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Cobra Armour?
July 8, 2007, 12:55 pm
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Remember way back here, when we found mention of four different custom armour types in the Halo 3 beta?

Cobra, Regulator, Intruder and Ninja.

Well, since then Bungie have officially announced two of them in the shape of E.V.A. and C.Q.B. and mentioned that there will be more available in the final build of the game.

Is this (taken from the recent Gamepro and OXM cover art) one of them?

It’s definitely not C.Q.B. as the helmet is vastly different from the one pictured holding the Spartan Laser. In fact, it kinda looks like a Cobra to me.

What do you guys think?



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Yeah i think it is Cobra armor

Comment by Master Tricks

Yeah, I definitely think that armor slightly resembles a cobra, but not the kind you’re thinking of… ever watch the G.I. Joe cartoons? Try looking at those Cobras!

Comment by Ray

looks more like a ninja style to me, with the bottom part of his mask darkened.

Comment by 1C3M4N

yh it definetely is i reckon the other two were proven right and so far alot form the beta codE has been proven right so i think that it all this.

i aslo noticed this as well and have allready posted it on other site with positive feedback

Comment by Aarron

Behind the blue guy with the sword there is another blue guy with a gun that looks like a BR, but it does not have a scope on it! Could this be the assult carbine from halo custom edition 4 the pc. There were a sieries of maps made by the Custom Map Team That I think were made to mimic halo 3.

Comment by N Fox

Yeah that’s a different suit.
Could be cobra.
I wonder if the armour permutations will affect your HUD though…

Comment by D-thunda

First of all, sorry for the double post, but there is a good reason for it.
I have found leaked pictures of what may be ‘cobra’ armour and the ‘excavator’.


So what does everyone think?
I think it could be real, as the ‘cobra’ helmet looks similar to the helmet in the art (see the above picture).


Comment by D-thunda


Thanks man, I’m looking into this. It seems pretty legit to me if you look back at some of the earlier Halo stuff. Expect an update real soon.

Comment by 7th Columnist

Yeah like Ray said it does look like the crobra in G,I,Joe

Comment by Master Tricks

im using tihs one for MP definetly

Comment by kenney727

look behind him, there’s another armor type..

Comment by Chris9099

I think the CQB (Close Quarters Battle )armor was the cobra. Repersenting the fact a Cobra is dangerous when it’s close but far away it can do little to harm you. This is likely a Ninja. This looks awesome thats for sure.

Comment by ghostbuddy

It is CObra or Ninja Armor for sure.

Comment by JBEAU117


“a Cobra is dangerous when it’s close but far away it can do little to harm you”

I think THIS Cobra can do a lot of harm from far away.. (note the fricking TURRET in his hands…):P

Comment by V Meister

i think its cobra i think ninja hasnt been put in any picks

Comment by sniper snider

it looks more like … a turrent head?

Comment by Max

Recon Armor for bungie emploies

Comment by Evilpro


Comment by WASTER poo

It’s called recon armor

Comment by God

Only bungie.net members can have this helmet/armour
just like the flaming ninja helmet…..


WTF! why do ppl keep calling it COBRA armour its called RECON armour for frickin sake im startin to get pissed off by all the peeps who dont know what its called!!

Comment by RECON master

This was 3 months before Halo 3 was released, so people did not know the name of it.

Comment by Evilpro

such a long time ago… *sighs nostalgicly*

Comment by D-thunda

it is awsome so cool i want it same with PHEONICKS13

Comment by HALO 13th

you noobs thats the recon armour given to bungie employees and a select few competition winners……fucking noobs

Comment by you noobs

Hey thats the Recon armor! Also known as COB.

Comment by LegendDarkFury

COB? Close Operative Battle?

Comment by DEL360X

Its C.Q.B (close quarter battle)!!!

Comment by Huntinho

uhm thats actually called Recon Armour soo

Comment by Ian


Comment by Ethizzle

that is scout armour ok

Comment by bobby

scout/recon okokokokokokok

plus chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by bobby


Comment by bobby


Comment by bobby

halo 3 is the best game eva!!!!

Comment by andy


Comment by brAD


Comment by doofus

Its Raconz

Comment by bob

its recon you stupid asses

Comment by not cobra armor

Dude it is not recon at all because of the top part of the helmet is lower, and the side of the helmet is totally different, Maybe they did use the idea of the recon black part of his helmet (on yellow face thing) but it definitley looks like an amazing armour to wear if released

Comment by randomer

thats not recon. Cobra and Recon are different, if you look at a picture of recon and cobra, they’re different, dumb shits.

Comment by Synapse

that has to be recon ive seen recon that is not recon recon dosent have a part that is over the vise

Comment by nick

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