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Halo 3 Commercial – An Overview
December 5, 2006, 9:55 pm
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Ok, first things first – if you haven’t seen the new Halo 3 commercial that aired yesterday, jet over here and be ready to have your eyeballs blown out of their sockets.

All done? Then here’s a very brief summary of some of the key points that have been picked out by Halo fans accross the net.

The muffled dialogue seems to have been pinned down – Narcogen, over at Rampancy.net has transcribed the commercial here.
It has been clarified that the commercial takes place on Earth. It has not been specified however whether the whole commercial takes place on earth, or simply the bulk of it – it’s quite feasable that the opening scene, with the children, takes place elsewhere.
The children seen in the opening are open to interpretation and are most likely one of two options. They could simply be two generic kids on Earth, or (more likely) John and a female companion somewhere else (John was never on Earth as a child).

Speculation about who the little girl is ranges from Cassandra (from the Conversations with the Universe booklet included with Halo 2), a Spartan we know (Linda/Kelly?), or a totally unrelated, non-spartan childhood friend.

There are two UNSC vehicles in the trailer – an overturned Warthog (visible before the Chief picks up his rifle), and an overturned Mongoose, visible after he’s shielded.
The shield itself seems to be focused forwards – with the plates closer together. Potential weak spots are presented towards the rear and clear gaps can be seen. This would make sense should we see the shield make it into the multiplayer side of the game.

The Chief appears to be holding the M6D, from Halo 1 (although this too is under dispute). Many believe it may be the pistol from Halo 2, or infact a variant of the two lurking somewhere in between.
The large cloud bank visible at the end of the trailer is almost certainly the Ark Storm seen in the E3 Halo 3 trailer. Suggesting the commercial takes place prior to the events of the announcement trailer.

The vehicles visible at the end of the trailer are new (Brute) Wraiths.

The characters below the Chief in his final jump are Brutes, with the one in the center the Alpha Brute (Tartarus’ replacement), as evidenced by his hold on the Fist of Rukt. They appear to be wearing new armor.
The points noted above are merely the tip of the iceberg at this point and more information will surface over time. Expect a full analysis from the 7th Columnist shortly.
In the meantime, please continue discussing and sharing any ideas/speculation in the comments below.


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When are the first commercials going to come out and is there going to be a movie for Halo.

Comment by Michael

For what systems is Halo3 going to be for.

Comment by Michael

halo 3 is coming out only for the 360 so far.

Comment by mastercheat117

there is going to be a halo movie after it being “dead” for a long time.

Comment by mastercheat117

its only for the 360 and for the pc like two years from now

Comment by cheifhanger

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