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Halo 3 Screenshot Blowout
August 22, 2007, 12:21 pm
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Keeping with the catch up, here’s a whole heap of new screens. Some not seen online until now, previously only available in print – and some sneaky images from the Epsilon.

So, first up is this new set of images released by WIRED.

Epitaph_Gravity Hammer
Last Resort_Elite
The Storm

If you haven’t read their article yet, do so now. It’s a fascinating look at Bungie’s development process.

Next up, we’ve a load of images that have found their way online (via 360WTF) from the internal Epsilon test currently taking place and to be honest, they’re just as exciting, even if they are a little lacking in the resolution department.


You can grab a zip of the lot, here.


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WOW.I think i peed a little…

Comment by Stinkles

is stupendsssss wauuuuuuuuuuuu beatifullllllllllllsssssss

Comment by thomas

the hunters are really shiny

Comment by ryguy


Comment by ryguy


Yeah, i thought that… but then i figured… it’s a 360 game, everythings shiny!

Comment by 7th Columnist

shiny is good ;) like the look of the Elite HUD too.

Comment by V Meister

here’s a cool quote from the article about that huge covenant plasma weapon:

As I peer over his shoulder at the computer screen, Tom Doyle prepares to show off his new gun. Holding an Xbox controller, he walks Master Chief over to a menacing, garbage-can-sized weapon and cradles it in both arms. Doyle spins the in-game camera around, so that we’re staring right down the barrel, and fires. A stream of white-blue plasma pours out. This is the Plasma Turret — a powerful alien weapon debuting in Halo 3 that can blast through your shield in about two seconds. Doyle designed it.

“A lot of the energy weapons in Halo 2 felt frail, like pyoo-pyoo-pyoo Buck Rogers lasers” he says. It made people not want to pick them up and use them. “This feels more deadly. You can almost feel the heat of the weapon, the ignited plasma beams.” He chuckles. “You know this thing is gonna kill.”

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

be careful 7th, you don’t wan microsoft coming back!
man, this stuff rocks

Comment by D-thunda

wow at first i thought that was a picture of a figurieen

Comment by tricat

god my head nearny exploeded when i first found out about all the new maps vehicles forge and halo’s campagin…. but now im able to process it


Comment by Bluegus

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Comment by Johnie Digiacinto

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