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Halo 3 Armour Permutations Revealed?
July 9, 2007, 7:20 pm
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Woah. Are these the four new armour permutations unlockable through Halo 3’s single player campaign for use in multiplayer, or simply fan-made renders?

We’ve got to take them with a pinch of salt until anything is confirmed by Bungie, but these images seem to confirm the Cobra armour spotted in the background of the Gamepro and OXM cover art and if true, give us a sneak peek at the remaining (Ninja?) variant.

Currently doing the rounds over at Gametrailers.com forums these have ‘apparently’ been lifted straight from the beta code according to user SnprSlick.

Is it just me, or does that last one look like it’s been lifted from a certain Sony shooter?

E3 really can’t come soon enough.



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That last one reminds me of Darth Vader.

Comment by DEL360X

yah me too del360x ps go to


Comment by mono20

i like the bottom left im getting that one definetly

Comment by kenney727

really cool i preordered halo3

Comment by sean

yup. definately darth vader. i know which one im going for come sept 26. especially if they bring back black armour. (oooh, i wonder if they will also include an add-on cape to complete the look?)

Comment by trigger happy mole

I can’t wait until more stuff is revealed at E3.
That last one is pretty awesome, and I think the cobra helmet certainly looks like the helmet in the gamepro art.

Comment by D-thunda

The last one looks like something from bungie’s earlier games.

Comment by WHAT!

E3 Tommorrow!! I cant wait, this is all to exciting…I love the month of september now!

Comment by BigRedz

the cobra one looks pretty awesome, buuut with all the cobra parts cheif kinda looks like a power ranger…

Comment by Kaliber

To 7th Columnist, do you know how they extract the code?
I just had an idea- they could extract code for the grav hammer and flamethrower- as well as vehicles like the hornet.
Just an idea I had.

Comment by D-thunda

Master Chief VS Darth Vader

Comment by DEL360X

The last one look like Star Wars concept Snowtrooper

Comment by Master Tricks

The last one also looks like a LEGO Bionicle mask.
I’ll try to find a link.

Comment by DEL360X

Here’s the link

looks the same like the red mask.

Comment by DEL360X

if u look at the middle of the painting on bungie.net there is some kind of writing and image on the rocks.look like it might bee some thing special.so u guys go check it out and tell meleave what u think about it on this page…look inbetween the sword spartan and the shot gun spartan.might be an easter egg

Comment by mittens

so what cha think halo lovers

Comment by mittens

right beside the guy with the cobra armor…………………777…..bungie day……..the bible…….is halo real???????????we will never no………????

Comment by mittens

I see the Halo 3 logo in black on the rock wall.

Comment by DEL360X

yeh everyohne seeza that

Comment by mittens

then what do you mean, the Warthog?

Comment by DEL360X

This is fan made. The last one is a helmet from Killzone, at least it really really really looks like it XD.

Comment by Kellan

i think the “art” on the wall is nothing because u cant really figure anything out from it and i think it is just markings on the wall where they did different detail because lighting

and it is a painting anyway not an animated thing im pretty sure cause the cobra in the background is a bit misconstrued

Comment by HMF xxRebornxx

GO HALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by lou is the bomb


Comment by lou is the bomb

u like pusssys too?

Comment by HMF xxRebornxx


Comment by lou is the bomb

The one on the bottom lest hand conner looks like a ODST helmet, and the on at the bottom right definitely looks like a Killzone helmet and the upper two are just the EVA helm and the CQB helm.

Comment by Templar

The bottom left helmet can also be seen on the GamePro cover, I circled them in this picture.

Comment by COV3RT SN1P3R

Dude I love vaginas and Halo 3 is going to be AWESOME!!!!!

Comment by Vagina Vagina Vagina!!!

Is it possible that the Cobra is actually the one on the bottom right? I mean, G.I Joe, the Cobra’s helmet looks exactly like that. Good name for a good joke?

Comment by JBEAU117

what the amor looksa like:
e.v.a – alien
c.b.q – clone trooper
cobra – power ranger
last one – darth vader

Comment by Bluegus

Awesome best part is there will be more! People talk as if the beta code is all that will be in Halo 3. Other then these two helmets , a grenade and a flame thrower has been confirmed to be in Halo 3. However things not even mentioned the slightest in the beta code has been revealed. Such as the Elephant vehicle , Prowler vehicle , personel shield wall equipment , etc , etc.

Point is even in knowing everything in the beta code there will still be surprizes come September 25th. The beta code only showed what they were 90% finished as of a week before the beta. Expect more armor permutations then just the ones talked about in the beta code. Now if only you can hack the beta code and find the Elite we’ve yet to see.

Comment by ghostbuddy

Don’t forget the Hornet. What’s the Elephant vehicle?

Comment by JBEAU117

hi every one im gonna talk to all the little children and play halo with them and touch myself too all of your voices anyways caint waitforhalo 3 jbeau11707 i want tosuck your penis!!!!!!

Comment by micheal jackson

Oh and just to answer you’re question, no those arent fan made renders, they’ve been confirmed by bungie as permutations, and theyre makin some foe elites as well!!

Comment by CH13F-117

thanks man cool!

Comment by JBEAU117

Haha, LOL at Killzone parody

Comment by Z_Tahir

The last on is pretty badass.

Comment by Brian Fantana

Boo Hoo, i gotta wait till sept. 26th :'(
i wish i lived in US not in Europe :P

Comment by V Meister

hey the ninja armor ended up being the recon the bottom left one

Comment by ryguy


Comment by Schwang

smart ones you can use the one on the bottom right that ones only to those who work for bungie or who they think should get it and the you dont unlock them by single player campeign you can unlock them on co-op to

Comment by spartansarmy

Nope, Bottom right is E.O.D., It’s the bottom left thats given out by Bungie.

Comment by Evilpro

E.O.D isnt given by Bungie… you get it after completing Campagin on Ledgendary.. I have it already and I havent had any contact with bungie ever since I bought the game back in 07..

Comment by Ashley

I never said it was.

Comment by Evilpro

first one EVA second oneC.O.B third one Recon forth one EOD

Comment by RussBaker1000

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