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*REVEALED* Halo 3 Campaign levels and Achievements!
May 27, 2007, 5:21 pm
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We’re continually shocked here at 7th Columnist to see just how much info is lying around in the Halo 3 public beta. Sure, we always thought having a brief look within would be worthwhile, but not for one second did we think we’d find so much. Everything from new vehicles and weapons, to 4 player co-op and gametypes have been put under the microscope and that’s still not all of it.

Take a look below at the list of achievements as they currently stand for Halo 3.


Now take a closer look, there’s much to be seen.

First up, single player levels! Although not all them (and certainly not final) it would seem a number of achievements are unlocked simply by completing campaign levels as we would in any other game.

List of levels:


Secondly, skulls return! Back from Halo 2 and this time rewarding the player with an achievement upon discovery. Exactly whether or not they will have the same gameplay altering effects of last time is currently unknown, but seems highly likely given their popularity amongst fans.

So that’s just the list of achievements found within the Halo 3 beta code at present. It may not be all of them and the last is clearly labelled as placeholder. Here at 7th Columnist we reckon that’s unlikely to be the complete list of single player levels too, as it does seem a little short if we are to be rewarded an acheivement for all of them. Maybe Halo 3 will play out in chapters made up of a few levels similar to that of Gears of War? It’s anyone’s guess, but this does give us a small taste of what to expect.

An initial Jungle training level? Perhaps suggesting a rough landing for Master Chief at the beginning of the game? And the flood turning up just four levels in? Maybe.

One thing is for certain… it’s going to be a lot of fun finding out this September.



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This is actually pretty neat, it gives a glimpse of something to come. Hopefully the things we see here are things that will actually be in the game.

Comment by HK4FN

Frankie posted on HBO after a guy who was recording line for a Marine that (at least Flood_voi is a red herring. I’m guessing most of those are such.

Comment by random letters and numbers

Great! can’t wait for more!

Comment by LostprophetVII

Looks like achievement_extra_crispy has something to do with a flame-thrower, or plasma ( The shit’s hot! )

Comment by Dementedpiggy

Citadel!!? Nonsense, there is only ONE Citadel! *half life 2 for life*

Comment by Bitchfest

wtf brokeback?? LOL

Comment by darctangentia

Most of this stuff is in the code, so I doubt “Brokeback” will be in the final gaame, because Brokeback maybe abusive ot someone. It is just the code names. But then there has to be more achivements and levels. ALL I KNOW FOR SURE IS THAT THE HALO LEVEL IS THE ARK LEVEL. If you want me to explain just ask me.

Comment by LostprophetVII

Please explain… lostprophet.

Comment by Stretch

This is cool and all i just hope that there are more than 9 levels and i hope that there are more, better achievements. These seem to easy.

Comment by killarz007

concerning campaign, if my mind serves me correct halo ce, had about 9 campaign levels, but they were huge and seperated. Like when you reached a check point, it gave you the name of the part of the level you were at like ” I could have been your daddy”

Comment by J

No it’s not. The Ark level is about a third of the way through the game.

Comment by random letters and numbers

9 levels will be fine if they are long I agree with you there, but they better be like 45 minutes long each

Comment by killarz007

Ok, yes it is.. please look here:(It’s about a different subject but just look at the ark picutre)


That picture comes from the first vidoc, “E tu, brute?”

You notice how it says Earth_Ark_09? Through my modding experience, the levels have numbers and diffrerent, like Cairo(the first Halo 2 level) was Tutorial_01 So Earth_Ark_09 is the ninth level. Count it down with me, the last level listed here, is the ninth level. “Halo” is the actual name for the level, as of now. Its internal name Earth_Ark_09. So if it has the ark in it, and the level is called Halo, the ark must be some type of Halo? I know it’s confusing. I’m not saying it is the last level or that it is right. I really think it is. I could make it clearer if no-one understands. Also, if your wondering waht Chief/Dervish means I can explain that too.

Comment by LostprophetVII

Like I said, I’ll explain that if anyone wants to know that too.

Comment by LostprophetVII

I hope the brokeback achievement is something along the lines of getting in the passenger seat of the Mongoose, and killing the driver. Not corpse humping or anything.

Comment by 2and2makes5

I must know more!!!! Tell us everything you know. Please, I’m addicted to Halo and I need my fix!

Comment by BIG RED 077

hear is what i hear take it for what its worth lol i hear most of the single player is free roaming , i hear 200 people on screen at once and u can hop battles it would make since to only have 9 levels if that is so say u finish one war and a cut scene then your somewhere else in total free roam and u fight another huge war

Comment by nick

9 campaign levels?
No way

Comment by Bulletproofboy

theres gonna be loads of easter eggs and hidden stuff in halo 3 when it comes out


doubt it

Comment by Mauricio

Any halo gamer should like the surprizes that are found in these games. But i think i will wait to see if the game will live up to its standards, since everyone will think very hightly of the game

Comment by Little England 15

Does anyone read the Halo Novels, duh???

The Forerunners built these Halos to stop the universal collision (big crunch). All matter throughout the universe attracts upon itself. Super-large gallaxies/masses, Black-holes and magnetic fields had to be destroyed (seperated). This process is thousands of years before the Age of Abandonment.

The only way to control matter in the universe was to create a weapon capable of effecting on a galactic scale. These rings, or Halos, are the only source of protection for the survival of the Forerunners.

However, something bad happened to them, they simply died out, and became to be the Prophets – which then leads to the Age of Abandonment.

At this time, the Elites and Prophets started their massive war. The cause of this fight is unknown, however some facts prove that the Prophets wanted to destroy a galaxy which was home to the Elites.

The “Ark” is an opening gate to the inside of a Halo ring. There are seven of these rings. 1 has been destroyed, another has been found, all the other Halos are unknown, however, there is one Halo which is buried under the Earth.

If the Covenant really wanted to, they could glass Earth just like they did to the other 5 planets such as Reach, Epsilon and Jericho. The 5 pieces of glass from each planet is inside the Council of the Covenant city High Charity. The only reason why the Covenant don’t want Earth destroyed is because there is another Halo under the Earth’s crust.

The Covenant found Earth so quickly and suddenly because they were able to track-down another active Halo.

Rumours say that in the level “Halo”, there are thousands of Covenant ships entering inside the gate. The Master Chief, or Arbiter, must reach the control room before the Covenant activate the Halo. Frankie said that the last level has an important goal.

Comment by not4angels

Actually, the Ark being a Halo makes a lot of sense.
There’s an image that relates the size of the ark to a marking on one of the Halos, and they’re relatively close in size (give or take ten miles) so Earth could technically be part of a larger Halo system, sort of like how Onyx was a Sentinel world.

Comment by Kenji

I agree with not4angels and Kenji, the Ark will be like a another Halo and Earth might a artifical planet like Onyx. The Covenent also believe that the Ark will activate the other remaining Halos (except for “Alpha Halo”, which has been destroyed).

Comment by Rouge Helljumper

I agree with not4angels and Kenji, the Ark will be like a another Halo and Earth might be a artifical planet like Onyx. The Covenent also believe that the Ark will activate the other remaining Halos (except for “Alpha Halo”, which has been destroyed).

Comment by Rouge Helljumper

pay good attention to the names of these Forerunner artifacts. The Ark is probably an allusion to the Bilbe. The Ark was a place of safety when God FLOODED (The Flood) Earth. I highly doubt that the Forerunners wanted to destroy themselves in the process of destroying the Flood. They probably went to a place of safety, like Noah to his Ark. Maybe in the Halo games Noah was the Forerunners and stayed on the Ark and was really a Human. My point is that the Seven rings are the weapons, Onyx is the shield, and The Ark is the fortress. Any thoughts?

Comment by Dcooleo

Do not be confused with “tangent arc” and “Ark”.

There are 3 tangent arcs on every Halo. And Halo 001 is called the “Ark” because it is the first Halo ring from the network of Halos.

Halo 001 is buried under the Earth, so when you say the “Ark”, you mean “Instalation 001”.

The first tangent arc is in “Wasteland” desert near New Mombasa. I don’t know about the second tangent arc, though. The third one is in Antartica. On campaign level 12 “The Ark”, the Master Chief and his team goes deep under ground to the inside of the ring. They end up in sector 357 and they meet Cephaus – the creator of Halo.

Comment by not4angels

And those are NOT – I repeat – those are NOT “Campaign Levels”, they are “Campaign Achievements”.

There are 2 Achievements per Level. In total there are 18 Levels and 9 Achievements:

1. Absolution
2. Perilous Adytum
3. Wasteland
4. Reunion & Reciprocity
5. Ambush
6. Graveyard
7. Conduit Bay
8. Escape
9. District
10. Final Assault
11. Gauntlet
12. The Ark
13. Into Hell
14. Revelations
15. Dispensations
16. Canyon Foretress
17. Warrior of Destiny
18. Last Stand
Credits are shown at end…

Comment by not4angels

not4angels in a way u r right but u r also wrong

there r 18 levels but the levels r split up into two chapters 1 achievement for each level and 1 for each chapter so actually there r 18 finished level achievements and 2 finished chapter achievements. in case u r wondering i hav several friends that worked on the campiagn mode

Comment by freakinidoit

maybe the single player are just chapters with many parts to each becaseu the single player is going to be from 10 to 12 hours. At least I think i read that some where.

Comment by takeUdowu6

these are real achievements. if u look on the official 360 achievement website, they have them up there.

Comment by mastercheat117

Freakin your an idiot even if some one did know some one working at bungie they wouldn’t tell you anything. Or they would get fired and sued for breaching a legal contract. Even if you were told special information you would have to be an idiot to say your friends leaked information to you and then in turn leak it on a public site. Perhaps not4 angel is correct as the last achievement in the updated list is called last stand and he said this before the offical lsit came out. Also hwat he says makes plenty more sense then what you did freakin.

Comment by Ghostbuddy

Those arent the official names of the campaign but hes is right on the part about there only being 9 levels but the length and difficulty of the levels is unknown but if those names were in the beta codes then they might be have some thing in common with the campaign levels

Comment by Sid

Its no coincidence that there is something called the Flood and something called the Ark. Why do you think humans are always called reclaimer by 343 guilty spark and all the other shit? Humans are the forerunner and built the Ark to protect them while Halo took care of the rest of the galaxy. Most of the population was supposed to go to Onyx, but for some reason didnt make it. some humans (forerunner) survived on earth to start the human race.

Comment by Tupacalypse37

I think in “Flood Voi” Gravemind now knows about Earth and sends the flood down to Earth somewhere in the city Voi using his teleporting power. I see that’s the only way possible because he’s stuck on High Charity. any opinions?

Comment by DEL360X

I’m guesing the 2nd Ark is located somewhere near the Pacific Ocean. not4angel, please tell me anything you can about the Campaign.

Comment by DEL360X

Wow. Tupacalypse37 just ruined Halo 3 for me. But in that brief moment when reading God said to me, “A so it shall be, A light on top of a hill… And, Wow, I really can’t believe that Halo 3 ending, it blew my freaking mind.” Palms 13:37

Comment by Wow

Humans being the forerunner is just a guess. I could easily be wrong, it just sounds a lot more likely that humans are then the profits. and im pretty sure the Ark and Halo are 2 different things. in ghosts of onyx it says halo=sword, onyx=shield, earth=ark

Comment by Tupacalypse37

For the second time! Just settle down, you guys are still wondering what the Ark is! Stop and hear me out!

Ok, there are seven Halos. The first ever Halo built throughout the network of Halos is simply called the “Ark”. That’s it, no big secret – it’s as simple as that.

The Ark is a very unique Halo because, compared with the others, it has 3 Control Rooms (tangent arcs).

And plus, anyway… who really cares, cuz it’s only a story. And i’ve read all the novels, and there are certain things about the Halo storyline which makes no sense at all.

Comment by not4angels

So someone activated one of the Controll Rooms in the Announcement Trailer?

Comment by DEL360X

In the announcement trailer contana said being the master cheifs Soward and Sh1eld, does this have anything to do with onyx being the shield, halo the soward and earth the ark?

Comment by ToickWaste

Ya it does. Halo is the sword used to kill everything. onyx is the shield world that protects shit from halo. but because once your behind onyxs shield you cant let yourself out, some people have to chill in the ark and then let the onxy peeps out. thats the newest book in a nut shell. PEACE

Comment by Tupacalypse37

I have a feeling that you Half-Jaw, the Arbiter, and Sgt. Johnson are going to do the last stand. Should be cool…

Comment by Hublah

angel , none of what u are saying is true , u read a very lengthy fake story line that was published 2 years ago , that was supposedly “leaked” and now u are acting like u are a god cause u know all this stuff and people are willing to beleive u ,i read the same thing u did , the story where the arbiter has a son , yea , i read that too , its all fake , and very old

Comment by distinguish

thsi sucks i wanna fly a pelican in halo 3 and i dont even know if i can fly 1

Comment by michal

its a good game and thwere is no more then 9 levels and the game points are ezy to get but its is a good game its a must get

Comment by paul

game is absolutly quality. only nine level but some of them are mental. defo the game of all time. hardest part of it is finding a the skulls. but still a worthy play.

Comment by DuDe


Comment by suzuki8511

Do we need to complete the level after finding the skulls? and in what part of hao do they take affect? cause I have most of them but I see nothing to ativate them.
please write back with answer thank you!

Comment by Eddie

any of you play runescape if you do here is a lvl 126 acount username:uhh148 password:7654321

Comment by zak

whats up so any ove’ you got my acount yet? (-_-)

Comment by zak

I want to know how to access the campaign meta games so I can play the point system and unlock my other achievements. I am dumb at this so if you could email me at wjameslwalker@yahoo.com with the details I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Comment by phantomcatcher

thank you, dude

Comment by Auroramg

um how do i get head shot honcho its fucking hard can it be compleated on easey and how do you get them to stop moving all the time lol signed

Comment by sarah

just practice with the sniper or beam rifle and you’ll see it’s not that hard at all

Comment by jake

im pretty sure you can get it on easy

Comment by jake

i got that acheivement when i was just playing through not trying to get achivements….it dates back to my first shooter:Splinter Cell. when my dad would tell me to aim for the head.

Comment by Master Tricks

OH and practice with the carbine or battle rifle

Comment by Master Tricks

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