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New Multiplayer Map, ‘Narrows’ Revealed!
August 16, 2007, 11:50 am
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IGN just got the scoop on a new multplayer map for Halo 3 named ‘Narrows’.

Here’s a desciption of the new battleground straight from Bungie’s Multiplayer Designer – Lars Bakken:

“It’s a Forerunner structure. It’s embedded in this cliff wall and it’s a bridge. Imagine the – if you’re familiar with Halo 1 – imagine the bridge from Assault on the Control Room, expanded, and made for multiplayer, so it’s got multiple levels and each side has kind of a dug in section, and it’s mirrored so on one side of each of the bases there’s actually a Man Cannon, and if both sides take it at the same time they’ll actually meet in mid-air, which is pretty cool.

“There are multiple areas that you fight over; there are some power weapons in the centre of the map. I’ll give you guys a heads-up right now – there’s actually a rocket launcher on top and a shotgun on the lowest level dead centre of the map, so when you guys play it tonight you’ll have a little extra edge on the competition…”

More info as it comes, but for now – check out the images of ‘Narrows’ via the links below.

Narrows 1
Narrows 2
Narrows 3

What do you guys think? I gotta say immediately that it makes me think of Gephyrophobia from Halo PC.


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yay, 1st comment

reminds me of Gephyrophobia and Waterworks too. nice pics. i think its gonna be awesome.

Comment by V Meister

Should be really cool with mid-air combat

Comment by Master Tricks

Gotta say this is really starting to look like a true next-gen Halo. Even for a multiplayer map, it’s gorgeous.

As for the map itself, I always thought while playing Halo CE that one of the bridges would be a good map.

Comment by Knifer

reminds me of relic but only the center structure

Comment by 1C3M4N

wauuuuuuuuuu the maps are a super , halo 3 is magnificthe single payer and the multiplayer

Comment by thomas

in the third picture, it shows the shotgun on a small energy bridge. If you can turn the bridge off somehow, it would be funny to watch someone or the gun fall down. Or maybe you get to turn it on yourself, High Ground gate style.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

Its forerunner machinery.

Comment by LostpropetVII

dude “Assault on the Control Room” was by far my favorite Halo:CE level, for sure. I also like “Two Betrayals” (same map, basically). It doesn’t seem entirely like those bridges, but it definitely has the feel of the original game in the screenshots.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

yeah, AotCR kicked ass! especially the gold elite with the sword at the end on heroic/legendary.
H3 is gonna kick ps3’s lazy ass.

Comment by V Meister

i ges its alright

Comment by nathan


*gasp* it’s better than alright!
From what I’ve seen this is the second best map.
Sandtrap ftw.


You should compile a list of stuff that’s come true from the beta, and stuff yet to be revealed!
We could find out more!

Comment by D-thunda

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Comment by Alextoss

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