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September 23, 2007, 11:53 pm
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So yeah, I’ve been quiet. I’m sorry. I’ve been in the middle of a whole bunch of stuff, some good and some bad – meaning I had to take a bit of a step back for a bit.

But it’s ok, I’m here now… so let’s get moving shall we?

Some of you may have heard about the slight Argos mishap that occured last week regarding a certain final chapter of our favourite series. Many fans benefited from the ordeal, grabbing copies of the game a whole week before release… and I was one of them. I’ve had a copy of Halo 3 now since Wednesday.

First up, it’s amazing. Like, the best game I’ve ever played kind of amazing… and has certainly contributed to my absence on here. But I’ve not just been playing non-stop, I wish… instead I’ve been getting a lot of media attention thanks to my purchase and have been whisked up to London twice to film a couple of TV spots, as well as sorting some special 7th Columnist treats for all of us come launch day. More on that soon.

Below is a clip from Gamer.tv that aired this morning here in the UK on Bravo.

And here, though rather more embarrassingly, is your beloved Mr.7 guesting on popular gaming show – The Hub (Internet Explorer is your friend).

Some may have spotted an article in the Sun national newspaper about the whole thing on saturday as well, which can be seen on their website. Oh, and reader DELX360 caught up with me yesterday to ask a few questions about the game, which I’ve splashed in the forum for all to see. Go take a look!

So it’s been a bit manic. But I’m back now… and just about every second I can spend away from the game I’ll spend on here. Promise.


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are there really like 20 armor permutations and they have to be unlocked

Comment by ryguy

hey ur names mike

Comment by trippin

hmm, I’ll have to watch these when I get back home in 2 days.
I’m on an amazing internet speed of 32 kbps at the moment.

Comment by D-thunda

Mike Nelson lol

Comment by Master Tricks #1

…errm… Oldman. Just say no to Nelson.

Comment by 7th Columnist

Hey you answered right away

Comment by Master Tricks #1

I’m back baby! For now… off to the Halo 3 premiere event at the Imax tomorrow. I’ll be sure to cover it on the site too.

Comment by 7th Columnist

sweet, gamer tv. they used to show it here in nz, but they replaced it with the cosby show. damn prime.
I’ve clocked the game and I loved every moment of it. hope to give you a game sometime online 7th.

Comment by D-thunda

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