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Introducing… the Brute Chopper
May 30, 2007, 4:37 pm
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The Brute equivalent to the Ghost, this one man meaty monstrosity is apparently far more stable and harder to roll than it’s covenant little brother, despite it’s motorcycle aesthetic.


Roughly the same size as a Warthog and sporting twin Brute Shots attached to either side it’s simply devastating.



It certainly looks impressive. When we first heard about the inclusion of a new Brute vehicle for Halo 3, we were more than a little sceptical. But who can argue with this bad-ass Harley Davidson looking killing machine?

September just can’t come soon enough.



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Another ground vehicle? Sure it’s sweet and I cant wait to drive it, but please o’ please may there be another flying vehicle (not pelican).
I’d love to bun around in a SparrowHawk! (halowars)

Comment by Linda 058

Well there was mention of the Hornet in beta files. We’re yet to see anything on it, but our guess is a flying UNSC vehicle similar to the Banshee.

Comment by 7th Columnist

wow. dat is a beast

Comment by krygo

ive heard rumors that they are putting in the shadow from halo 2….is this true? because i wouldnt mind driving a whole gang of people up into a base to do some major damage =)

Comment by matt

there is no confirmation on that, but the shadow was mentioned in the beta code

Comment by Chhipz Ahoy

The Brute Chopper reminds me to General Grievous’s Wheel Bike from Star Wars Episode 3.(The chase at planet Utapau!)

Comment by Rouge Helljumper

In the first pic, look at the helmet… weird.

Comment by Norman

the helmet in the first pic looks like a spartan III helmet

Comment by Seth

im pretty sure everyone has noticed that seth

Comment by Ralok

Yeah, that’s the “Custom spartan” helmet as featured in Gamepro. These are all pics from that issue. Personally I think that the big visor looks kind of neat. At first glance it looks goofy, though. My friends think it’s dumb.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

The new armor is cool, but as you said the helmet looks goofy.

Comment by DEL360X

yea i saw the 3D pics on bungie.net but my only question is , will we be able to drive it or is it only for AI like the shadow in halo 2?

Comment by Sam

It is totally drivable. :)

Comment by 7th Columnist

This vehicle looks really good actually. But I still think there should be a water vehicle. Atleast one level that includes going across the water or beach. It makes no sense why they don’t have a water vehicle yet. They also need to update the ghost more, instead of whatever else they’ve done.

Comment by Garrett

Well the helmet thing: they have posted a few halo 3 screen shots and it seems to me the different colored ones have different helmets.

Comment by Heart Grenade

it is a flying vehicle. its the brute prowler thats the ground vehicle

Comment by bob thortnom

the other spartan helm looks good too the 1 with the extra bit onthe bottom i thionk it looks better than the origional and the big visor

Comment by bob thortnom

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