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Introducing… Shrine
July 2, 2007, 4:49 pm
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We’ve brought you Last Resort. We’ve brought you Epitaph. Now, we bring you Shrine. The latest and by the sounds of things, greatest Halo 3 multiplayer map around.

Apparently the largest map to ever feature in a Halo game with emphasis relying heavily on vehicular play, Shrine is freaking huge.

There’s little more to go on at this point and we’ve yet to see any footage of Shrine in action. What we do know though, is it’s huge, it’s where the Brute Choppers have been seen hanging out, and you’re going to want a vehicle to get around over it’s masses of sand dunes. Oh, and it looks as though we’ll be seeing some totally vehicle based gametypes played out here.

A spiritual update to Burial Mounds? There’s certainly similarities, but we really don’t think so.

So for the meantime, pour over these new screenshots, and tell us what you think. If Bungie are excited about this map, we sure as hell should be.


Shrine is now known as Sandtrap.



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wow this is pretty sweet first post oh yah cant wait till halo 3

Comment by tyler

I read on IGNthat Shrine was the length of Valhall but 4 times as wide, so that gives us an indication of its size.
I also read somewhere that those towers work like the turrets in snowbound, so they shoot you if you stray too far.

Comment by D-thunda

OMG,This is awsome,I dont know about you guys but Snowbound was one of my fav maps in halo 2 and now one that relies even more on vehicles!I cant wait!

Comment by jaysonfire99

dude!! Think Of the Hornet!!!!!! The Dogfights!!!! AHHHH MAN!!! OAWN!!!

Comment by JediGreenburg

what’s that thing above the red guy’s head (in the screen shot on this page)? Is that shrapnel? It looks like a piece of a brute chopper or a building or something but the dude is flying from a destroyed Warthog. I can’t figure it out.

Comment by K-Dizzle the Bizzle

I believe that floating thing in the background is the UNSC Cruiser that was mentioned in the Gamepro preview.
I can’t wait until footage of Shrine is ‘accidentally’ leaked.
This map is gonna be awesome!

Comment by D-thunda

jayisonfire, snowbound couldnt be ur fav halo 2 map, cuz it wasnt in halo 2, its in halo 3…

Comment by dr.nas

This map looks great. I bet you theyll make more larger maps like this one. like i said before
I think a tight map would be a map with multiple
islands. where there two big islands on each side of the map for teams to spawn and many smaller islands
in between them, and you would have to use boats or some type of water vehicle to get around . it would work well with territories, king of the hill, and many other game types. It would be nice for btb. i have a good feeling theyll bring in water vehicles because they already have land and air types, so why not take the next step and do water vehicles.

Comment by spartanized

If you look around the site you can find a complete list of multiplayer maps.
Not all of these maps have been revealed, and If you think back to the multiplayer vidoc, you’ll remember that there are maps in the vidoc that haven’t been revealed.

Try using the names to identify each of the maps!

Remember in the Gamepro mag, the work in progress map- I believe that is the map Chill.

Comment by D-Thunda

i woner what will be the best vehiclie to counter act the brute chopper

Comment by Bluegus

where can i get a code for this leave a comment thing, where when u leave a comment it actually shows up on the page (like the HTML Code) THx!

Comment by miikerocks

hey, leave the comments here!

Comment by miikerocks

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