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7 Minutes of Halo 3 footage on its way?
December 14, 2006, 12:49 am
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According to Belgian blogger and Microsoft employee YLA G, of the Xbox Elite Team Belgium, we can expect a brand new video of Halo 3 to hit Marketplace next week.

In his blog post he states:

On December 20 a new Halo 3 video will be available on marketplace. It’s a 7 minute video that will be released next week. It highlights the emergence of the Brutes as playable characters in the game. It touches on their skills, origins, and how they are being created. It has about 2 ½ minutes of gameplay footage.

Gameplay footage? Brutes as playable characters? Un-freakin-believable? Maybe.

Microsoft and Bungie have so far said nothing about the emergence of the new footage so for now we’ll file this news under ‘uber-rumour’.We already know that Brutes will feature heavily in Halo 3 in terms of plot, but as playable characters a la the Arbiter? Awesome!

Imagine if they made it into multiplayer. As it stands SPARTANS and Elites are pretty evenly matched in terms of abilities and armour, making for an even playing field. With the addition of Brutes (and who knows what else?) things could be set for a drastic change.

Will character choice now play a large role in the outcome of a match? Completely changing the way we play? Brutes are after all, rock solid hard.

What other playable characters would you like to see included? The Flood? Marines? Be sure to let us know below.

In the meantime… be very, very excited.


Well, it looks like Frankie has confirmed (on the Gaming Age forums) that the ‘playable brutes’ part of this rumour, is NOT true. As for the footage, it looks like we’ll definitely be getting some new stuff very soon.


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