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Images of New Halo Armour
May 30, 2007, 4:30 pm
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Earlier today we reported of scans of magazine articles showing many of the new features for Halo 3.

The scans were poor quality at best, which made it hard to see just how cool this new stuff looks, but we’ve managed to track down some more online.

customarmour41.jpg customarmour5.jpg



Oh, and a couple of biggies too. Click to enlarge.

newarmouryellow.jpg newarmourpink.jpg

Looks a lot like the armour seen on the cover of Ghosts of Onyx, don’t you think? Apparently we haven’t seen all types of MJOLNIR armour after all…



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Hmmm, one is clearly SPI II armour (intruder) the other? Perhaps Spartan I armour? Add in MK VI and there is only 3 varieties. What would the fourth be? There was 4 discovered right?

Comment by Linda 058

there are more than 4 is what i keep reading lol so far ive heard as many as 7 i think they are showing pictures of 4

Comment by nick

I personally think Bungie put all this stuff in the BETA to have the few who are gifted inform the masses, half of which don’t listen or believe it…
With that said, I’m kinda worried about the Elites because they don’t have as many options and I REALLY hope Bungie makes some sweet armor designs. Alot of designs.

Comment by DidntKnowGreenburgWasAJediName

Its looks to me that its not new Armour its just new helmet types/looks, same old MJOLNIR armor just tweaked a lil.

Comment by 1C3M4N

it looks like SPI but linda058 that is MJOLNIR Mk V and VI with the SPI II. Ive already read the book. Its all pretty sweet if you ask me.

Comment by generalbob117

ya but if u look closely there are different chest armor too not just the helmets

Comment by nick

the armour on the cover of ghosts of onyx is SPI Spartan-III armour and yes that armour looks like the armour on the ghost of Onyx.

The spartan 3 on the picture of ghost of onyx is Kurt

Comment by Fatman

Spartan-I armour had large power supplys so there is probly a big pack on the back of it.

Comment by Fatman

Spartan 3 armour is called intruder? that would make sense since the armour has the ability to camofladge

by the looks of the spartan-III with the pistol they brought back my favorite weapon!!!!!!!

Comment by Fatman

i have read all the halo books.

Comment by Fatman

yeah but the helmets have a curve at the top of the SPI armor if you look at the shading and the top 2 pics r flattops.also spartan 1 armor required a huge generator if u read the books closely.i would think a mix or atleast Mark-VI armor at best

Comment by Lunchbox362

Those armors were shown alot in the EGM magazine and we learned that you’ll be able to inter switch armor parts like helmets chest armor shoulder armor.

Comment by Sid

Just wish there was an easier way than going through each level with a comb(so to speak)

Comment by Richard 024

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