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Flamethrower and Firebomb CONFIRMED!
August 12, 2007, 6:57 pm
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Ok, so you must have heard about this by now, but a recent IGN article confims the existence of two new weapons for Halo 3, the Flamethrower and Firebomb.


Here’s what we know…

The Flamethrower (finally making it into a console version of Halo) will act in the same way as the turrets and other heavy weaponry, operating in third person. So expect to walk a little slower and unguarded, but resting easy with the ability to shoot out a liquid stream of fire that’ll burn anything it touches.

Another addition to Master Chief’s fiery arsenal is the firebomb, revealing itself to be the fourth grenade type. The best bit? The firebomb’s fire will burn on the ground for a short while after use, allowing players to set alight to scenery and create walls or traps during multiplayer.

This is just another in the long line of reveals recently confirming once again our finds here at 7th Columnist. I’ll have to do an update shortly, of what has or hasn’t come true… and what exactly is left unknown.

As you can probably tell, things are changing round here. I hope everyone is liking the new site layout (it’s still a little in progress so don’t worry if things look a little different from time to time). All we’re trying to do is give you a little more bang for your buck, so stay tuned.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what they’d like to see added to the site, just let us know below, or through the submissions page.


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Hot dogs anyone?

Comment by LostprophetVII

I like my aliens well done and burnt to a crisp! yummmmmmmm. I saw this yesterday though on game spot .com

Comment by Sid

In some parts of the galaxy grunts are quite a delicacy toasted.

Comment by haloarchives

Burn baby burn!!!

Comment by N Fox

this is gonna be weird bc is it gonna be like resistance where you have to shake it off or does the flame wear off or wha?????

Comment by ryguy

Burn a Grunt and he’ll run back screaming, setting his team of Brutes and Jackals on fire.
Extra Crispy!
……. Toasty!

hmm… Setting trees on fire?

Comment by DEL360X

appearently it will set u on fire for about 3 seconds i think , but i am not sure on that

Comment by distinguish

hey wha about the elephant will there be a cove vehicle to act as it like the scarab or something

Comment by ryguy

cove equivalant of the elephant could be the shadow.
think about it, Bungie said it was drivable in halo 3 and it would balance well.
it can only carry a ghost and some troops, has a turret and is fast.
the elephant has turrets, can carry several vehicles but is extremely slow.

It balances out.

Comment by D-thunda

btw, an actual named archive on each article would be good.
Maybe some cool vids relating to halo, some fanart.
I take it you have contacts about halo 3 (assuming, correct me if I’m wrong) so maybe a question and answer section?

just some ideas,It would just make the site even better than it already is.
lovin’ the changes 7th :)

Comment by D-thunda

awesome it still has the shark face on it from halo 1 pc

Comment by Bluegus

theres a pic of the flamethrower firing on bungie.net where they out up an article on it

Comment by spartanized

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