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The Hornet in action!
August 25, 2007, 1:28 pm
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We promised two new videos, so here we are with the second. Check out the footage below for a great look at one of Halo 3’s new vehicles… the Hornet.

The Hornet is a brand new UNSC flying vehicle that equals the sides in air based combat against the Covenant Banshee, and until now, has yet to be seen in action. With seating for three, a front-mounted machine gun and twin misisle launchers, this bad boy looks all set to tear up multiplayer games come September.

Yeah, that’s right… multiplayer games. Bungie have confirmed that the Hornet would be available in Campaign, but have been sheepish when commenting on it’s availability in multiplayer.

So there’s just one more reason to celebrate in this video… the whole thing has been filmed on the huge vehicular based multiplayer map, Sandtrap.

Thanks to D-Thunda for the heads up.



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hornet is a stupendis a video is magnific

Comment by thomas

was that i saved film bc everthing was in third person i know the hornet isnt first but the elite with the grav hammer was in 3rd

Comment by ryguy

yeah its saved film.

Comment by V Meister


Comment by jaysonfire99

yes jason we know, well……most of us know. looks cool too. the hornet will be my fav vehicle.

Comment by x_kenney_x

I think there adding to much stuff like the flame bomb and thrower its looking more like battlefeild to me but meh its still halo so ill still play it non top for the rest of my life.

Comment by tyler

Anyone thought about what that weapon is on his back when he’s waving that hammer about?

Looks like this could be our first glance of the Sentinel Beam.

Comment by 7th Columnist

youre right it dus look like the beam….i hadent noticed that untill u sed somthing. any how im sure glad u posted this the hornet was the new vehicle i was most excited about. finnaly somthing to get those covenant bastards from the air

Comment by chemicaltomb

what happened about the excavator

Comment by ryguy

It turned out to be the Brute Shotgun, the ‘Mauler’.

Comment by 7th Columnist

Your welcome 7th :)
I discovered this vid on the Bungie forums.
Many people were banned over it, but I got the link just in time.
There has been numerous speculation on whether the hornet will be able to carry people like in EGM. what does everyone else think?

Comment by D-thunda

Yeah it totally can. I promise you.

Comment by 7th Columnist

hehe. so many casualties from this vid…
I looked at the vid frame by frame (I downloaded a high-quality version) and it doesn’t look like the sentinel beam.

I think in multiplayer it shouldn’t be able to transport people. too many transport vehicles.
mongoose, transport hogh, elephant, possibly a flying transporter?

btw, 7th, when halo 3 comes out in a few weeks (2nd day of the holidays, oh yeah!) I must fight you online!
Do you accept?

Comment by D-thunda

hehe, I accept.

Comment by 7th Columnist

awesome. let me say, i will own you!

my gamertag is ‘D thunda’ so I’ll send you a friend request. btw, if you have gears, I’ll play you in that sometime.

now to go off on a tangent, I noticed you post fanart vids like mc sux at halo and spartanarena.
So I’m gonna give a few links to some of my fave vids.

1) This one is set after halo 3 and gears of war.
just watch to see. it’s pretty good.


2)My fave fan vid EVER. Haloid.


that’s an awesome vid.

3) for final fantasy 7 fans like me. Last order:ff7.

these are some of my faves, so anyone take a look and enjoy!

Comment by D-thunda

hey i wanna play too. d thunda and 7th. i wont have the game till october though. we should start humpdays on here a month after the release huh? think about it. every week we should get some people to play and write about it here.

Comment by x_kenney_x

hey, that’s not a bad idea!
tell me your gamertag and I’ll send you a friend request. we could have massive humpdays!
I like it, i like it a lot!
wbu 7th? what do you reckon?

Comment by D-thunda

I’ve been thinking about something like this for awhile now… definitely count me in.

Hmmmn… Does this mean we’ll be looking for more staff here at 7th Columnist soon? ;)

Comment by 7th Columnist

yes. yes it does!
yay, can I have my own column on the site?
lol, jk…or am I?

I found something cool.
NEW RvB EPISODES! some might have seen these, but I just found ’em.


yeah, I like the humpday idea. let’s start recruiting!



there, a good ol’ fashioned recruitment thingy.
maybe you could post something about it 7th?
but do a better recruitment speech. :P

Comment by D-thunda

I’ve some plans… leave it with me. Expect an official announcement soon.

Incidentally, does anyone out there wish we had a forum? Or do ya’ll prefer the comments here?

Comment by 7th Columnist

a forum would be good.
hmm, this humpday idea is good. I’m looking forward to it.
I sent you a friend request over live, so I can’t wait to be in a humpday.
anyone else wanting to be in a humpday, say so!

Comment by D-thunda

I’ve got another neat idea.
We could have people posting cool ideas for custom games in halo 3.

Plasma grenade baseball? It would work. and be awesome!

Comment by D-thunda

yea that sounds cool, having a humpday. id like to get in that. d-thunda ill send u a friend request.
same to u 7

Comment by spartanized

good man.
anyone wanting to know, my gamertag is ‘D thunda’ sans the quotes.
send 7 and I friend requests if you’re interested.

Comment by D-thunda

I’d like to get into the humpdays
My Gamertag is G1NJ4N1NJ4
I thought of the plasma grenade thing too with energy hammers.

Comment by G1NJ4N1NJ4

I’d like to get into the humpdays
My Gamertag is G1NJ4N1NJ4

Comment by G1NJ4N1NJ4

sorry bout the double post my comp is acting a bit wierd.

Comment by G1NJ4N1NJ4

include me but i dont have a 360 for another 6 weeks. i dont even have a gt. but as soon as i can i will tell you guys it. it will mostlikely be x_kenney_x or kenney727 lol. i’ll contribute when it comes out but lets wait a month after release. its up to you guys. oh and 7 if you make a forum, i call moderator lol. but idont have a 360 yet cause i need to wait for the grades to come up lol. i cant be grounded, and paly halo 3. sorry, ill get a gt and psot it or send it to you guys ASAP

Comment by x_kenney_x

i thought about it. the forums is like a hlao forums and an off topics forum. on off topics you can post your own vidsand stuff. have like four officers with you, for example like me d thunda and two people. could be set up like bunige’s site. maybe we’ll post new stuff we find, or coll montages. i always wondered about being a forums cop. i hope you can do this 7th. what do you say huh?

Comment by x_kenney_x

Still in production, and a LOT may change. But if you guys want somewhere to start, go here to our current ‘baby’ forums.

Might be easier to chat there. Consider yourselves beta testers.

Comment by 7th Columnist

ooh, can I be a forum moderator?
hmm, this humpday thing is really starting to blossom!

Comment by D-thunda

when did you make that site 7th?

Comment by x_kenney_x

yay, I’ve got the first few posts in the forum!

I’m gonna start a thread about cool custom game ideas, so check it out!

Comment by D-thunda

im going to start a thread on cool vids. take that d thunda!!! lol

Comment by x_kenney_x

hehe, fair enough.
You can find my custom games thread in feedback. (wasn’t sure where to put it.)

Spread the word!

Comment by D-thunda

I’ll be in on the humpday if you let me. If you do, be prepared to get owned like never before, maybe. We would just have to wait and see wouldn’t we.

Comment by Squirrel Jockey

count me in 2 dont be fooled by my gamer score when it comes to halo ill play for hours

gamer tag is “chemicaltomb”….tomb like tombstone not bomb everyone calls me bomb …lol

cant wait for halo 3 guys this is gonna be great.

about the vis are u sure that the the hand shot gun becouse the mauler is a duel weild weppon so wouldent it be on his leg if thats what it was?

Comment by chemicaltomb

bob saget luvs u 4 this. i have spoken with el hunters la luv u hornet leaker and 7th column man keep up el great site!

Comment by bob saget

just directing you guys to the forums.


Post the vid in there, cheers.

Comment by D-thunda

get people to visit those forums!
spread the word!

Comment by D-thunda

sign me up for the humpday :)
cept I dont have live! yet… don’t have the right games for it. till sept 26 (Europe)… Ill add D and 7 as soon as i get gold tho :)

looking forward to H3 more than ever…

Comment by V Meister

hey v meister dont forget me man, i came up with the idea. i make a thread on the humpday.

Comment by x_kenney_x

El Hunters have come to el side arbiter they shal help us beat ship out of brutes lolololololol

I have an idea a game called infection and it automaticcaly decides who is picked zombie first and they can run lil bit faster and jump lil bit higher and then he tries to kill everyone else with a swrod only and he can only use it its set in the gametype and everyone else is in same el mucha grande team! they can use any weapon but when they get killed they automatically change into a zombie and spread it some more just like zombis but a real gametype made by bungie and better!! ps that would be awesome if zombies were flood lololololol

hello i am senior bob saget lololololololol

Comment by senoir' bob saget

I wonder what happens on 50% gravity with the damage increase on the hammar

Comment by ION 360

i would join in on humpday when i get my dsl….

but anyway my gamertag is Spartan 079

ill see if my friend wants to join also

Comment by Savi0r 079

update this ship and click my name for more!

Comment by seinor bob saget

that vid and many others are up on the 7th columnist forums.
hey 7th, you need a link to the forums on this site.

Comment by D-thunda

I’m for 3 days and no update this figures

Comment by Master Tricks

I prefer comments

Comment by Master Tricks

Sorry guys, updates are coming… I promise.

I’ve just been a little caught up these past few days with a personal emergency.

I’ll be back very soon.

Comment by 7th Columnist

OH so sorry didn’t know

Comment by Master Tricks

DONT YOU DARE SAY SORRY 7TH!!! if it was an emergency i am a weenus face fuck you bob saget for being an asshole 7th is da best!!

Comment by senoir bob saget

yoooo theres a 7min video on youtube of the mission sierra 117. it looks amazing. everyone check it out

Comment by trippin

Count me in for Humpday and Staff!

Column Wars would be a good name for a Humpday.

Comment by DEL360X

Hey 7th, and D-thunda….I’d love to join staff/humpdays…ive been reading this site since before everyone thought diffrent armor was a rumor, i always believe you guys. Havent been wrong yet…anyways hit me up Pantherguy1000@aol.com or just ask for my Gamertag

Comment by Muskrat

yo im up for tha Humpday Battles. my gamer tag is Floppy58j… send me an friend request and i’ll play with u tha humpday after…unless u wanna have a midnight release battle…

Comment by Floppy

my gamertag is halofreak17 ill kill you at gears

Comment by will

yeah i want all of u to know that the thing on his back is probly the spartan laser, one hit kill if it hits, but it has to charge and dont hold the charge like the plasma pistol does, still if u see it hide, and i heard that only npcs get to dual wield swords, someone plz confirm this, i think if u do dual wield swords u should get to jump from one enemy to the other using one sword while the other reloads, so much fun with the noobs that would be!! ^-^

Comment by XXentiel

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Comment by 八度棋牌游戏

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