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MJOLNIR Armour, in LEGO!
June 24, 2007, 11:27 pm
Filed under: Custom, Gaming, Halo 3, News

I’m still playing catch up here on all the news missed during my break, and while this isn’t exactly the ground breaking Halo 3 scoop we’d all like, it is still damn impressive.

Check out the video below by RyanUltima showing off his Master Chief costume made entirely out of LEGO.

Now that, is seriously sweet. If anyone else out there has their own suit of MJOLNIR armour we’d love to see it.


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Comment by AWESOME

Dude, if you want more halo 3 info, all you have to do is extract the models for the guns like the flamethrower and flame grenade, along with other models in the halo 3 beta. People are doing it at halomods.com.

Why does this site not do it so they can have something to post up on and share?

Comment by A_D

I’m looking into this.

Comment by 7th Columnist

wow I’m too impressed to mock how many friday nights he stayed at home alone building it…actually that one wasn’t too bad.

Comment by Yuki Seta

And ta think the best thing I’ve ever seen was a Lego guitar.This guy is a serious fan!

Comment by jaysonfire99


Comment by masterchief3k

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