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More Halo 3 Multiplayer Maps Discovered?
May 31, 2007, 2:32 pm
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Yet more information coming from within the Halo 3 beta source files, only this time not discovered by us. In fact, we can’t seem to find these ourselves (looking through the beta code is a mammoth task) but given that the new maps featured in upcoming magazines are being referred to as Shrine, Epitaph and Last Resort, along with the sighting of Warthog Inc. in one of the earlier Bungie ViDocs, these certainly seem plausible.

We’ll let you make your own mind up on this one.

Multiplayer Maps

Name: Chill
Description: Halo 3 Chill

Name: Construct
Description: Halo 3 Construct

Name: Cyberdyne
Description: Halo 3 Cyberdyne

Name: High Ground
Description: A relic of older conflicts,
this base was reactivated after
the New Mombasa Slipspace Event

Name: Guardian
Description: Halo 3 Guardian

Name: Isolation
Description: Halo 3 Isolation

Name: Valhalla
Description: The crew of V-398 barely survived their
unplanned landing in this curious gorge

Name: Epitaph
Description: Some believe the Forerunners preferred
desolate places. Others suggest that few other sites
survived the Flood

Name: Shrine
Description: Halo 3 Shrine

Name: Snowbound
Description: Hostile conditions did not prevent
the Covenant from seeking salvage on this buried
Forerunner construct

Name: Warthog Inc
Description: Halo 3 Warthog Inc

Name: Last Resort
Description: Remote industrial sites like this one are
routinely requisitioned and razed as part of Spartan training exercises

Remember, this is all rumour for now – and we’ll keep searching for more concrete evidence, but if previously reported findings are anything to go by, there could be some truth in these after all.


Thanks to Tiger’s post in our comments section, we have now found mention of these maps within the beta source code.



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So who did find this out?

Comment by LostprophetVII

The information was sent to us a while back, but with no source we were reluctant to post until we had found the information ourselves. That was, until all the beta findings started coming true, leading us to believe this may have some weight to it.

I’ve posted it here for you guys to make up your own minds about.

Comment by 7th Columnist

If you open up the mainmenu.map in a hex editor, do a search for Chill with 00’s in between the letters in hex. It will come up with the Chill level name, do some scrolling and you will see Construct, then more from there. By the way I didn’t send this in.

Comment by Tiger

So most didnt have any descriptions, jus the ones we know about. It’s like Bungie purposely put all that in there to trick us…

Comment by LostprophetVII

Chill as in chill out? God I hope so.

Comment by Viz

I’m gonna take a guess here and say Chill may be the new Lockout.

Comment by LiQuiD 0v3rkiLL

Chill could be a new “Chill Out” from Halo 1!

Comment by BOoMa

Woah…This site OAWNS!! But yea, I agree with LiquidOverkill that this is the “new” Lockout. Man, I loved that map.

Comment by Didn'tRealizeGreenburgWasAJediName...

Chill, was the mod for Sidewinder in Halo CE, it was a large snowy maps that used sidewinder as the file. It was a sister map to the popular “Hugeass.” My guess is Chill is a remake of Sidewinder, as they did bring that up in a past update.

Comment by LostprophetVII

the weirdest part about all this is that bungie isnt talking …about anything . not even about people in custom games. thats the main reason i think all this is true if it wasnt they wouldve came right out when stuff started leaking and said whoa this is false

Comment by nick

On page 54 of gamepro’s article, I think it shows a Chopper and the Brute Ghost. If you look at the back of the Chopper it has a seat. On page 54 there is a second vehicle that has more of a ghost look, but it is not a ghost. What do you think?

Comment by Broken Tusk

when did we see Warthog Inc?

Comment by I2aMpAnT

It was in a background screen in the “Is Quisam Protero Damno” vidoc.

Comment by LostprophetVII

I believe the reason bungie isn’t talking is because they are basically getting free advertisement through the leaked information and decoded beta code. Its cheaper than regular advertisement and it spreads fast. THis is my opinion.

Comment by BigRedz

ya they also keep giving updates i could care less about so i just come here every day instead of going there! the new update at http://www.bungie.net …………HEROCLICKS. here i got the brute chopper. hmmmmmmm maybe they are slacking

Comment by nick

nice info…

maybe chill is the “seventh secret map” shown in these screenies?

link: http://www.arrogantics.com/2007/05/30/high-resolution-scans-of-gamepros-halo-3-article

look on page 60: beta maps. Click on page, and zoom for description.

Comment by Samieo

omg custimized sparten uniforms enough to make me go stand inline at game stop right now till september

Comment by nick


Comment by Samieo

Getting tired of the beta maps, when the final game comes out, I will never play them again! I want to play an open vehicle map, like Shrine. I am suprised there have been no leaks of it too.

Comment by LostprophetVII

well by the looks of the video that i just saw..epitaph looks like the new colossas…just a guess though =P

Comment by matt

is vallhalla the new coagulation?…or is it just a totally fresh map.

Comment by matt

only 5 of these have been proven
I’ll need picture to know they are real but
I have a guess that Construct and some other map in
the bungie version of “Is Quisnam Protero Damno!”

you guy can match up the names from halo one story line senescence

Comment by ION 360

im pretty sure not every map on halo 3 is a remake, idk why many peolpe r predicting like every map is a remake, that would be really dumb if bungie would only make remakes of maps, i dont think chill will be chill out, but i think the only 2 remakes will be the new lockout level and zanzabar, im they people from bungie said that they will for sure make a lockout and a zanzabar, and again, im pretty sure that those r gonna be the only remakes…so stop predicting that every map will be like a remake

Comment by dr.nas

Warthog .inc sounds like it could be a factory that manufactures hogs.

Comment by N Fox

They didn’t put it in there to trick us who ever said that is funny. They surely wouldn’t of revealed the level name shrine or the fact about customization for armour before gamepro came out in the betas code. The beta was basically the most updated version of halo 3 minus the other maps. This means there will likely be even more weapons , possibly maps , equipment , vehicles and armour customization options that weren’t close enough to completion to add to the most updated version of halo 3 before the beta was released. In other words halo 3 is going to be the shiznet.

Comment by Ghostbuddy

Yeah it would be awesome if a map took place in a small section of new mombasa and the hole map centres around a factory where you can watch hogs get manufactored. They would be chained down and you could jump on the turrent as it moves along the conveyor belt…Awesome..Just make sure to jump off before the hog reaches the end of the conveyor belt or you will fall into a a large black hole that seemingly leads no where.

Comment by Ghostbuddy

I would want some sort of city map. But Ctberdyne could be some Coveneant City-like map. Maybe High Charity?

Comment by LostprophetVII

i think isolation is going to be lockout, or at least the name makes sense anyways.

Comment by glocked

have u guys heard of jub jub? i thought that i heard something about a map called jub jub, but not sure, just wondering if there will be a map called jub jub

Comment by dr.nas

I think a tight ass map would be a map with multiple
islands. where there two big islands on each side of the map for teams to spawn and many smaller islands
in between them, and you would have to use boats or some type of water vehicle to get around . It would be nice for btb.

Comment by spartanized

that sounds ridiculus and something that bungie would never even consider because it is so stupid.

Comment by walsh

RoPMIe comment4 ,

Comment by Wuqgjwiz

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Comment by Latasha Sylney

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