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Halo 3 Commercial – It’s Here!
December 5, 2006, 3:40 am
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It’s up and it’ll blow you away.

Bungie’s new trailer for the forthcoming Halo 3 is now available to download on Xbox Live Marketplace in 480 and 720p.
Alternatively you can stream it here at Xbox.com

Master Chief leaps into battle.

Mixing CGI and live action it’s a brutally realistic vision of the Halo universe.
So many questions now, I mean… what was that shield? Is that what the X button is for?

I’m working on getting a version available on this site right now. Stay tuned.


Thanks to the sneak tactics of 7th Columnist reader Skevens, we can now provide you with a version of the trailer (coutesy of YouTube).

Halo 3 beta registration is now fully under way, with North American gamers signing up via Halo3.com. For us Brits, beta slots are currently being offered up as prizes in various competitions from the Xbox community sites listed below.

The 7th Columnist wishes you the best of luck in securing a place.


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everytime i see those, a million more question pop into my head. what will that be like, and so forth. I few things i learned while watching this 702 times was turretless hog, what looks to be armored Brutes, Tauterous guy is back with his HAMMA of doom, and the X button im pretty sure is to RUN.

Comment by YoungJezus

The ad is kind of short, but it is sick!! Its a shame its not actually in-game footage, and it doesnt exactly raise that many questions apart from the shield grenade device which is not a feasable premise as an actual in game device due to its difficulty of use as a throwing weapon in which then you have to be near to stand in its blast radius. It will most probably as you say, be a button activated shield without the need of the grenade to launch it. Still a very good snippet of whats to come though. The thing that has me asking questions, is one of the pics on the bungie website, of the multiplayer game. In the backroung, really high up in the air, there is a masterchief shooting. How did he get up there, seing as it doesnt seem that he has jumped out of a banshee. Is that one of the suits new features?

Comment by Blown Away

He used the Man Cannon (similar to Unreal’s jump pads) located on the base nearby. It’s a new addtion to Halo 3 multiplayer.

Comment by Feenix

Oh yea, and that vehicle isnt a warthog, its a quad sort of vehicle, you can see it in the pics on Bungie.net

Comment by Blown Away

OMG! that sounds sick! Unreal Tournament was crazy in its day. This game is going to be a masterpiece

Comment by Blown Away

Heres the link to the Youtube video I uploaded… stole it right off the European xbox server. Enjoy (I sent the video to Feenix too so it should be up soon)

Comment by Skevens

the vehicle that explodes in front of master cheif when the shield is up is the new ATV vehicle!

Comment by christian

Hey no problem ;)

I just hope I get to play the beta (took forever to get through the sign-up process cause of the high traffic >_>)

Comment by Skevens

Wow you make the pictures look badass.

Comment by Skevens

Does the comm say – “Any sign of the Chief?” “No, I think we lost him.” – Would that be the UNSC trying to lose the Chief, or the Covenant trying to lose the Chief? I’m thinking it’s the humans, because the one guy on the comm refers to the other guy as Sergeant, which isn’t a rank in the Covenant force I don’t think.

Comment by Doty

Whatever the explosion was that left Master Chief upturned on the ground (helmet off) at the beginning of the trailer was thought to have killed him.
Hence the “I think we lost him” comment – They thought the explosion had killed him.
Chief’s words, “Not yet” are merely him stating he’s not dead yet.

Comment by Feenix

The explosion looked like something caused by a wraith because of the arc and color of the projectile.

Comment by Skevens

This game will be badass. I can not wait untile it finaly comes out. I saw the trailer on TV last night during the Panthers and Phili game and I almost coudn’t control myself. I swear that whan it comes out on the X Box 360 Im playin it for 4 days strait.
What do you think about 7 wraiths and 13 brutes that appear after he jumps of the cliff. Thing it might be just a little bit of a bad idea…..just a little?

Comment by Hinder4

It’s the Chief. He never has a bad idea… :)

And if you think for a second, notice the two weapons he is carrying are the assault rifle and pistol. I think they looks EXACTLY like the Halo 1 models, and notice that Chief takes off with the pistol in hand as if it was his 1st choice. Of course he does pull the assault rifle out at the last second…

He just headshots half the brutes (because it’s the old pistol), sprays the other half with AR, and crushes the skull of the Brute chieftan with the butt of the AR. He’s too close to the tanks so they can’t fire, giving him the opportunity to hyjack one and destroy the others.

I mean, haven’t we’ve done this a millon times ourselves in the actual game? :)

Comment by sonofmacphisto

If anyone thinks that this ad sucked….YOUR A F#@%ING LOSER!!! seeing this ad just opened my eyes to a whole new outlook to the halo trilogy….cant wait for it!!!

i noticed that the old assault rifle from the first halo has returned…with some new modifications…along with the old pistol…


and lastly….this commercial adds to the piont of how freaking awsome the movie will be!!!

Comment by steven


Comment by VileSpartan

Halo 3 is going to be the most godly game of all time, and while im waiting for Halo 3 to come out who would like to challenge me at Halo 2? if you want my GT is Rx SqUeAk.

Comment by Rx SqUeAk

I think Halo 3 campaign will be amazing. But Halo CE multiplayer is unrivaled.

Comment by Doty

Are you sure that it is the old pistol, it sure looks like the new one to me. And try to listen closly when the cief is out of it, you hear the girl in the backround and also the begining seems like a flashback to when John was a kid. IDK

Comment by hinder4

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