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Footage of Halo 3 Pistol in Custom Game – Escort!
May 29, 2007, 12:46 pm
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Apparently expoiting the same glitch used to have a wander through Halo 3’s custom games menus, chaosdude78 and some friends were able to launch a custom ‘Escort’ match allowing them to see and use the pistol for the first time in Halo 3.

It doesn’t tell us much of what the pistol will be like in the final game, but it sure is nice to see it again…

Does this mean we’ll see Escort added to the playlists before the beta ends? We certainly hope so.



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So i guess the important question is…. how

Comment by Zerocle

How you can start a Custom Game? I was in the Custom Game Lobby and I edit the Options but I can’t start a Custom Game. Could U Tell Me How I can start one?

Comment by BOoMa

Damm, just dammm

Comment by LostprophetVII

Yeah, I’m friends with Chaosdude78, he’s planning on showing me how to start it up later today, I’ll post it here later for everyone.

Comment by LiQuiD 0v3rkiLL

I figured out how to do it, just like Chaos said, wait, but press random buttons.

Comment by LostprophetVII

random buttons?

Comment by BOoMa

i dont care about the pistol but theres a BROWN TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by balls

Will someone please post a tut on how to do this?

Comment by nintendork

Guys just find a game that says custom game and join if they cant start lacg out then u should be able to so long as u dont leave the lobby completely but a crap load of people r on so go searching.

Comment by III Crank III

If any one wants to see the magnum the wrath and fast speed no grav, add my gamertag and download the video (New Magnum) GT (LastScan) I did have a game of swords but i forgot to save sorry. :(

Comment by RonyDean

Good design, who make it?

Comment by naisioxerloro

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