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Halo 3 Boxart Revealed!
May 31, 2007, 2:15 pm
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So this’ll be what you’re looking out for in the shops. That is, if you haven’t already set your sights on the Legendary edition.


I kinda like it.


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It is a good boxart but its kinda bright compared to halo 3’s dark story. THis is “The way the World Ends.”

Comment by BigRedz

I saw another halo 3 boxart picture which also looks like it could be true, have a look:



Comment by jack

it looks good. needs to be slightly darker, but it looks far too complex to be faked (unlike the other “real” boxarts)

Comment by trigger

I’m not thrilled by it. Way too busy.

Comment by random

If the Chief was centered, I’d be fine with it. But he’s not.

IMO, the artwork is real but the box is just a mock-up.

Comment by Drew

i agree with trigger it needs to be darker

Comment by BigRedz

I don’t know where you get the cahones to tell us that this is the real boxart. It’s fake. The real boxart is just clouds with “3” in the middle.

Comment by dreDREb13

lol he has skinny legs, I don’t like it.howevever, quite a nice fake

Comment by D15t0rted

Its not a fake. Why does it have all those Microsoft logs embedded onto it? It is a leaked picture straight from Xbox.

Comment by LostprophetVII

couple of things
1: the microsoft logos could be added in
2: dreDREb13 “The real boxart is just clouds with “3″ in the middle.” who ever told you that needs to be shot

this COULD be real or it my not be

Comment by Avraxyn

Thats soooo awesome

Comment by The Hunter

what the fuck is reflected in his visor

Comment by cvsk182

I don’t really like it, But Hell. I don’t have to, I’m not getting the regular version :B

Comment by Codeh

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