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Master Chief Sucks at Halo
June 4, 2007, 2:07 am
Filed under: Beta, Gaming, Halo 3, Machinima, Multiplayer, News

You meet all sorts of folk online in your average Rumble Pit. Some are good and some are bad. Some… are just plain ugly.

Did anyone out there happen to meet this particular asshat?

I think I may of.

Thanks to DigitalPh33r.


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Wha? Is this a spoiler? Lolz

Comment by LostprophetVII

HAHAHA!!! wow i actually liked this vid thats some funny shit right there lol

Comment by chemicaltomb

funny s***, recommended to all

Comment by Samieo

i know the person that is actually like that his gt is Pink Shade, and he has some major anger/halo mangement problems. thing is he is actually my best friend.

Comment by rowshambow


Comment by lollolololololololololololl

fucking funny

Comment by Samieo

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