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Rush Hour
May 23, 2007, 2:53 pm
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Well, that was hectic few days.

After breaking the news of 4-player co-op for Halo 3 being found in the beta, along with a whole heap of other interesting tidbits, it would seem they came… and by ‘they’ I mean, all of them.

We had a record breaking number of hits here at 7th Columnist and the story was reported just about everywhere on the net.

Most of the responses were good. However there were some who thought releasing the information was wrong and expressed their feelings about the situation in our comments section. Now, I’ve posted several times reminding folk that this information is NOT an official announcement from Bungie and that all or in fact none of these features could make it into the final game. Bungie will have the final say on that. All we wanted to do, was let you know this stuff is floating around in the beta code data as it stands, and from there you can make your own minds up.

Personally, I’m confident that many of what has been revealed will make the cut. Although stories of a Map Editor, of which remnants can certainly be seen in the code, seem unlikely to be true. That’s just my two cents worth.

There’s more news to come though – and we’re still digging away, trying to make sense of it all before we say anything more concrete.

Stay tuned.


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I was just wondering(Im new to the whole modding type thing): How exacty did your team or the modding team making these discoveries read the “Beta Code”

Comment by Im New

I really hope a mapmaker makes the cut. That would be the one feature I am really hoping for in Halo 3.

Comment by BrokenWing

hey i think this is great , say even if you are lying “im not accusing ” lol but ur getting noticed. and if u guys arent lying which i dont think you are this shit is crazy lol . but if map editor isnt there ima be pissed lol

Comment by nick

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