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7/7/07 – Bungie Day Blowout!
July 7, 2007, 12:49 pm
Filed under: Campaign, Gaming, Halo, Halo 3, Multiplayer, News

Happy Bungie Day everyone!

As you know, there’s a special treat available today (and today only) on Xbox Live Marketplace for Bungie fans, in the form of an awesome Dashboard Theme and an equally cool selection of Gamer Pics.

So stop reading and go grab ’em now.

Nice eh? Well that’s not where the treats end either. Head over to Bungie.net and you’ll find even more Halo related goodness.

Namely this wallpaper, from recent Gamepro and OXM issues. But also some new information about new armour permutations, C.Q.B. and E.V.A.

and the Brute Chopper.

Just look at it tearing through that damn Warthog!

With that single player screenshot recently released and the promise of more details from E3 right around the corner, things are certainly hotting up – making this more like Bungie Week than just another Bungie Day.



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This is about that painting in the same update from bungie. behind the blue guy with the sword there is another blue guy with a gun that looks like a BR, but it does not have a scope on it! Could this be the assult carbine from halo custom edition 4 the pc. There were a sieries of maps made by the Custom Map Team That I think were made to mimic halo 3.

Comment by N Fox

hey 7 if u look at the C.Q.B. armor on his chest it looks like he has a combat knife, u have to look at the one on bungie.net its more high def so its easyr to c

Comment by spartanized


Sure looks like a knife, but I reckon it’s purely cosmetic and sadly not something we’ll be able to whip out and use.

Comment by 7th Columnist

yea most likely. I hope they due though, cause the spartans use them a hell of a lot in the books

Comment by spartanized

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