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New Halo 3 Print Ad
July 31, 2007, 10:59 pm
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Here’s the latest Halo 3 ad doing the rounds stateside in current issues of EGM.

I cant help but think Microsoft might be giving away a little too much regarding Halo 3’s story before launch, but… oh well. It sure looks ace.

Check out a bigger, readable version here.



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Geezus, every time I see a new ad/video/whatever I get goosebumps. And with yesterday’s announcement of Halo 3 being 4-player CO-OP, Sept 25 can’t come soon enough.

Comment by Mark Lancaster

they make it seem so dramatic, amazing, i love it.

Comment by Kenhalo

hey kenhalo – i used to know a guy named Ken, and he loved halo.

the print ad is extremely well written. it really sets a good tone.

Comment by Gruesome_Fruit

man… its just so bad ass…! i get goose bumps everytime i see some thing like this!

Comment by antii

a hero need not speak. for when he is gone the world will speak for him. i hope this dosent mean that chief dies.

Comment by halohat

well duh tis means that dia’ cheif dies!

Comment by Mikilei

vok sivtishicen yowite nokijiel mosa de eladi
kovchoioe washialei!!!

Comment by Mikilei

They wont kill off chief till the end of the game so Iwouldnt worry about him dieing the other eliets I think will die before the Chief

Comment by Sid

when is this new issue coming out

on the web it says november but halo 3 will be out so whats the point

Comment by ryguy

all this is looking that he is dead or he could be in a very deep sleap.

Comment by redbaron523

Maybe this could be by him going back in time.
The Timetravel thing is just a guess of what people think will happen.
It is yet not confirmed.


Comment by DEL360X

“the last Spartan standing against an angry tide”
wtf? he’s not the last SPARTAN…

Comment by V Meister

He could be. The others could…ya know…die.

Comment by I HAVE THE POWER!!!

He could just go missing or be on vacation after the war I would be especialy after saving humanity I would need a beer and some privacy with no nagging fans. Hes not dead hes haveing some alone time from all the death and destuction that Halo had brought on him and the human race.

Comment by Sid

They could be doing this to make us think he dies. If they did this they could make it look like he’s going to die at the end, then make the Arbiter die instead of teh Chief… jus a thought.

Comment by ChaosEvilution

from what I have gathered with my own observations so far, I think its something to do with time travel. He may be gone…..but dont mean hes dead

Comment by DJBoogie

Well he was the last of his kind, all the other spartans have died so why cant he die, after all this is the last youll ever see of halo so they made master chief go out with a bang.

Comment by Abyssal

the other spartans arent dead, dere are still 3 spartan ii’s left plus the spartan iii dat kurt trained!!
and the chief cant die, id be pissed, he shud av died ages ago but he didnt so he mite as well stay for bit longer

Comment by john 117

THE MASTER CHIEF IS DEAD! I am sad to say that i have played, finished and wathched every halo 3 thing that there is even the bonus material on the second disc and IT’S TRUE THE MASTER CHIEF IS DEAD.

Comment by spartan 117

Quit yo jibba jabba!
No he isnt… you probally did what i did and skipped the credits..
what em..thats all ill say :)

Comment by Wiplash ll7

is there going to be a halo4

Comment by Nick Brockwell

is there going to be a halo4

Comment by Nick Brockwell

Should i break his heart.. or can some1 else?…..

Comment by Wiplash ll7

to bad u cant break my heart because there is going to be a halo4.because my friends uncle is a game programer for halo

Comment by Nick Brockwell

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

There will be another halo game. It is INEVITABLE. However, Bungie will have very little to do with it. It will most likely be made as a first party game by Microsoft. This is due to Bungies recent split from the mothership (microsoft). There is much speculation and it is widely believed that Bungie will go back to marathon, halo’s precursor, because they still own that IP, and halo 3’s ending is so similar to the biggining of marathon’s. So yes, there will be another halo, but not by the same people.

Comment by The bigman

yippe legendary map pack comeing out in 2 hours yippe

Comment by WoundedCork

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