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Video of the Elephant
August 22, 2007, 10:32 am
Filed under: Beta, Gaming, Halo 3, Multiplayer, News

Down for a day and what happens? Loads of new material from the Halo 3 Epsilon makes its way on to the interwebs. Typical.

Anyhow, we’ve loads of stuff to cover so lets not waste anytime babbling. Here’s some shaky as hell video footage (minus sound) of the new Elephant – the giant indestructable moving base – from multiplayer map, Sandtrap.

It’s freaking huge! Seemingly sporting two machine gun turrets, several different levels of action and enough room to park a Scorpion inside.

Also, take note of the Gravity Hammer seen briefly in the video. We’re yet to see it in action, but it’s clear just by looking at the thing that it’s just one more reason to tremble during multiplayer.


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ya i saw this vid yesterday…i wonder if everyone who was invited got threatened to be banned or somthing i havent seen hardly any leaks aside from this and a few screen shots…weird oh well

Comment by chemicaltomb

elephant looks gr8 :)

Comment by V Meister


Comment by random asian guy

if u are going to risk putting this vid on the internet and possibly loose the epsilon for yourself give us a better video and make it worth it! lol

Comment by Sam

oh that is awesome!
I’m glad we finally got a leaked vid!

Comment by D-thunda

hey i found some cool stuff about the 4th halo 3 level.


Comment by D-thunda

big 8.

Comment by ION 360

Miss, i’m sorry i can’t give you the best comment about it… Because i’m not understand about CSS3 or Flash.. For me, your design with CSS3 is very intersting and funny.. Maybe after i’m practice, i know what i must comment about it…

Comment by smartphone

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