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New shots ‘Tsavo Highway’ and ‘Narrows’ in action!
August 16, 2007, 7:12 pm
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A few new tantalising shots have surfaced thanks once again to IGN Australia, showing us even more unseen Halo 3 action.

First up is a clip from the third level of Halo 3’s campaign, ‘Tsavo Highway’ and it looks every bit as beautiful as we’ve now come to expect.

I gotta say, as one who was initially horrified at the thought of Brutes having a larger role in Halo’s story this time round (I hate the buggers), I’m warming to them nicely. They look badass, and a lot more Covenant looking now, as opposed to the ‘big ape/king kong’ look they had going on in Halo 2. Battlewise, the confrontations we’ve seen so far in shots like this and the tiny snippets of footage that have been creeping out all look incredible. Sometimes I wonder if it’s actually possible to take a dull shot of Halo.

And for seconds… we’ve some new shots of ‘Narrows’, the latest multiplayer map to be revealed – this time however, in action.

Aerial Action
Shadow Combat
Man Cannon

So is Halo 3 shaping up to be one of the best looking shooters out there? Quite simply, Yes.

Take that Gears of War.


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First post. wow looks cool

Comment by Master Tricks

is that really a link to a clip or a picture?

Comment by Master Tricks

Sorry, I should clarify… it’s a pic. Showing a clip of the game. ;)

Comment by 7th Columnist

wow im goin to kill myself before it even comes out it looks soooo good

Comment by ryguy

lol, I love the Gear’s Of War comment. Cant wait to see the Incendiary Grenade in action!

Comment by LtNixon

I cant wait to Finish The Fight ™.

Comment by DEL360X

Halo(r) 3!!!

Comment by DEL360X

(r) (R) ™ (TM)

Comment by DEL360X

halo 3 is a stupend

Comment by thomas

In the shadow combat pic it looks like someone is severed in half and the upper half is laying on the ground next to the legs. what the heck is going on there? and there seems to be some sort of covenant contraption or vehicle in the background. Is anyone else picking up on this?

Comment by Fink

When i looked closer at the picture perhaps what looks like some covenant vehicle or contraption is really just falling plasma rifles and a mauler from the guy who just died??

Comment by Fink

this is awesome, mid air combat rapes!!!!

Comment by buddy

owning brutes!
Man, this looks awesome!

Comment by D-thunda

Ok 1st things 1st.
*wets trousers…
Ok not sure where to start but…
omg! ….(does that some it up?)

Comment by Wiplash ll7

prty obvious it’s a mauler and a plasma rifle, Fink.

Comment by V Meister

yeah, it took a while for it to register through this thick skull of mine. But no one has commented yet on the fact someone’s upper torso appears to have been blown of his pair of legs… or is this also something i easily looked over too?

Comment by FINK

nice. found some new campaign pics from game play.
heres the link

Comment by spartanized

Very Good! – Loveing it! =)

Comment by Combat Kid

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