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Halo 3 Beta download in Crackdown
February 15, 2007, 10:51 pm
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Ok, so I just fired up my copy of Crackdown to have a wee blast around the city – and upon the loading of the title screen was greeted with the message ‘New Content Available in Marketplace’.

Curious as to what this could be (the obligatory update/patch perhaps?) I followed the link and was taken through to Marketplace to find the usual themes and gamerpics. Boo. After I left however, a new option sprung up in the Crackdown menu…

Download Halo 3 Beta

Although sadly not available just yet, this does indicate that the beta will be available to download from every copy of Crackdown – and not just those in specifically marked boxes. I’m guessing the statement from Microsoft implying it would only be available in the first shipment of Crackdown isn’t exactly true (the option after all is built into the game menu), and in fact means that the beta itself will be only available for a limited time before disappearing from the menu once and for all.

Whether or not this means you’ll be able to join the beta mid-way through or have to be there at the beginning is still anyone’s guess, but it’s nice to know you won’t have to go hunting for specially marked copies of the game.

As I’ve said before, it looks as though if you want to be part of the beta test – you will be.


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Not neccessarily. Quite possibly, only the marked copies have a special access code that unlocks that downloadable content.

Comment by DHalo

My copy is not marked. It would seem like a lot of effort to go to only to write the code into select copies of the game when having the option remove itself later on (or not appear at all after a select date) would be easy to manage.

Comment by Feenix

It’s been said it doesn’t have to be specially marked to be Beta-eligible, it just has to be from the initial production/shipment of the game.

Video doesn’t work?

Comment by Psychophan7

Video is still processing. Gah!

Comment by Feenix

ok ,so when is it going to be avabile to play.

Comment by nfarocks

ok ,so when is it going to be available to play.

Comment by nfarocks

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