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Bungie Internal Beta Message
May 19, 2007, 2:43 pm
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You know when you start up the Halo 3 beta and you get that lovely message from Bungie telling you what you’re about to be doing and to enjoy yourself? Well, internal Microsoft and Bungie staff got a similar message when they were testing the game before us, only it’s more humerous than it is pleasant and can a still be found lurking within the data files of the beta we’re using.

Here it is, for your enjoyment:

Do not show this to anyone. Do not show screenshots to anyone. Do not talk about this, post about this, blog about this, complain about this, brag about this, or write about this (outside the sanctity of our beloved BetaPlace, of course). Otherwise, ninjas will be sent to bring ruin on your house and your house’s houses. And I don’t mean those punkass run of the mill MSNinjas. I mean the other ninjas. The cool ones. The ones on fire.
Yeah. That’s right.

Great stuff!



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awesome lol

Comment by AJphoenix91

Fantastic. There’s that bungie sense of humor.

Comment by BSX Catalyst

lol.. sounds like my humour

Comment by James

Dear bungie
Hello bunigie i would like to ask something.My friends on xbox live are saying I should have recon armor,because I have good pictures on my file share and good maps.So I was wondering if you cold consider it.If you have the time could you have a look.If you like it could I have recon armor.
bye bungie you’re the best.

Comment by B TITAN2

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