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Excavator Uncovered?
July 9, 2007, 4:33 pm
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Those digging through the Halo 3 beta code uncovered many unannounced features and components to Halo 3. Some that have since been confirmed by Bungie (Armour Permutations, Brute Chopper) and others left a little less concrete.

One of the more believable discoveries however, was that of the weapons list – featuring the return of the Flamethrower and the introduction of a new weapon, named the Excavator.

Now Bungie have said nothing about the legitimacy of these finds as of yet, but a recent render (supposedly from a source close to Bungie) has surfaced on the forums of Xbox.com showing what appears to be an early design of said weapon.

Is this for real? I’m not so sure, it could after all simply be a fan-made render. But there seems to be a few pieces of evidence suggesting it’s legit, which makes this particular leap of faith… pretty darn cool.

In the ‘Steaktacular’ Humpday Challenge featured on Bungie.net a little while back, Luke Smith talks of a new unannounced weapon – a ‘hand cannon of death’, that sits pretty well with the picture above.

“The round starts and Joe and I each pick up one of these new weapons. These are awe-inspiring cannons that fit in one hand, a fistful of death and head toward a power-up.”

We’ve not really seen all that much in the way of Brute weaponry so far in Halo 3 and given their large involvement in the story it’s reasonably safe to assume there’s more to be unveiled.

Take a look at the shot below, taken from the ‘Et Tu, Brute?‘ documentary.

Note the rotating barrel and single handed ‘cannon’ like aesthetics of this, at the time, unfinished Brute weapon.

But it doesn’t end there either. Flash back to this video, titled ‘The Evolution of Halo’ – made up of early footage of the first game. At around the 2:49 mark, we see Master Chief pull out an alien weapon that again looks strangely familiar.

Hell, Bungie themselves even refer to it in the video as a ‘Boring‘ weapon. That’s boring as in Excavating, and now I’m sensing a theme.

Could this be the first real sighting of the Excavator? A particularly devastating Brute-sounding weapon of mass destruction. Perhaps a grenade launcher or power-packing pistol of some sort? At this point we really don’t know, and as stated earlier the source of the ‘new’ render is nothing short of suspiscious – it just, well… kinda adds up don’t it?

Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to D-thunda for the heads up.



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i would have to say it looks pretty convincing to me. and i can’t wait to start boring some noobs!

Comment by yankeyhotel

coud be it. Wheres the Hornet?

Comment by DEL360X

is it duel wield-able i hope so. only bungie knows

Comment by kenney727

Wow, I didn’t realise that it was in the brute vidoc or the evolution of halo.
I wonder if its dual wieldable…

Comment by D-thunda

The grip on it looks very similar to that of the energy sword….. i think that it maybe an elite weapon.

Comment by NinjaTommy21

kool, its got some pistol features, but i’d love a pistol that blows my enemy to bits

Comment by BigRedz

no sign of the EXCAVATOR in the new video bungie released

Comment by HMF xxRebornxx


Comment by ANHAD

sorry. hes boarding a brute chopper

Comment by ANHAD

No..thats a fuel rod cannon

Comment by NinjaTommy21

That wasn’t the Excavator, it was the Fuel Rod Cannon…….anyway, this thing looks SWEET! :D

Comment by shinobi

wow shinobi is dumb fucking retard yay!!!!

fucking retard STFU!!!!

Comment by HMF xxRebornxx

first of all, calm down HMF

I just wanted to talk about the map editor in halo 3.
it’s called forge and is named after the map editor in marathon.
I’d like to know what people think of this.

Comment by D-thunda

I was just on the Bungie.net forums (now banned).
On there, i managed to get someone to send me a link (that’s why im banned).
i found lots of cool stuff out though.

This is NOT the excavator- it is called the mauler.
It is a brute shotgun (like the shotgun in marathon) that is dual wieldable!

here is the link-it is bad quality, but you can read it and see for yourself:

Comment by D-thunda

It’s not the “excavator.” It’s called the Brute Mauler. It’s a dual-Wieldable Shotgun. Other images found are the Hornet, and the Prowler.

Comment by JBEAU117


found the excavator. at 1:03 at the top right hand corner

Comment by halower

Thank u Halower Iv been looking for those scans all day!!!

Comment by N Fox

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