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Halo 3 Instruction Manual Scans
August 17, 2007, 7:26 pm
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We get a ton of mail here at 7th Columnist – some of it good, some of it bad… and some that’ll I’ll never ever repeat… but ok, wowser… I never saw this one coming.

Behold one and all, the Halo 3 instruction manual in all its mediocre scanned and incomplete glory!


Now like I say, it’s not the entire manual, but there’s more than enough juicy stuffs contained within that i’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth a gander. Everything from controller setup, to weapons, to a brief story catch up.

Hit the links below to see part of what you’ll be flicking through come September.

Table of Contents
The story so far
Default Controls
Covenant Species

It’s not known exactly from which edition of the game this manual is a part of (as contents do vary slightly), but i’d guess from the pics it’s just the standard edition, sans all the bells and whistles.


Look’s like we got pwned people.



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First post. look at the jackals beak its more bird like.

Comment by Master Tricks

the spartan laser looks goofy in that light green color in the pamphlet.

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

is a stupend

Comment by thomas

I hope hunters are on our side!

Comment by Sid

dude the grunts look badass now

Comment by ryguy

hey for forge is it gonna be like something to make gametypes or is it gonna be like a thing while you play the game to screw up the other players

Comment by ryguy

I’d guess it’s the standard manual.
Man, these are surprisingly good quality!

so, are we getting frequent updates now?
’cause this stuff is gooooooooooooood :)

Comment by D-thunda

hehe… you gonna keep coming back? Expect some pretty big changes round here in the future.

Comment by 7th Columnist

..Like!?!? Is it just me or does Sgt. Jognson look white? And why is the picture linked yo paypal?

Comment by LostprophetVII

Yeah, Johnson definitely looks a little pale in the pic, but it’s probably just down to the scan.
As for the paypal hiccup… eh? WTF??? Which picture? *gulp*

Comment by 7th Columnist

oh no, what about the Drinols??? and the Engineers are not introduced in Halo 3!!!

Comment by not4angels

That be a lot of spoilers, oh well.
Does anyone else think Miranda Keyes looks like Drew Barrymore?

Comment by Bansheesdie

If your trying to get donations **to the site** only I will be happy to donate. But I’m unhappy because every time I type in this damm box it keeps takig me to paypal every 3 seconds and have t keep pressing back!!! Did you know it took me 10 minutes to type this!

Comment by LostprophetVII

yup, I’ll keep coming back!
I remember, I was on a Bungie forum, and someone posted a link to this site.
It was the best halo 3 site EVER!
so yeah, I’m comin back.

And these changes you speak of, I like the sound of them…
btw 7th, when halo 3 comes out, I gotta have a game against you!
I’ll probably get pwned, but meh…

Comment by D-thunda

dude by changes does that mean updates everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????

Comment by ryguy

since when has miranda put on 40 lbs

Comment by ryguy

I just wanted to know what version of halo 3 everyone is getting.
which version are you getting 7th?
and what about everyone else?

a few minutes ago I preordered my legendary edition (#39/100 :P).

Comment by D-thunda

In the words of the great Borat… “Woaweoa!”. You have great sources! Although I am dissapointed that there was no word on the Drinol/Sharquoi in the Covenant Species page… I hope they are in Halo 3! Great work 7th Columnist.

Comment by Rico_117

remember the halo 1 manual it didnt say shizit about the flood then wham ur fighting them so the drinol still has a high possibiliy of being in the game

Comment by Grunty Thirst

lol, my science teacher does that ‘wowowoewo’ thing :P
what are drinnol (can’t remember :P)

Comment by D-thunda

Remember it’s not the entire manual guys, there’s weapons pages and character pages (not to mention a whole heap of other stuff) missing…

Also, is any one else having the same problem LostprophetVII’s having regarding paypal??
I’m trying to fix it… but i don’t seem to get the problem.

Changes means a lot more than just updates. ;)
Oh and D-thunda, I’m Legendary all the way.

Comment by 7th Columnist

notice how the information “leaked” is nothing we dont already know? i reckon it is another cleaver bit of bungie marketing. there are loads more player usable weapons, e.g. the brute mauler and hammer (only found out via the press), that bungie havent officially revealed and also isnt in the leaked manual.

Comment by triggerhappymole

oh, and im getting legendary

Comment by triggerhappymole

Miranda keyes looks really chubby on the characters page.. and there’s a lot of weapons missing. and i thought energy swords were gonna be dual-wieldable? in ‘Et Tu, Brute?’ you can see an Elite with two swords chopping a Brute’s legs off..

Comment by V Meister

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8KEHwlbHro on 2:55, u see what i’m talking about

Comment by V Meister

Believe it or not I barely glanced at these pictures. I think I’m going to impose a personal clamp down on Halo 3 information until Sept. 25.

I like the hype but I’m starting to wonder if there will be any surprises for me when I get to play it.

It’s going to be the game of the decade in my opinion.

Too bad Bungie waited so long to tell everyone that they weren’t including in-game Clan support. Now there is a story worth reporting on. I’ve been trying to bring attention to the debacle in my Blog. Check it out if you wish.

Comment by DEEP_NNN

I think forgeing is going to be its own gametype and I liked the controls of forgeing and the filming controls I’am going to forge alot to make the best map for the best gametypes like zombies or now called infection ,tower of power,and all of those other fun custom games that we liked.

Comment by Sid

To: DEEP_NNN, they said that Halo 3 wont support clans, but the Xbox 360 will. So even if you cant access your Halo 3 clan from the game, you can access it from the Dashboard. Didnt you hear about the Cow Herd thing?

Comment by Rico_117

So it really is Sgt. Johnson who gets kicked in the begining of the E3 Trailer.
I pre-ordered LEGENDARY.

Who thinks the Xbox 360 needs an Internet Browser so we can view sites like bungie.net and The 7th Columnist!

The Chatpad is coming so we could get a browser in the, I think Summer or Fall System update.

Comment by DEL360X

this is a crap load of bull. its FAKE. last time i checked, it was called the UNSC not the “USNC.” (weapons page)

Comment by cwhiterun

To: Rico
The Herd images were real but were also just Development examples of what the XBL API could do. Major Nelson said Game Developers could use that but Bungie has sadi no from their side.

Check out this blogcast with Major Nelson. Start at 46:21. He says no Clans, no XBL FL larger than 100 and no mention of additional lists. More management tools for the original list of 100.

Digg my Blog and maybe help a good cause. Can’t hurt.

Comment by DEEP_NNN

What happened to the Mawlar

Comment by spably

It’s real, but was put together a long time ago according to Frankie over at Gaming Age. Here he explains about the UNSC typo.

Comment by 7th Columnist

United Space Nations Command doesn’t seem right, lol

Comment by V Meister

This, if it is real, is a very old manual… we now know of many guns that do not appear on the weapons page including: Brute Mauler, Flamethrower, Gravity Hammer, Covenant removable plasma turret, Chain gun, missile pod, brute rifle isnt even in there

Comment by Sam

idiot. There are no brute rifles in H3. Only Spikers.

Comment by LUAN

the brute plasma rifle really??? thats news to me!

Comment by Sam

brute plasma rifle is out.
it’s been replaced by the spiker.
this manual is old, and the new one will likely be similar, but have lots more stuff in it.

Hmm, there seems to be more and more people here every day i come back…

Comment by D-thunda

Busted guys… I woke this morning to an email from Microsoft requesting all this stuff be removed from the site.

I’ve complied, as i really have no choice.

Still, if you’re after the pics of the manual, i’m sure a quick google search will sort you out, they’re just about everywhere online – thought sadly not here anymore. *sniff* *sniff*

Comment by 7th Columnist

dude are you serious :(

Comment by ryguy

Yeah, i’m serious.

It’s just the manual stuff though, so don’t panic. 7th Columnist will still be here as usual, with plenty more to come.

I guess we’re just getting noticed by the wrong peeps.

Comment by 7th Columnist

o i though you were shutting down altogether WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Comment by ryguy

what? man that sucks. good thing i already saved it on my pc haha lol.

Comment by x_kenney_x

few good i saved them too

Comment by Master Tricks

thats bull shit

Comment by nathan

Damn those damn dirty apes!
oh well, the manual was outdated anyway.

they aren’t going to shut down the site are they?!

Comment by D-thunda

No. 7th Columnist will continue. No harm done.

Updates after nap.

Comment by 7th Columnist

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