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*REVEALED* New Halo 3 Weapons – Gravity Hammer and Excavator!
May 19, 2007, 3:04 pm
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Previously we reported how we’d found a complete list of Halo 3 vehicles within the Halo 3 beta. Well, we’ve done it again, only this time with weapons.

Remember, this isn’t final, there could be more, there could be less. But it more than makes for interesting reading and gives a good insight as to what to exepct from the final game.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWeapons found so far:

Assault Rifle
Battle Rifle
Beam Rifle

Brute Shot

Gravity Hammer
MagnumFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Missile Launcher
Plasma Pistol
Plasma Rifle

Fuel Rod Cannon
Rocket Launcher
Sniper Rifle
Spartan Laser

So the flamethrower returns, finally making it into a console version of Halo and the Fuel Rod Cannon too, pops up again after it’s brief stint in Halo 2’s single player campaign.

Most interesting though are the mentions of all new weapons, the Excavator and Gravity Hammer. Most likely of Brute origin given their larger involvement in the story this time around. We’ve actually seen the Gravity Hammer before, several times. Remember Tarturus wielding the ‘Fist of Rukt’ at the end of Halo 2 and the Bungie released documentary ‘Et Tu, Brute?’ also featured several Brutes swinging their own personalhammers in fits of rage.

But what will it do? Will it simply be a massive hulking hammer to batter people round the head? Or, as the name suggests, will it have special gravitational abilities as used by Tarturus and similar to that of say Half Life’s grav gun? Who knows, but the idea of a 7ft Spartan killing machine running around smacking foes through walls with an oversized hammer gets me all gooey.

As for the Excavator? Well… that just sounds nasty.



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Just because the Gravity Hammer is in the game, doesn’t mean that it’ll be in multiplayer. The Gravity Hammer was in Halo 2 as well, but it was only in Single Player. It was in the TAGS! It wasn’t accesible to players.

Comment by Josh

The magnum? Not the pistol? And what the hell is a flamethrower doing in Halo? Get that crap out of here

Comment by A7X Eric

I can’t think of one person who enjoyed the pistol more than the magnum.

Comment by jy

i remember seeing some concept art of the chief holding a flame thrower in the early developement days of halo 2… i was hoping for a flame thrower. i enjoyed the pistol more than the magnum, to be honest the magnum was pretty crappy but i suppose maybe the pistol was too powerful

Comment by AJphoenix91

the flamethrower is from the pc version of halo:ce … which was actually what halo was first planned for.

Comment by joe

um, hey jj, you couldn’t be more wrong.
the magnum was useless, the trident was amazing. the trident was a short to mid range weapon whereas the magnum was small and shit like the smg.

Comment by diacu

I think EVERYONE liked the pistol better than the magnum. Heck, I think everyone liked the pistol better than EVEY wapon in halo 1. Also, the flamethrower is certainly not new. It was in the PC version of Halo. However, it was kindof lame, so I hope they make it more interesting in H3

Comment by Oreo

Its the pistol as well as the magnum, I think you should make it more clearer. And if all this is true, I just can’t imagine what the maps will be like!

Comment by LostprophetVII

wow… you guys can’t tell the difference between halo 1 screen shot and the new halo 3…

the flame thrower is from halo 1, look at the health bar.

Comment by xgc pr0ph37

To the above…lol, it’s a pic showing what the flamethrower from Halo Ce yes, but it is there so people can see what the H3 Flamethrower might resemble.

Comment by BrokenWing

Wtf…that screenie of the flamethrower is from halo pc..

Comment by ddd

no way buddy ( sarcastic voice ) look at the post abovee you

Comment by Orion255

A gravity hammer is pointless because there would be no ammo (unless there is some kind of gravity power) so it would never run out. It would still be fun to crush peopel though hehe

Comment by Grunt-Master

From what the et tu brute vid showed it looks like when you hit somthing it gives out a gravity puls, maybe it has slpash damage or something. even if it has infinte amo its not like it will have a lung like the h2 sward.

Comment by N Fox

wow dats quite a few nice weapons

Comment by {NR}Seal

what is that one gun in the top picture?

Comment by kg

never mind.

Comment by kg

you know, the flamethrower tags could have been there just for fire effect and they named it flame thrower just cause. the gravity hammer will be in halo 3, they saw a spartan carrying one at the E3 demo and another on a spartan’s back. the scarab was used for excavation before the war or something, so maybe the excavator has to do with scarabs, possibly a hidden scarab gun?

Comment by paco

Paco…your face…

Comment by liquidus

Hola faretaste

Comment by AnferTuto

well the gravity hammer was used in halo 2 by tarturus to get guilty sparked(the orical) and its supposed to be able to smash veichles or blast a grenage away that lands by your feet, adn that makes me think i can play golf with grenades!! XD

Comment by jordan

didnt he miss the brute mauler out?

Comment by alex

up , im not follwoing that sentence alex , doesnt make any sense,,,by miss did u meen leave???

Comment by distinguish

the gravity hammer is in multiplayer. i have the xbox magazine of the halo 3 edition and it says there is the brute mauler which is a brute shotgun.

Comment by mike

helo aliza chris is gay

Comment by alan

you can tell the flamethrowers fake it was just edited into a screen shot from halo 1 and it says hold “E” to get it!! what the hell is that????

Comment by yooo

Idiots surrounded by idiots

Comment by Master Tricks

yea, in that pic it is , but there is a flamethrower in game i promise

Comment by distinguish

WHY do are random people showing up and commenting on fairly old articles?

Maybe just because H3’s getting close people are Google-ing it or something… how are they even finding this place?

Seriously guys, if it’s old hat let’s get off the topic.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

“WHY do are.” Geez, I should read what I write before I post it.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

thats what i do no offense

Comment by Master Tricks

pistol is better and all the weapons rule

Comment by sniper snider

They should bring back the old pistol i could snipe with it better than i could with the rifle. :-)

Comment by Ihop

wow retardsthe flamethrower was inthehalo for the pc and the pistolis going proballyto less powerful than in halo

Comment by bob


Comment by Master Tricks

The Gravity Hammer showed up in one of Bungie’s newest videos on http://www.gameinvasion.comcast.net. Ditto the flamethrower. The gravity hammer can stop a Warthog at full speed or hit a rocket out of the air… assuming you can time your swing correctly. The video only showed about 5 seconds of footage from the flamethrower, but it was in a multiplayer game (obviously played at Bungie, because the Hammer and the flamethrower aren’t in the Beta).
But, speculation is pointless now because the game comes out in 2 days…

Comment by MD

Oops, nonworking link. The site is http://gameinvasion.comcast.net

Comment by MD

1 day 5hrs 3min and 32 sec

Comment by Ethan

what about the mauler? did someone forget?

Comment by dion

Old News and not nearly as kick ass as the flamethrower.

Comment by Lupus

the pistol could zoom 2x making it the best weapon possible to cap whoever with 2 shots

Comment by GreyWolf

What is the excavator weapon?

Comment by somethingsomething

i dont know if u all heard bout this but the spiker can pin ppl to walls o.o, and my friend and i got the legendary version of h3 today, the helmet is so damn awesome

Comment by XXentiel

oh and piece of advice, if u see someone with a spartan laser… HIDE URE ASS OR U WILL BE DED, U HEAR ME, D-E-D DED!!! ^-^

Comment by XXentiel

fuck u, there´s no flame thrower or such a thing as an excavator, there is however a weapon thas does not appear in the manual and is something like a revolver, but made by brutes, and by the way, it is a fuking image from halo:ce pc version

Comment by halofan

if anyone knows the name of that new weapon, plz tell me

Comment by halofan

Can you still use the halo one pistol in halo 3?

Comment by Sgt. Johnson

Erm… Anyone on here reply if you are.

Halo rulz!

Comment by Sgt. Johnson

Oh that brute wepon is called a spiker i think and there is a flamethrower.

Comment by Sgt. Johnson

Sgt. Johnson`s lesson:

‘Hello you thilthy maggots; when i am not around you can call me what ever your pewney brain fuking desires!’
‘But wals i am fucking around you will call me Sir yes sir!’

Comment by Sgt. Johnson

Sgt. Johnson`s lesson:

-Sneds my hand around my back-
-grabs my shot gun now-
-Loads a fresh clip in it now-
‘ Get the fuck out here to stupid little CUNT sorry i mean grunt’
‘Errrrrrmmmmm ooookkkkyyyy’
‘This is the enemy you little pricks!’
‘Ok thanks’
‘Umm mno problem’
-As grunt walks away aims gun at him-
-Loads it now-
-Shoots it now-
-Hits him-
-Rips skin-
-rips flesh-
-tears into bone-
-Blue blood flys out-
-dead now-

Comment by Sgt. Johnson

Sgt. Johnsons lesson:

‘Ok you little fuckers you better win this fucking game!’

Comment by Sgt. Johnson

Lockars report:

Sgt. We have just been informed that flood are near.

Comment by Private. Loackar

Sgt Johnsons Reply:

Well get the fuck out there marine.
-Loads assult rifle now-
Lets get locked and loaded

Comment by Sgt. Johnson


-Has a rocket launcher redy and loaded-

Comment by Flood 1

Pilots reply:

Holy mother fuckers!
-Sends his hand to his belt-
-Grabs a halo one pistol-
-Loads it now-
-Aims it at the Flood-
Come on ya mother fucker!
-Takes two shots misses both-
-Has to reload again-

Comment by Drop Ship Pilot

-Shoots rocket launcher-
-Hits drp ship-
-Tears into metal-
-Hits gas tank-
-Blows drop ship up-

Comment by Flood 1

-Meanwile over at the ciaro station-

‘Master Keyves?’

Comment by Sgt. Guntes

‘Holy shit’

-Nuclear bomb hits out station-
-all dead including ppl who read this-

Comment by Captain Keyves

Thanks for reading this sort story….
And we also have to mention no grunts or floor were hurt in the making of this……
-Spike from brute spiker hits me-
Yea well i am a Jackle so lets just say no ‘Grunts were hurt’
Sgt Johnson.:
I have not forgiving you filthy maggots yet!
Golden Elite:
Please enjoy Halo III
And bye for now -wave-
Flood 1: Byeeeeeeeeshes

Comment by The Crew:

omg you havent found the brute mauler yet…
o well

Comment by jordan

MI FUCKING GWAD THE brute mauler is like a mini fucking shottie,

Comment by DJ

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Comment by Trisha

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