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4 Player Online Co-op CONFIRMED!!
July 31, 2007, 9:03 pm
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Updates are on their way, I promise. But for now, sink your teeth into this action packed announcement:

Halo 3 WILL support 4 player online co-op. FACT.

We said it would happen way back here, and no-one believed us… even with evidence from the beta code, but details from Microsoft and Bungie at a press conference in Amsterdam now confirm the feature’s inclusion. Luke Smith later added to the announcement on the Gaming Age forums simply stating… ‘Believe’.

More news to follow… go out and have a drink.


More news followed, so there’s no time for that drink. Learn the shocking tru7h about online co-op here. Now!



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A new update? wow. Oh wait… did you just say what I think you said!? *Dances in cubicle*

Comment by Nuck

That’s good news! Can anyone tell me who the “extra” two people will play as..?
1) MC
2) Le Arbinator

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

Cant wait

Comment by spartanized

You get to play as new elite characters.
3)N’tho ‘Sraom
4)Usze ‘Taham

go check out the pic on bnet Luke just put up an update about 4 player coop.

Comment by spartanized

I knew it
there is no way that bungie take that chance

Comment by ION 360

3-4) UNSC Special Forces Marine

That’s my guess.

Comment by Nuck

Nevermind. Awesomeness

Comment by Nuck

i’m italian halo 3 is a stpendand super 4 player online co-op is stupenddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Comment by thomas

Meet the Team.


Comment by 7th Columnist

Oh, yes! This is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by Nero_Link

SWEET!! I love it!

Comment by BigRedz

Shotgun being chief Nero_Link or im gonna nag lol jks

Comment by Flamedudeace

I love online Co-op but I wounder how it will affect Halo 3s campain? Will the campain be exactly like it would be if I was playing alone in campain or will there be extra missions or objectives when playing co-op?

Comment by Sid

best halo ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by cruzer

Halo 3 = pownage!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sid

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