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Halo 3 goes into WTF mode
August 31, 2007, 4:56 pm
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Microsoft, Korea and a whole bunch of marketing what the fu…?

it continues…

Sure it’s funny, but for all the WRONG reasons.

This columnist has no words for what he’s just witnessed.


I’m out of action at the mo for a little while (don’t panic), but we kinda have some beta forums up and running… go take a look – it may help pass the time.


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Comment by distinguish

wow, ive seen the first one but the second one man…dude, fuck dinosaurs man, I would punch every dinosaur in the face!…and so he did

Comment by L Nixon


Comment by Master Tricks


Comment by squirrel jockey

this is sooooooo wrong!!

Comment by V Meister

thats funny, I feel sorry for that guy and other people who are paid to stand outside for hours. At lease he was lucky he did do it out side and also have fun doing it, plus I have never seen such a perfect master chef armor, or maybe he just about the right size for it.LOL

Comment by ION 360

The forums are great, and you won’t get banned for posting scans or anything like that either.

hmm, these vids are weird :P

Comment by D-thunda

It’s retarded, But I agree, That armor is soooo close to perfect.

Comment by Codeh

… erm……. wtf?…….. that is the weirdest $&%* i have ever seen

Comment by trigerhappymole


Comment by 1C3M4N

More like Flames off more then Flames Of lately.. Great site, just jabs,

Hope all is fine

Comment by Flames Off

21 days left!!!!

Comment by Master Tricks

i think this confirms that the phantom is drivable in multiplayer at least go to 00:57 on this vide and you can see it clear as bob saget there are also many other hints in the video but this is the best time to view it

Comment by bob saget

ummm no , that shot is from single player , if you look carefully you will see a marine in the warthog, sorry , but phantoms and pelicans are just too powerfull for multiplayer, they even announced that the hornet was too strong and will not be default on any maps , meaning it will never be in matchmaking

Comment by distinguish

NO, the phantom is in multiplayer look at the last page of July 17’s Gamepro it says “Valhalla is the perfect place to Sprout those Spartan wings”

Comment by Master Tricks

no distinguish look again! it has a symbol above that gunner which means multiplayer code thing i remember in the beta you could choose a 3 digit code like c7f or something so that proves its in multiplayer and when he is driving around in the elephant you can see one blown up on the left (pretty sure) plus the atmosphere is sandtrap

Comment by bob saget

look at 00:48 on the left it looks like a blown up phantom

Comment by bob saget

sorry Master Tricks…

I don’t want to disappoint you, but I think Gamepro’s caption was referring to the banshee getting blown up in the picture (a spartan, not an elite, is flying it I suppose). It’s probably for the better these things cannot be driven: Balance is the key! (Still it would be sweet).

Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

sorry look again, im right, i promise, look at exactly 1:02 you will see a marin in the passenger seat, its just coop, thats why there is 2 people with signatures over their head, and that prob is a downed phantom , but there is also a downed pelican on valhalla, soo that proves nothing

Comment by distinguish

yea looks like your right but it does look like its blown up at 00:48
where is the pelican on valhalla video? or pic? i want to see?

Comment by bob saget

19 more days lets just wait and see

Comment by Master Tricks

if you are on valhalla at the base that is beach side , looking out in front of the base, look to the left side in the middle of the field, its a blown up pelican , its where the power drainer was located in the beta

Comment by distinguish

oh i remember its part of the map so nevermind it doesn’t prove nothing definately being able to drive one because its a part of the map i thought you were talking about something else…. well anyways if anyone has more hopes for Pantom go to 00:48 on the left of this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=F2PTHVlTR7Y

Comment by bob saget

Hey guys, just a quick update.

Regular updates and info will resume on Monday. I’m away from home right now, but will back and about by then.

I’ve not left for good just yet. ;)

Comment by 7th Columnist

yes, it is a phantom, but its in campaign! i would love phantoms in multi , but it just isnt happenin

Comment by distinguish

hmm, 7th you really like to be cryptic don’t you?
Looking forward to the regular updates.

Are you just going to end this site for good then?

Comment by D-thunda

No, no, no, 7th Columnist won’t be going anywhere, if anything, the site’s just gonna get bigger and better.

We may be looking into hiring at some point too.

Comment by 7th Columnist

7th, some ones im personating me and Sniper Snider!!

Comment by Master Tricks

good to hear 7th who are you hiring, some friends?

Comment by x_kenney_x

hey 7th, i gotta question for you.
I’m looking into making my own machinima and was wondering if you’d be interested in helping me.
Glad to see you aren’t going anywhere, but must you be so cryptic?

Comment by D-thunda


I look forward to pwning you on sandtrap :P lol jk
seems like you’ve got some great plans, hopefully i’ll be able to give you a game of gears in the weekend. btw, in the forums i posted a video showing the sentinel beam in halo 3, so that’s just for any sentinel beam fans out there.

Comment by D-thunda

We Want An Update, Not A Little CupCake no offensse 7th i just thought something that rymed

Comment by Master Tricks

no one pwn 7th ha lol. no one but me XD lol jk

Comment by x_kenney_x

yo wtf mate why arent there any updates it hought u said this monday

Comment by ryguy

7th wat ever happened to the update

Comment by spartanized

for ur dishonesty i want 5 updates

Comment by ryguy

You Guys Need to Relax. Honestly are you that Obsessed?

Comment by Lupus


Comment by DEL360X

yeah i think he just died

Comment by trippin

12 more days (inm US)till halo 3 the best game ever!!

Comment by Master Tricks

he…. he he died!!??

Comment by Master Tricks

no he didn’t die

Comment by x_kenney_x

WTF indeed.

Comment by Max Merenda

theres been a whole lot of leaked videos from epsilon and none of them have been posted here. He’s dead…

Comment by trippin

if there’s tonnes of leaked videos of epsilon, chances are that they’re in the 7th columnist forums. If not, join up and post them.
Besides, there isn’t really much to say about halo 3 anymore. It’s only 11 days away anyway.

Comment by D-thunda

Even better than SpartanArena http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvanJYOGlus

Comment by Master Tricks

good gravy that’s r3t@rd3d

Comment by anthraxgoon

Right….. so a guy dressed up as Master Chief just punched a dinosaur?

Wtf is with foreign contries wierd advertising…. It is fun to watch though.

Comment by Rai

dude, wtf is this shit! damn japs…..

Comment by ryan

Hope You Get An Update Out This week

Comment by Lupus

an update before halo comes out would be great

Comment by Tupacalypse37

Right, I’m coming back. Sorry guys. There’s loads to be done.

Remember, it’s only me posting if you see the little Chief’s head.

Accept no imitations.

Comment by 7th Columnist

hey 7th get the isolation news yet? post it.

Comment by x_kenney_x

Also they have 2 pictures of infection on IGN

Comment by Lupus

yo cmon u said updates last monday

Comment by ryguy

hmm, you deleted the imitator then.
All the multiplayer maps have been revealed, as has the actual game ending. the game is almost here.

Comment by D-thunda

I’m aware of all the leaks, so much has happened. I’m guessing we’ve all seen most of it now. I’ll have a round-up shortly.

Everyone psyched? It’s only a matter of days now.

Comment by 7th Columnist

when r u gonna post it? i wanna c them before the end of the week.

Comment by Dr. Nas

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