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A little more about saved films…
July 8, 2007, 12:27 pm
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So it would seem the 3d screenshots released yesterday of the new Spartan Variants caused a bit of a stir. Not least because they were freakin’ beautiful, but they also got people wondering exactly how they were put together.

According to Frankie, the shots were made by stitching together screenshots taken from the in-game saved films and screenshot feature, with the depth of field whacked up to eleven in order to make the Spartans stand out a little more.

Now apparently we won’t have any control over depth of field in the final release, which is a shame, but Frankie did go into a little more detail as to exactly what we will be able to do come September:

Slo mo.
Fast forward.
Free camera.
Turn UI/HUD off/on.
Following camera.
First person.
Switch to any player.
Still, rotate, etc, etc.

And you can take a screenshot whenever you like.

The only thing you can’t do is pass through solid geometry or invisible walls, but you can get the camera pretty high. On the “big” desert map (its name is probably going to change), you can see almost the entire playspace from the sky.

Speed control is on the analog sticks and not exactly infinite, but pretty cool. One downside is that the way the engine works means reverse skips in chunks, as opposed to smoothly playing backwards. Kinda like DVD chapter-back.

So there we have it, a little more info about the fantastic saved films feature shipping with Halo 3. Whether it’s Machinima, Speed runs, Trick vids or simply your greatest hits that you want to share and keep forever… Bungie’s just made it all a hell of a lot easier.



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hmm speed runs….Campaign saved films confirmed?

Comment by GS

Yes, I believe Campaign saved films have been confirmed.

Comment by 7th Columnist


Comment by lou is the bomb

This can also stop ppl from modding just simply save a video of them modding then BAM! BAN HAMMER BITCH!

Comment by liquidus

if u look at the forums or e3 halo 3 pres conference it says that you can do all of that stuff with the saved films

Comment by Bluegus

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