its on xbox.com.. i know someone wrote that already but just puttin it out there.. second does anyone notice anything about the pistol?.. looks more like the original than the one in H2. im saying that b/c of the “hump” in the front of the gun on the top.. H2’s gun was flat across. anyone else see that

Comment by mike king

I downloaded the trailer from ign.com and it looks like you can watch it again from xbox.com

Comment by Nambla

Ya the pistol is the halo 2 pistol or some mod of it. it’s not the right shape to be the origanal. sry

Comment by Halo Wars

I saw it last night it looked cool as hell If only it was longer… :-)

Comment by GeneticSupremacy

You should go to ( Halo3.com )

Comment by GeneticSupremacy

Yeah I have some things to say. That vehicle was the Mongoose. I don’t think that kid was the Chief or Kelly, or Linda, because they got selected to be in the army at the age of six, and I dont think they had that much time on there hands. Also, I dont know how that shield grenade could be the x button as some of you say, because isn’t that the reload button? And if he didnt do that he would have been desintegraded (Can’t spell) because its a big ball of plasma. And lastly, I dont think there will be a “RUN” button, because if you have read the novels like I have multiply times, and you piece it all together, you would know that a Spartan can run at 40 miles an hour, and Kelly can run 50 miles an hour because she is the fastest. Thats what I have to say, and I cant wait!!!

Comment by Reed

Also notice that it’s a group of all Brutes, meaning the Covenant has yet to get the Elites back.

Comment by Brandon

And by back I mean the Elites are still rebelling or whatever you’d describe them doing at the end of Halo 2.

Comment by Brandon

I saw some stills from the trailer. When MC jumps of the ledge it is a group of Wraith tanks, Brutes, and what looks to be a Tartarus-like chieftain. I think it is significant that we don’t see Elites. Civil war has broken out and if all the Elites didn’t know by the end of Halo 2, the survival of the Arbiter, Half-Jaw, and their return to the action with Keyes and Johnson should do the trick.

In Bungie.net’s latest weekly update they mention the voice actor who does the Grunts. They said his favorite grunt line was one that would give away a huge plot surprise so couldn’t share it.

After seeing Brutes and not Elites in the MNF trailer I can only hope it has something do with the MC and Elites fighting side by side.

Now, don’t tell me the sight of Arbiter or Half-Jaw tossing MC a plasma sword as he throws himself into a group of Brutes blows your heartrate through the ceiling…


One a seperate issue I’ve read in regards to the trailer: many think MC will meet his doom. I think this is backed up by three main reasons:

This trailer: MC replies ‘Not yet’ to the marines wondering if he’s been killed.

E3 trailer: it’s safe to assume the bright light is the activation of the Halo system.

End of MC’s final level in Halo 2: MC: ‘When I’m through with Truth…’ Cortana: ‘Don’t make a girl a promise if you know you can’t keep it.’

Comment by sonofmacphisto


Comment by UnP0ssible

Does no1 else find it odd how on first glance of the “mongoose” it looks strangely like a warthog and is only on its side, yet when the missile type blue thing hits, as MC opens up the shield grenade, the “mongoose” is almost at a 45 degree angle and looks alot different than the first glance?

Comment by Reynolds

Both vehicles are present in the trailer. The Warthog is behind the Chief (and out of shot) when we are shown the Mongoose being destroyed.

Comment by Feenix

any idea what other vehicles are said to appear on halo 3? any mention of a “troop hog” ?

Comment by Reynolds

Ok, I believe that either A it could be a flash back, or B a dream with those 2 kids. How i got this is because when the cheif wakes up, he’s on his back and his helmet fell off, the screen pans away to see a tipped vehicle (warthog or mongoose) and wraith blasts in the air( saying a blast hit his vehicle and he fell out). He hit his head and his helmet fell off. I do believe that the chief is they boy cause its the boy who sees the helmet which could mean the cheif is wakign up. So in the dream or flashback the MC ( from the boy point of view) was talkign to the girl and how in hell did the MC get that much time to lie down and look at the stars at that age? But then again he could be talking to one of his friends he had before he was conscripted cause his home city was a rural city and a low pop. (FoR)

Comment by Requiredghr

I type rather fast and I can make spelling errors.

Comment by Requiredghr

Another reason why I’m almost positive that it’s a flashback to MC as a kid.

When the boy says “Maybe someone up there is wondering what it’s like here.” you’ll notice that there is an object shooting into the sky, probably going into space. This object even makes noises, but the kids don’t seem to blink an eye about it, thus inferring space travel is a common thing and that this is taking place in the future (although it’s the past for MC).

Comment by Brandon

Now if only the ad revealled that Master Chief was wearing no underwear while climbing in and out of a limo, we’d be getting somewhere…


Comment by mark day

check out my feed on my site

Comment by Shadow ADMIN

the spike you were talking i thing you mean the nail gernade and when it land it shoots out nails..

Comment by casey006

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