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Custom Game Action – Super Speed, Low Gravity and More!
June 1, 2007, 12:37 pm
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Thanks to the power of YouTube, we’ve a couple of videos of Halo 3 custom games featuring tweaked player speed, gravity, Wraith’s, Pistols and Swords.

Perhaps a little old now, but well worth a look if you’ve not been able to get into a custom game yourself.


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Ya…kinda old since I think just about everyone who has the beta has now been in a custom game and seen the new pistol, sword, and wraith. But….on the other hand, for those who do not have the beta, there you go. And if you are accurate and fairly close range, I can personally tell you the new pistol kicks ass.

Comment by Alex

Yes….double comment….sorry. But also I want to tell everyone that the new custom games are tons better than the Halo 2 ones, in that they can take gravity down to 50%, shields to 300%, make you extremely fast, and overall just make you feel like a modder. There is also team glows, where you can make certain folks glow certain colors, there is vampiric-ness, which steal the health you take when shooting someone, they brought back the infinite grenades in a form of regenerating grenades, and it is overall about twice as customizable as Halo 2.

Comment by Alex

now they just need to have dedicated servers.

What i wouldnt do for DEDICATED SERVERS!

Comment by k

can anyone help me get into a custom game?
Gamertag: Krygo
i really want to play!
is sword duel weildable?

Comment by krygo

No, no dual swords………and go to bungie.net H3 Beta forum and search custom games, find a few threads, and there are many people that tell you their gamertags, that are in custom games 24/7, since they leave their 360s on. Just go into their party, hit B, and you will be in your own custom game lobby. Presto!

Comment by Alex

how do u start a custom game?

Comment by ryan

Wow, the wait for another article is making me painstakingly ill.

Comment by LostprophetVII

Can someone help me get into a custom game. I cant find the threads on bungie.net can someone give me a gamertag that is always in a custom game.

Comment by Riley

Hey who is this song by in the second video and what is the name of the song?

Comment by Kyle

The song is Billy Talent – Fallen Leaves.

Comment by Codeh

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