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Halo 3: Plasma Rifle Laser Command!
June 27, 2007, 8:01 pm
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Way back in February, Kotaku announced that Jasman Toys were making a Halo 3 Laser Tag – sorry, Laser Command set, for release later this year. Featuring the Covenant Plasma rifle, Plasma Pistol and Energy Sword as weapons.

Well, now we have a picture… of the Plasma Rifle (I’m still not sure how they’d get a sword working in Laser Tag) courtesy of Forbidden Planet.

The little beauty sports an LCD counter showing any hits on the supplied target, which itself can be stood on its own or worn by an opponent as in any other form of Laser Tag. The real special stuff hides inside as the Plasma Rifle vibrates with every shot, and when it overheats (just like the game), heat exchange flanges will pop out from the side!

At around 16″ it’s no small toy either, and combined with the Battle Rifle and Carbine replicas coming soon from Master Replicas, it looks as though there’s going to be no shortage of little Master Chief wannabes running riot in Toys R Us.

I’ll see you there.


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…That is ridiculous, and awesome.

Comment by K-Dizzle the Bizzle

need…. battle rifle….

Comment by Zerocle


Comment by DEL360X

I’ll own you at real life because I suck at Halo…makes sense.

Comment by I said...

I hope they have shoty and assult rifle.

Comment by N Fox

nice its a shame im too old for that stuff now damn, and also i thought te plasma rifle was purple not blue

Comment by Aarron

Dark Blue. Think it’s Colbat. You should still get it. I’ll put it next to my Legendary Edition.

Comment by DEL360X

This is the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. You geeks need to get outside and do something with yourselves before you die.

Comment by bootsbane

With this we will get outside!

Comment by DEL360X


Comment by lou is the bomb


Comment by lou is the bomb

Spend $3000 for spartan armor then your good to go!

Comment by liquidus

It’s too bad they didn’t go with one of the companies making programmable laser/lazer tag gear and instead opted for the cheapest maker… Aside from Jakks Pacific, maybe. It’d be awesome to be able to truly do King of the Hill and Respawn games like you can with the Lazer Tag Team Ops line…

Comment by James H

this is uber, but they shouldnt have scaled it down, and they need the spartan laser!

Comment by Flamedudeace

that is so pro i want 1

Comment by sniper snider

I need to get the people in our dorms to get some of these. Having wars in our dorm would be awesome! Does anybody know the range of these things?

Comment by Saxonator

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