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Halo 3 Terminal Locations
September 28, 2007, 3:20 pm
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Got the skills skulls? Then it’s time for terminals.

There are seven ‘Terminals’ scattered throughout the levels that hold information about the Forerunners and their battle to survive before firing the Halo rings the first time round. Access all of the terminals, and you’ll unlock the achievement “Marathon Man” for 40G.

Following on from our Skull location guide, here are the locations of all the terminals found in the game.

Terminals 1-3 are situated on level 6, ‘The Ark‘.

Terminal 1

The first time you go inside, you will see a door almost immediately on the left. Simply enter this area of the level to find the first of the seven terminals.

Terminal 2
When you go inside the structure to let the tanks across the bridge of light, there will be a Terminal almost directly behind the controls for the bridge.

Terminal 3
You’ll miss this terminal if you are not careful. After defeating the scarab, you will head into a large structure. There will be a room with several sleeping grunts. Nearly directly following this room is another room in which you can take two different directions. There is a door, and a staircase (both eventually lead to the next room).
Underneath the staircase is an additional door that leads to the 3rd terminal.

Terminals 4, 5, and 6 can be found on the 7th level, ‘The Covenant’.

Terminal 4
When you access the first Elevator leading to the tower controls, jump onto the platform to the left of the elevator control panel. The terminal is dead ahead.

Terminal 5
After getting a Hornet vehicle, fly towards tower 2 (the one that the Arbiter has already disabled). A voice will remind you that Tower 2 is already clear, just to confirm you are at the right place. The Terminal is just inside of the structure.

Terminal 6
Terminal 6 is identical to Terminal 4, only in the 3rd tower. Just jump to the platform, and there it is.

Terminal 7 can be found on the final level of the game, ‘Halo’.

Terminal 7
Terminal 7 is found at the beginning of the final level in Halo 3. To find it, simply head forward from the start of the level, until you encounter the area with a few structural beams going from one wall into another. At this point, turn right, and look for a beam separate from the rest. Follow this beam into a doorway. Cortana will ask you, “Where are you going?”. Turn left once inside, and the Terminal should be in full view.

Access them all and consider yourself ‘Marathon Man’.


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So are these only on legendary or what?

Comment by Marathon Man

These can be found on any difficulty setting, although I believe you must finish the level in order to gain the achievement for accessing all of them. Unlike the skulls where you can just quit out once you’ve found them.

Comment by 7th Columnist

I completed the campaign, and then went back to find the terminals. I accessed them all — no Achievement. I did it again, careful to watch them all the way through… still no Achievement!

But when I did it again a third time, I was careful to accesse them in exact chronological order — and then the Achievement unlocked after accessing terminal 7 on the last level.

It isn’t necessary to start at the beginning of the level, nor to complete the level… just to grab them in order, apparently.

Comment by Mecandes

Did all 7 on easy co-op and completed all 3 boardsd when I got ’em, did not give me the achievement :( Any ideas?

Comment by Jeffro

there’s been a lot of problems with the marathon man achievement.

Comment by D-thunda

yeah it hasn’t worked for me either. Im gonna try doing them in order and finishing the level and hopefuly it will work out

Comment by stormtrooper092

i did it too finished te levels just skipped lvl 8
dont have it

Comment by Artiq Knight

The way the part about terminal 4 is worded got a little confusing. Having it read “jump onto the platform to the left of the elevator control panel.” would be an easier way of wording it and knowing everyone will know what you’re talking about.

Other than that good write up. Thanks.

Comment by Dex Luther

Has anyone read all of the test associated with Terminals. I think there is a bigger secret…

First, there are two sets of information at each terminal. The first set becomes corrupted after about 10 seconds of reading, but if you exit before it becomes fully corrupted, you can start over again and finish reading everything in 3 or 4 tries.

Once you wait long enough, the first set becomes coprrupted, but if you watch closely, there is even more information within the resulting error message.

Finally, the background will begin rushing past for a little bit. If you wait, a second set of information will appear that seems to be some type of ongoing communication between a few forerunners. You need to hit the A/X buttons to cycle forward / backward between pages.

Unlike the first 6 terminals, the 7th terminal has one final bit of information beyond the last “page”. Something to the effect of:


Anyone know what this is?

Comment by Joshua

I think it might mean Sargent Johnsone (sp)

Because when Truth is about to activate the rigns with JOhnsone he says that Johnsone was weak and therefore left behind…

Comment by Martin

yea I think the conversations include the Arbiter and Guilty spark, plus others that I have no idea about!

Comment by Solar

Guess what… its about Halo: REACH

Comment by Richard

No its not reach happened before Halo: Combat Evolved

Comment by ......

if you come back and do it on legendary it explains why there is a path to follow in the warthog

Comment by Ellimist


I believe you can go to halo.wikia.org and look up what the terminal entries say, but it’s basically like this.

On Easy and Normal it tells the same parts all the way through. On heroic some of the terminals will give you different entries.

On legendary, each terminal will not be the forerunner story, but the story of Mendicant Bias, the AI that betrayed the forerunners and joined the Gravemind. At the last terminal, if you play it on legendary, he basically states that he wants you to correct his wrong, and that he wants to atone; though he knows he never can.

That’s the gist of it, anyway.

Comment by sexyb*tchofaguy

actually i think on the last terminal that message is left by spark. mendicant bias dosent even know the master cheif but the message couldnt be clearer that its directly referring to the cheif

Comment by matthew

there are small voice clips as it switched screens while you are accessing the terminals, the voice is played backwards, does anyone know what its saying?

Comment by Tsuki

I just did it in order, even though I already found 2 prior to this, and i quit after i found it and got nothing. Do you have to read it all the way through to get it? I know it times out after so long, and I didn’t get through them all, I actually tried to read it. So I didn’t get achievement for it, so could someone tell me if you have to go through all the reading before it cuts you off, or if you have to finish the levels for it to count.

Comment by Lazarusmac

do you have to access them starting from the beginning or can you just skip thru missions after you acces them?! plz help! thanks in advance!!!

Comment by ninjagrrl82

Hay if anyone has gotten the achievment can you tell me if u have to rwait till the thing shutss off it self or what cus iv beaten the game on legendary gotten all skulls including the WHBYD skull

Comment by matt

i have found that you have to do it in chronological order and if you do it on co-op you must be player one ps not sure if the secret terminal on Cortana affects the achievment but i got it anyway

Comment by Ellimist

gammertag: Lord of Walmart

Comment by matt

i went though all the terminals once but never got the achievment, then i read somewhere that you have to wait till the virus(text goes into symbols + turns red) comes then you get it.. so then i did it and it worked. so if your having problems try that way.. im pretty sure there isnt any order because i did #7 then #4 and then #1 and so on

Comment by Greg

-They can be done on any difficulty, although the final terminal will contain more information if accessed on Legendary.

-You must stick around in each terminal long enough for it to be “hacked,” and display a second message set before it counts as being accessed.

-Once a Terminal is “hacked” and transfered, you will not be able to view it’s orginial message without restarting the level. A good way to tell if you’ve “Accessed it.”

-To view the whole of the first, pre-hack message, simply back out of the terminal (B) when is starts going haywire, then re-access. Or go all the way to the end before the hack, and check read it in the Saved Film.

Comment by SinisterSamurai

For the 7th terminal, if you have the IWHBYD skull enabled and are on legendary, you will NOT receive the message from the machine saying “NO.. THERE IS MORE.. BUT YOU ARE NOT YET WORTHY”. Instead you will recieve a message that seems to be pointed at the master cheif, about attonment and how he (unkown who he is) will prove himself to his former masters using you as an example. Guilty Spark maybe?

Comment by Cap

the He is the forerunner AI that betrays the forrunners Mediant Bias or some such

Comment by Ellimist

you don’t even need to have the IWHBYD skull on. It just needs to be on Legendary.

And, my god, it’s Mendicant Bias. Y’all know nothing about halo, I swear to god.

Everyone, go to halo.wikia.org right now and learn something instead of spouting idiotic nonsense.

Fuck that go to school and get an ejumacation.

Comment by sexyb*tchofaguy

You don’t need the IWHBYD skull active for that – simply read the tereminal on Legendary.

Comment by Bob

I have all 13 skulls

Comment by Lupus

Anyone else get the message between 04-343 which is moniter of Installation 04- 343 Guilty Spark? And yeah, I got the thing towards the Master Chief..

Comment by Jordonferri

And does anyone know if you can skip level 8 and just go to 9 to get the last terminal? I’ve found all these stupid terminals yet I don’t have any achievment. Also, my Security shoulders are bugged… anyone else?

Comment by Jordonferri

yea they r no longer useful cuz of sparks showing of his true colors u cant use auto turrets after u fight him so yea

Comment by DarkAngel

100% conformed, there is no order and you don’t have to finish the mission, but you DO have to let each one get ‘hacked’, just like they were saying

Comment by James Gallagher

Woot just done them.

Never did them in the correct order as i had the last two from the first time i did the game.
Make sure you watch after the error message… Otherwise it doesn’t count.

Comment by Most40

I have now done this 5 times, in order. I wait for all of them to corrupt and I’ve see the “there is more, but you are not ready” message. What am I doing wrong?

Comment by Ubel

I just received the achievement.
I got them in order, from 1-7.
I played each level from the beginning.
I skipped the ‘cortana’ level.
I pressed RB to access the terminals.
I waited a few moments for it to become red and ‘hacked’.
I played through the levels all on easy difficulty.

Hopefully this helps anyone still trying to unlock the Marathon Man Achievement.

Comment by Condemned

I got all the skulls i finished the game on legendary and i got all the terminals when i was doing the game but i didnt no u had to wait till it gets corrupt lol and now im doing it with my friend coz he had 2 do it again too and he said all u gotta do is wait for the corrupt message thing then wait till it searches for another page then just keep tapping A untill u get a red arrow head thingy in the bottum left hand corner and then u can just go to the end of the level. he said u gotta go and finish it is that true?

Comment by OG Australia

Guys, you have to read them fully and complete the level like the man said below. Once you see the red arrow on the bottom left screen, you know your done reading it. I still have to complete the last level for the last terminal. I’m 100% sure it will work. If you look it up on youtube this guy says to wait till you see the achievement for everyone. Dont believe him its just like when you recieve the silver skulls, it doesn’t state you have retrieved them until you enter the database. Since this terminal thing is a virgin, there’s no database for it. If you need help thats my gamertag: PinellasPirate

So you know I haven’t completed it yet but thats all legit information.

Comment by PinellasPirate

By unlocking all skulls and locating/viewing all terminals do you unlock the ninja sword on back of Hayabusa armor cuz this guy Ricehero2o9 has the ninja sword but has not met the so called 1000 Halo 3 gamerscore (unlock all achievments)requirement because wouldnt that be an achievement in it self so does Marathon Man plus all skulls give you sword on back?

Comment by Fight til u dye (gamertag)

no clue

Comment by DarkAngel

ok just got em all when u get the last terminal it will show marathon man achievement

Comment by DarkAngel

I got the achievement. I went through 2-7 figuring I already had accessed correctly the first one. Once I accessed 2-7 correctly and didn’t receive the achievement I went back and accessed the first one and once accessed correctly I received the achievement.

YOU do not have to finish the level. You do not have to start at the begining.

I played on Normal Difficulty.

Comment by ZoneOne

all you have to do is wait until all the terminals say end transmission or fragment ends if you dont see this do not exit terminal also you do not have to finish the level and you do not have to play levels without terminals in them i got this achievement first try

Comment by atti182

Yeah i did it but my achevements all went wrong and i hat to turn my xbox off :( got to do it again

Comment by NeverFound

i did this thing 4 times til i figured out what you have to do. doesn’t matter what order, you don’t have to finish the mission, all you do once you hold rb to access the terminal is just push the a button til you can’t go any further. then wait. the background will turn red and after about 3 seconds the background will move then there will be another log. push the a button til you get to the end of that log. then you’ve gained that terminal.

Comment by mitchbloodgreen

In order to get the achievement all you have to do is locate all of them, but not in exact order. The only way to be certain you have checked the terminal, is to open the message, let it be hacked, then wait for the secret messages after about 10sec then leave. You do not have to finish the level and you can start from any point in the levels.

Comment by Dawsyndrome

Anyone wanna do the terminals with me tomorrow? Gamertag = VitalSuitOnline
(I don’t mind getting the first 3 in the Ark, as long as i get the achievement :D)

Comment by VitalSuitOnline

Also for the people asking about the sword on the back of the hayabusa armor,YOU MUST GET EVERY SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT IN HALO 3 FOR THE SWORD!

Comment by VitalSuitOnline

it might have been said already but you need to wait for the red light ande the beeping to come and go away and scroll through the rest in order for the terminal to work towardds the achievement

Comment by jo

ok, i just accesed the first terminal on Ark, the veryu first one… and i didnt get the whole RED BACKGROUND stuff.. all i got was END OF FRAGMENT… is it ok? because all ive read says that you have to get the red background. but it doesnt turn red. it happened on the first terminal

Comment by M@ster

access the terminal, keep pressing ‘A’ until it no longer changes the page, then wait.
eventually the screen will go red and you can cycle through some more pages. once the ‘A’ button does nothing, press ‘B’ to exit the terminal.

Comment by D-thunda

i swear i keep pressing A and nothing happens… its weird!!

Comment by M@ster

Ok i just played all the terminal levels, accesed all terminals in red hacking screen, kept tapping A then pressed B, when i got to the 7th terminal, i had no acheivement, then i was reading this site for 5 mins, i looked at my gamercard and relised i had unlocked it, i rekon there are some bugs in this acheievment because it took around 5 mins for it to unlock. Hope this helps, the main thing is that you read ALL the text by pressing A after the RED screen appears.

Comment by Magnum Sniper X

OK, I did everything mentioned. I played through with my friend on splitscreen coop, made sure I accessed the terminals, waited for red screen, then pressed A until i couldn’t go any further, then B’d out. I Even got the terminals in order but didnt finish the level. Then, I get to lucky number seven, SO ACHIEVEMENT!! they could have made the achievement a little easier. And steppin razor

Comment by DFARCE

Help! i can tunderstand what the terminals r 4! i got them, but each time i tri to read em, mi screen flashes red and the words will dissapear!

Comment by Chris

Accessed them all, went all the way to the end with each terminal and still havent got the achievement… I’m doing something wrong….. what? i even did it in the right order…..

Comment by Kindawkward

ok i think i figured it out….. accessing the last (7th terminal) with IWHBYD skull on prohibits you from getting the achievement….

Comment by Kindawkward

Is there any where that you can see which terminals you have accessed correctly? I have accessed all of them but apparently backed out early on some of them.

Comment by Spidey2222

the first time i tried getting them all i didnt get the achievement because i did it in which ever order. But then i tried a second time doing them in order without ending the level after getting the ones in that level. Plus when you access the terminal you have to wait for the terminal to go red and send you to a section with a different reading, do this with all of them and you will get it.

Comment by Bullets Chase

Right, to ‘access’ the terminals, you need to press RB. Then you wait for the first ‘post’,’message’ or ‘report’ to display, you then need to continuously press A to skip through to the end, you then need to wait for the Terminal to corrupt. Then you need wait again, for the second report to appear, you need to skip to the end of that. You have then ‘Accessed’ Terminal.
Do this to ALL of the Terminals and your 40 GamerScore better off.

Comment by Saraphite

i found it very hard to start with and im an adult how do the kids manage it. all the messages everyone has left and this web site was very helpfull. thank you all.

Comment by CHILT UK

good luck to every one and all the best.

Comment by CHILT UK

cant be done on easy any other diff.

Comment by lex

SWEET!!! dnt have 2 do it in order i started off getting the one on halo and then the Ark and so on and still got it so i guess im lucky

Comment by CPLBlackwind

right guys, i have recieved this achievement twice, once for me and another time for my friend. firstly, both times i had the meta-skulls disabled and just played through on campaign on my own, once on normal and another on easy

i got them first by playing through the entire game on normal, getting them in order and making sure that i read everything on the terminal

the second time, my friend had already completed the game so i just jumped to the appropriate levels and hacked the terminals as above…ensuring that i read them all again because ive heard of a lot of people having problems with this achievement and i didnt want to make any mistakes

il also add, on terminals 4 and 6, you must jump across to the platform before you activate the elevator (just in case you misread the instructions above like my friend did)

if anyone needs any help then contact me on live, my gt is PARK3RFR3SH

Comment by PARK3RFR3SH

also, forgot to mention…. the second time was on easy and i did not get them in the correct order, the achievement came as soon as the last terminal was hacked (just after changing from the unreadable red code to the yellow messages)

hope this has helped :)

Comment by PARK3RFR3SH

Terminal 8 – The Cortana Terminal

The Eighth Terminal can be found on the level, “Cortana”, and is located on the basement floor of the room with the “Tilt Skull” in it. At the very bottom of this room, there is a Gravity Hammer leaning against a stand. This stand is a Terminal (although it does not look like the other terminals in the game, it simply looks like a pedestal of light).

Upon accessing it, Cortana will take over your HUD with a brief message, which is a reference to the Novel “The Fall of Reach”, according to Avateur over at ABO.

Comment by That Guy.

If anyone needs anymore help I have more detailed instructions here about the Marathon Man achievement :)

Comment by 2old2pwn

Do you have to finish the level?

Comment by patrix


Comment by SprtnGnrl117

Here’s the facts:

– You can access the terminals IN ANY ORDER
– You can access the terminals FROM ANY CHAPTER
– You do NOT have to finish the level, you CAN quit after reading the terminal
– You MUST wait until the second message appears AFTER the first is corrupt. AFTER it shows up, you CAN EXIT the terminal.

I got the achievement by using the starting points in mid-level, and exiting after I read them. You will receive the achievement as soon as the secondary message appears on your last terminal, meaning you don’t have to flip through every page of the secondary message in the terminals.

Hope that clarifies everything. Happy hunting.

Comment by Daedalus BC304

I say again, the important thing to remember is that you MUST WAIT until the secondary message appears or else you will NOT get credit for accessing the terminal.

Obviously the 7th terminal has no secondary message so that does not apply IN THAT CASE. I thought I’d throw that out there for those people that aren’t that bright.

Comment by Daedalus BC304

It would be good If It was In video

Comment by brian o'leary

i need help iv tried it 5 times iv waited arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
it a jar.

Comment by frank

there is an 8th terminal in the cortana level, it’s in the room where the tilt skull is located. there is a grav hammer in that room leaning against a pedestal of sorts. that thing it’s leaning against is a terminal although it doesnt look like any of the other terminals, you can access it like the others.

Comment by cal

For those of you wondering about the content of the terminals, like who was talking to Master chief in the final terminal and who all the different people were, go to Halopedia’s section on the terminals…

LINK: http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Terminals

It has the transcript of all the terminals and all the known hidden messages. Its about 15 or so pages of reading but is very very interesting and i’m very glad I read it. I know a ton more about what happened to the forerunners although I’m still piecing somethings together. But yeah, it’s a definate read.

Comment by MajorMidget55

Here is a quick sum up of the achievement just got it
-no order require
-can be done on ANY difficulty (even easy!)
Can start from checkpoints and don’t have to finish level
-have to flip through whole message wait until it goes red then flip through rest of message

Comment by Some Halo Guy

ok guys its real simple… just got it. as the above poster mentioned …..

on any dificulty, and no need to finish the level, but make sure you wait till it goes red and then starts displayin another set of messages….

if you are patient enough wait till you read “Fragment end” at the bottom of last message on all terminals….

come on now… go get it.

Comment by sihav

forgot to mention…..

you dont need to do that in order…

is you think you did the last terminals better then start doing it from the begginin or if you think you did the first ones better(i mean if you waited till it turned red) then start from the last….

i started from the first one and got the achievment by terminal 5 which is located on the second tower on level The covenant- rally point Alpha…

Comment by sihav

ok first of all i used easy difficulty to rush
second, i started games from check points
I basicully went about collecting the terminals in random order occasionally when we my freinds and i stumbled across them. when i acsessed the last terminal i had the IWHBYD skull on which i think messes it all up. I did not get the acheiment then untill i redun that terminal on my own without any skulls on and then done the first skull again.

*i did it on easy
*only when i re done the first terminal did i cycle through it with a, the rest i waited for it to be hacked.
*i did it alot with freinds
*The Iwhbyd skull potentially messes the terminals up i would’nt recomend it beeing on
i hope you enjoyed the advice any questions please ask

Comment by lee slayer

Do you got to start from the very beginning and get them all in order at the same time??

plz reply to my email

Comment by Draydawg

Comment by xALPHAxELITEx


Comment by xALPHAxELITEx

I just confirmed that they do not have to be done in order. I got the first and last one, then saw they had to be done in order, so when back and got the first 6 in order and unlocked the achienvement before getting the 7th.

Comment by Dex Luther

i have confermend the easyist way to get them doing as little as possible.

1. you do not have to do them in order
2. you do not have to finish the level
3. you can do it on easy
4. and you MUST wait till it finishes being hacked

Comment by morphisblob

ohh and i did not have any skulls on when i went through

Comment by morphisblob

100% Confirmed by Myself-
-DO NOT have to finish level
-DO NOT have to complete in order
-Do NEED to let them get hacked and go to next article

-If you get the last one yet no achievment I recommend flipping easy on and doing the Covenant level over and getting them all (it takes like 15 minutes). It is really fast and is a lot better than doing the god forbidden ark again.

Comment by Ck

There are 8 Terminals

Comment by Logan

there is one on the level cortana

Comment by Logan

OK It took me like 5 tries but i finally got the Marathon Man Achievement. I did it on NORMAL and DID THEM IN ORDER and i DID NOT start from the beginning of the level and I DID NOT finish the levels. hope that helps somebody.

Comment by BigRob1989

There is an 8th terminal on the Cortana Level, Underneath the area you are on when she says “Do you like to play games? Me Too” but it looks like a pillar of light with a gravity hammer leaning on it.

And you have to finish the level you access the terminals on to get the achievement..

Comment by MiniMayo

OH and there is a Little clip too…

Comment by MiniMayo

little clip where?

Comment by Logan

ur gay ricky Cia

Comment by Ricky

yea but vitaliy is worst

Comment by italiy

arrrrrgggghhhh!!!!! this is my last achievement for the sword, and i cant f’ing get it! Terminal 5 is being slightly gay! i access it, wait for a while, and keep waiting, but no hack! Ill put down what it says in case anyone can confirm what is happening:
I kill you all and i enjoy it.
i destroy you in your indolent billions – in your gluttony, in your self – righteousness, in your arrogance.
I pound your cities into dust; turn back the clock on your civilizations progress. What has taken millenia to achieve i erase in seconds.

Welcome back to the stone age vermin. Welcome home.

[Retf-2.4.z] Contender [AI] 05-032
confirmed rampant . . .
[35:52:75:23.64] _ xx01-83.244.53

Btw guys in case you were wondering, Contender 05-032 is the Monitor of installation 05.

Comment by KJ

To get the achievement you must first access the seventh terminal found on the ninth mission: Halo

Then go onto the sixth mission: The Ark after completing the previous mission and access the first, second and third terminals in numerical order.

Then go onto mission seventh: The Covenant and access the forth, fifth and sixth terminal in numerical order.

When done you may choose to go onto the eighth mission and access the eighth terminal or replay the ninth mission and access the seventh again to be awarded the achievement.

You MUST finish all the levels
You MUST do this on Normal, Hero or Legendary difficulty
You MUST do it in co-op 2 player minimum
to get the achievement!

Comment by Halo 3 Designer

there really no point to do 8th terminal.

Comment by Master Chief

Actully You Have To Get The 8th One, or You Wount Get It, And Dont Make The Mistake For Going to the 8th terminal, then 7th one on halo. go to Halo, Then Go To Cortina, And Access 8th Terminal. If It Still Doesnt Work, Finish Each Level while Doing the terminals ON NORMAL OR HIGHER. If It Still Doesnt Work Then Your Life Sucks And god hates you.

Comment by BarbaricNoob

what does marathon man actually mean?
like do you get some special pieces for multiplayer?

Comment by Richard

no you do mnot have to get the 8th one.
just do the 7 terminals in any order on any diificulty and start and finish where you want.

but above all do not have the IWHBYD skull On.

Comment by lee slayer

I did them on easy (just to run through the levels quickly), didn’t finish the levels, but did access them in order. I noticed that after the red message, if you wait ~20 seconds, it will bring up another message. All of which are titles Fragment x/7. #5 is the only one that does not have the “fragment” title. This got me the achievement. The key is to wait that ~20 seconds after the red hacked message.

Comment by Alpine

there is an 8th terminal in the “cortona” level but it doesn’t go toward the marathan man achievement

Comment by Mike

The 5th terminal isnt there whenever I play. I have found all of them except for that one. Think its some kinda glitch. Anybody else?

Comment by leighton

Ok, I confirmed marathon man, I made several profiles on my 360 and tested all the theories.
A. you have to let the terminal turn red and change over to the other message.
B. If you have any skulls on or the scoring enabled you will not be given credit for the terminals.
C. you do not have to complete the level, and you can start at check points.
D. you can be in any difficulty including easy.
E. you can get them in any order.
F. If in multi-player all players must be at the terminal in order to activate it.

Comment by BizzaroFett


the bigger secret containing to the all the access terminals and bungie returning to their game marathon, all has to do with halo.
halo is not over.
its gonna roll into marathon…my reason is because i have played marathon and it is on a awkward planet that is mechanical and stuff.
and at the end of halo 3, if u beat it on legendary…the secret ending, master chief is sleeping with cortana along side him, and the ship is heading to a planet that is mechanical and a borge type planet.
and the access terminal that says, NO…there is more, but you are not yet worthy, is because halo is not over.

its gonna continue into bungies game halo…
this is unconclusive data…but efficient.
halo started from marathon, thats a fact.
bungie is returning to marathon…thats a fact..
halo is gonna be marathon, thats the secret…

you are welcome.

contact me about my information.


Comment by heath

yeah bungie posted a whole thing about this on Bungie.net, i think you have to acces the terminals until the thing goes red to get the achievement

Comment by Honchy

I unlocked the achievement after doing them (in order, but I don’t think it’s necessary to, according to Bungie’s latest release: http://blog.wired.com/games/2007/10/bungie-clarifie.html )
I used to love the original Marathon and marathon 2 and infinity, being a lifelong mac-user, and I really appreciate them including this part of the story in the game. I accessed them on heroic, but I think you can do easy or legendary too. I’m curious to know a little more about the story now, and might read some of it.
Happy hunting to all of you, and I’m off to find the 8th terminal!

Comment by Chayelim

Not easy just normal and up

Comment by Evilpro

yeah i got all the terminals but i dont think i did them in order but ive gotten them each a couple of times

Comment by erik

To get the marathon man achievement you must access all the terminals on the same difficulty. You cannot access one on normal and another on heroic. They all have to be accessed on the same difficulty. Thats what stopped me from getting the achievement.

Comment by John

You don’t have to finish the levels or get them in order to get the achievement. As soon as you look at the last terminal that you need you get the achievement.

Comment by Dan Miller

I accessed them on different difficulties and hand no problem getting the achievement

Comment by Dan Miller

marathon man achievement is weird i played the campaign about 4 times played level 7 then level 9 today i played level 6 not in order and it told me i accomplished it out of order did not finish level you just have to access the terminal for like 40 seconds to complete each terminal the screen will turn red and go crazy have fun

Comment by onefinnyboy

Try doing them all in one session. I think thats why its called ‘Marathon Man’. I had difficulties and couldn’t get it but then did it all in one session on normal didn’t finish lvls. Did do it in order, but i think the key is to wait for the terminal to finish and get them all in one session. Your welcome.

Comment by me

To get the achevment no order is required how ever you need to wait untill the terminal goes scrabled the you have acssed it.

Comment by SuperPITT BULL

ugh ahh gd old halo ive got all the offline acheivments apart from marathon man but with the help of all u guys im goina get it tomoz

p.s did any 1 else think that “we’re in for some chop” acheivment was annoying to say the least ?

Comment by vinny

yo this website is so PIMPIN thanks 2 the people who made it cause i have found all terminals!!!

Comment by Polar Pimp

were all ChEaTeRs!!!!

Comment by Polar Pimp

damn man

Comment by Polar Pimp

polar pimp one comment!!

Comment by Master Tricks #1

Thanks fellows for all the good info you guys are great godbless.

Comment by B randon

1) You can get them in any order.
2) You can get them on any difficulty(including easy).
3) You don’t need to finish the level(you can save and quit after getting the needed terminals).
4) You DO need to sit through the whole thing. The first time I did this I messed it up. First the screen comes up with text in yellow(sometimes several pages) then the screen goes red and the text garbles out. keep waiting. Then there is a blue tunneling screen that goes on for 10 seconds or so followed by more text. Once you get to this 2nd set up text you have gotten the terminal.

If you do it on easy and literally just run, not killing anything you can do it pretty quickly.

Comment by James

There is a terminal on the 8 level “cortana”. Its a glowing circle on the floor near the middle of the level. Not shure if you need it tho to unlock marathon man.

Comment by josh

terminals can be done on any difficulty. you don’t have to finish the level, but u must watch them to the point where they turn red. i would watch it to the point where they say “fragment ends” for good measure. THEY MUST BE DONE IN ORDER FROM BEGINNING TO END. I did it in a different order and it DID NOT WORK. when i went 1234567 it worked perfectly. DoOmSaYeTh is my gamertag if u have any Q’s

Comment by DoOmSaYeth

yeah you have to finish the level cause i have just finished it but didnt finish the level just quit and went on with the next one.
i got to the last one and it said “so how many of these have you found?”

Comment by burnout

Well i didnt get and acheivement and i just finished them, but then ive been looking around to see if i was accsessing them right and it turns out theres an 8TH terminal, but it also says u dont need to get it for the acheivment. But it is right under the room where the skull is on the level cortana, it has a grav hammer beside it and looks like a weapon holder but is an teminal actually.

Comment by The Finder

just completed did not complete all levels after acessing did not complete in order

Comment by ross

ok guy i got it all you have to do is get to the terminal wait till the thing gose red and read teh msg that comes afyer thet for every single terminal i did it on normal an you do not have to do it in order and do not have to finish the mission

Comment by David

what button on the controler do you press to activate a terminal when you find one.

Comment by Nick

you go up to it and press RB like with a weapon or vehicle if i remember correctly… remember to watch to the end and if you do them in order on legendary the second to last one recounts a detailed and gripping battle- and the last one has a different message than on lower “unworthy” difficulties.

Comment by maccie05

Okay so here it is.
1.Any difficulty
2.Any order.
3.You MUST WAIT for the Red words on the terminal to come and go before exiting the terminal!
4.I started from the beginnings of the levels and on easy, why not? You can almost run through without firing a shot!

Comment by jwill

Yeah it doesnt matter how, when where or whatever. Just watch the whole thing and dont skip the red stuff! ANY ORDER!!!!

Comment by BigBrotherDoom

All the terminals are different on different difficulties

Comment by BigBrotherDoom

Could Master Chief possibly be the main character from Marthon?
Then he goes back in time…

Comment by DEL360X

Theres a possibility this isn’t the last time we hear from master Chief or the halo universe i mean think about it if you have watched the video after the credits then you know the chief is still alive just because this is the last game in the halo tilogy doesnt mean there wont be another problem that the chief has to deal with

Comment by Chaosleader0

I’m pretty sure this has been said to death, but ORDER DOES MATTER. Here’s how I got the achievement, and I didn’t get it by just getting all in any order. Trust me, I tried.

I started mission 6 “The Ark” on Easy. I got terminal one near the beginning, the second just before the Scarab fight, and the third just after the Scarab.

I started mission 7 “The Covenant” on Easy. I found the first in the first tower, second in the second, third in the third in that order (though I don’t think it’s possible to do it any other way). If order didn’t matter, I should have gotten the achievement just after getting the second terminal on mission 7. That was the only one I had missed beforehand.

I skipped mission 8 “Cortana.”

I started mission 9 “Halo” on Easy. I found the terminal by going up the path and taking the path back, like the above guide says. After accessing that terminal and and waiting for it to be decrypted (like I did with EVERY OTHER terminal), I got the achievement. I did not need to finish the mission.

Comment by Dysalot

I’ve gotten the acheivement and im going to make this as clear as possible…
I started on the ark and got the 3 terminals: now to get the terminals what you do is access them and press a until you cant anymore then WAIT until the screen goes red and starts moving around… after that another set of readings should come up press a until you cant anymore then press b to exit the terminal and thats that.

then i finished the level

did the same thing for the 3 terminals on the next level….
then i finished that level

lastly i did it for the last terminal on halo and then the achievement was unlocked for me and i quit

whether or not you truly have to finish the level i dont know but better safe than sorry

hope that clears it up

Comment by AntJemima55

i started with 4-6 then 1-3 then 7 and i did not finish the level and i got the achievement marathon man wit no problem so i dont what ur ppls problem is!

Comment by XxSpArTaNs17xX

there is an 8th terminal

Comment by sunny

there is no eighth terminal you douch bag there are only 7 if you don’t believe me than fuck you dude fuck you!!!!!!!!

Comment by lordz of halo king

make sure that when you access the terminal you wait until the message says //fragment ends.//
if you leave before hand you wont get them. on all of the terminals, there will be a section of the message where the terminal doesnt change. wait until it is over…it will change.

Comment by mike

umm, there is an 8th, in fact the last terminal is not the 7th its the 8th
i found the 7th terminal in the level cortana where all the flood are..
its not that hard to find, but in one of the main chambers theres a little path were u can go below it, it doesnt look like a terminal, but it says press RB to activate terminal…so…i’m guessing its a terminal.
but there is no requirement to activate this for the achivment

Comment by Michael

Ok so in order to get this acheivement you must let every terminal run its course, the dead give away that you have accesed a terminal is once you’ve seen the small green arrow pointing upward (bottom left area of your screen)turn red and point left, you can do the terminals in any order and you can quit and change rally points as you feel.

Comment by Blake

i am on the Halo level and i cant find it where is it?? i tried doing what it says and i still cant find it where is it???

Comment by Rick

never mind i founf that last one its in the cave right before you jump down its on ur right and crime a hill :) its where that beam u jump in in halo thats ur hint if anyone has not found it yet

Comment by Rick

heck yeah i had to play the ark so many times dor different things and now i just did it 4 this and no achievment !!!!!!!!!!

Comment by chrisbreezy2

there is a 8th terminal but its not a “terminal” per say

Comment by chrisbreezy2

Turns out, there really is an eighth “terminal”. However, it’s not really the same as the others, and does not go towards the “Marathon Man” achievement.

Terminal 8 – The Cortana Terminal

The Eighth Terminal can be found on the level, “Cortana”, and is located on the basement floor of the room with the “Tilt Skull” in it. At the very bottom of this room, there is a Gravity Hammer leaning against a stand. This stand is a Terminal (although it does not look like the other terminals in the game, it simply looks like a pedestal of light).

Upon accessing it, Cortana will take over your HUD with a brief message, which is a reference to the Novel “The Fall of Reach”, according to Avateur over at ABO.

Comment by Brenton

I just got this achievement my 2nd time through.

You don’t have to go in order.

You don’t have to finish the level.

After you read past the red part and hit (B) it counts.

I had missed 1 the first time through. So I just started over on Level 6 from the start and got 1-5

I already had 6 and 7.

Comment by Brazy

can we all stop talking about this its so last september guys! anyone who aint got marathon man is a pleb

Comment by maccie05

what’s a pleb mac?

Comment by D-thunda

For the marathon man you need to be in the same difficulty level. I tried with different diffuclty levels between terminals and didnt get it… but when I went back to the same difficulty level for all of them I got the achievement. Try the same difficulty level to get it.

Comment by S17

To get the achievement you need to access all seven terminals and wait until it glitches and goes red and then skip through pressing A until you see “end of thread” the exception is the one on the second tower of the “covenant”. It makes no difference what difficulty. You do not have to finish the level. You do not have to access the terminals in order. You can even start from the rally points and not the beginning of the level. If you get the achievement it will show up when you are still accessing whichever terminal you get last.

Comment by Feel5Alive

They don’t have to be in order and you don’t have to finish the missions duh. (this meessage is for people who missed it before.)

Comment by erjbgeg

You only need to get the 7 and you have to wait about 10 seconds to make it go all weird on ya to get the fragments.

Comment by Jonzy2005

Dont got to finish the missions, just get to a checkpoint afterwards to have that part saved. All together only takes like 30 minutes or less for me.

Comment by Jonzy2005

As far as I know, you have to get them in chronological order. For each terminal, you MUST wait until you’re redirected (error message and stuff). As soon as that has happened, you can press B to leave the terminal.

As for the part of YOU ARE NOT WORTHY YET, this message is replaced by a piece of text when you play on Legendary. All the terminals show you some extra info if you play it on the hardest difficulty.

The so called 8th terminal, even though it is before the 7th one, is indeed a reference to the first Halo book. It’s a piece of text told by someone who meets the Master Chief as a child for the first time.

I can’t believe people are still asking how to get this….even Bungie had a News item on how to get it.

Comment by Raziel

I accessed them in order on normal and did not complete the level.

Achievement Unlocked.

Thanks for the guide!

Comment by Matt

Terminals can be accessed on any difficulty. You can get the achievement through a combination of different sessions, reading terminals out of order and various difficulties. There is no requirement for doing them in one game, nor are you required to finish the missions. Cutting out after you get the last one on the level is allowed. However, you must access all terminals in either Co-Op or in Single player, to get the achievement. It is not necessary to read it all the way through, but it is necessary to read it until you are redirected within the terminal. (This means that you will have to wait past when the screen flashing red, till the new message appears.)

Comment by halopedia

omg you idiots! you arent specific enough!

only one guy got it right!!!!


1-choose normal

2-doesnt matter where u start – but youll have to anyway kuz 3 of them appear in the first bits of the ark…the one with the grass and halo.

3-doesnt matter what order

4-you dont have to finish the level

5-and the most IMPORTANT THING!!!
RB (access) the terminal – and wait.
::::: note the green arrow on bottom left. pointing up :::::
the screen should go RED and have some “code [34.0kf_3.2> ..etc] “. wait. then it should turn blue again and redirect you to another yellow file (will take about 10 secs) -when it loads the text, press A til you get to the end. the green arrow should have turned red. and thats it – on to the next one.

do it with them all. i did this shit like 6 times – and everyone said: “wait till its red” NO THATS NOT RIGHT!! ASSHOLES!

sorry dude who got it right – i cant be fucked finding your post.

Comment by sam

TY so much

Comment by TY

u must wait for the terminal to go red and then u have accessed the terminal u once u have done all seven then u shoiuld get the achievment

Comment by rebelbarnhart

I got all the terminals, but it did not give me the achievement, which sucks for me becaues its the last one i need, i think i made a mistake:

if i get one terminal, end the game then start from the next checkpoint, does it make a difference?

Comment by xAXEx Rogue

It has nothing to do with the difficulty or finishing the level. Just read the terminal and wait for it to go read and then wait until it says FRAGMENT ENDS at the end of each terminal. That means you actualy acessed it

Comment by BlueDewayne

I DID ACCESSED THEM ALL ON LEGENDARY, AND WAITED FOR THEM 2 TURN RED, NO ACHIVEMENT, they where in order and i even did the un-needed one on Cortana, still no acchivement, its so annoying, if you have any deas of how you can help, plz message me, ta!

Comment by Chris

Guys this is easy just accesse them all on normal and wait till the red screen then wait till the green arrow at the bottom left hand of the screen turns red then hit b and it counts accesse them all again on legandary and theres more info tht they give u


i think you have to find all the terminals in one go without ending the game or starting a different level

Comment by Rich

Hey I got Marathon Man today, I didn’t access every terminal in a particular order, I didn’t start every level from the beginning to get all of them and I didn’t finish the all the levels after getting the terminals. The one thing I do have is the “Terminal” on “Cortana”. Apparently it doesn’t count towards marathon man but I still got it and I’m not complaining!

Comment by xmac1x

if you throw plasma grenades on the fourth terminal the halo ring blows up

Comment by jackass

i found a terminal on Cortana in the same room of the skull but when u access it Cortana just rabals on about that she can’t keep u safe or something

Comment by Dean

i think u hav to wait til after the red bit keep tapin the A button till it says terminal ends but i still didernt get it.i found a terminal on Cortana in the same room of the skull but when u access it Cortana just rabals on about that she can’t keep u safe or something.

Comment by Dean

I acessed the terminals until they went red but i didn’t get the achievement plus i did it on normal

Comment by Adrian

I have done all the terminals in order, finished the level, and kept on pressing A and still no achievement; this game is a con and i want my bloody acheivement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by no nose man

FUCK looking for tirmanls you cant accsess them its nothing but lettes

Comment by gunner spartin

this is completly crud i went to the hacking part go to something else i think you have to do that but i still dont know any help?

Comment by thysroidkill

i think i found what you need to do, after the screen goes red wait and soon it will redirect you so read that an you should be done that termanal

Comment by thysroidkill

yep you have to wait after each time the message goes red soon after it will redirect you, you can read the rest tif you want i dont think it matters

Comment by thysroidkill

ok i just got it. It doesn’t matter where u start in the level, what order, or if you save and quit. Only thing that matters is to sit there long enough to read all of them. On 6/7 if u stay in the message for like 20 secs, it goes to another message, then push a through that one. do that for all of them and you will get it

Comment by Cameron

Just did it on easy, you do not have to complete the level or start from its beginning, but you do have to fully use the terminal and get to the second text section each terminal has by waiting for it to change. I just did it on easy difficulty and also got the “that is not all, you do do not deserve to know” message at the end of the last terminals message.

Comment by DeadCowboy

do i have to finish the missions?

Comment by tom

followed instructions to the letter no achievment quite annoyed but gives me a chance to annoy my fiancee by playing it again though

Comment by Foehammer

by the way, i also started at rally points, and i did not finish the missions. hope that helps.

Comment by dinesh

Note that you have to either do it solo OR in coop. You can’t find them in some combination of the two. And in coop, you have to be playing as the spartan for it to count.

Comment by Walla

what the hell the achievement is different for everyone if cuz i was playin with me and these 2 dudes one got when we got every terminal together so don’t complain if ya don’t get it c ya

Comment by Small Po

These cheats are for noobs whoo cant find their way around i would never use them

Comment by Ranger 0003

ive had the achievement for a while i was to lazy to post anything anyway you need to do it on the same difficulty no switchin difficulties and through the whole level thats it if it does not work too bad i got it yall dont JK hope i helped PS RNAGER SUX AT HALO 3

Comment by small po

you have to wait until the screen changes red on the terminal

Comment by brad

after you access the terminal you have to sit there for a minute and everything will turn red and then it will cycle thru some other stuff and go into more text and then you are thru with that terminal. you have to do that on all 7 terminals.

Comment by B Rob 2007

I got over 750gp and didn’t unlock security armor do I have to get the marothon man acheivment to get it.

Comment by kodie

No its the NUMBER of achievements not gamerscore, you need 75% of achievements form Halo 3, its about 32

Comment by Evilpro

this shit is long

Comment by ass

1 any order
2 any easy, normal….
3 can start in the middle of the lev
4 DO NOT have to finish lev
5 and you must get all 1000/1000, 49/49 to get sword (1000 points, all achievements)

Comment by fluffy,destroyer of worlds

thanks this helped

Comment by dylan

make sure that when you’re looking for the terminals that you wait to read the “hidden fragment” then it will say “fragment 1 of 7 – fragment 2 of 7” and do this all in one play through.

Comment by StokerNugLuv

dont have to do it in chronological order, i just did the terminals in random order and made sure to quit out and save after each one. Make sure you read through all of the terminal pages, which means you have to wait for it to corrupt and bring you to the next part of the texts

Comment by Joe

okay now im cool cuase i said so and this achievement is cool to cuase me and my friend said so i really am not gonna post anything worthwhile to read but you can keep reading okay i have all the armor not including recon cuase it is amazingly hard like me suasage to get peace

Comment by That one guy

ok so i get to every single terminal but 5, so far i have read like 50 times where it is and i have seen like 5 videos of where it is, i tryed every difficulty and still no terminal, just a bunch of crates in it’s place, would it be that my game is messed up or something

Comment by ???

There are 8 terminals by the way. 3 on the Ark, 3 on the Covenant, 1 on Cortana, and 1 on Halo

Comment by Pah

Does the terminal on Cortana count as a terminal?

Comment by SlayerAK20

Yeah if I found the terminals.Do I have to do something in order to get achievemnet?Or do I just have to watch the whole thing?
To reach me with the answer send me an email.

Comment by Michael

*Slightly-Important Information*
I think you have to access all the terminals on the same difficulty. I started and accessed 6 of the 7 terminals on “easy”, then for the 7th terminal i decided to put the difficulty on “legendary” because the terminal was at the beginning of the level, and i didnt get the acheivement. Restarted the level on legendary and tried again; still no acheivement.
i exited the game and set the difficulty to easy and went to access my last terminal and it worked.

Comment by stephen g74

thx for the news i realy apreshate the locations for the terminels when i get them all and a couple of campain scoreing achements ill have secerity shoulders witch iv beentrying to get….

Comment by matt

i have all the achievements ….. just got them today and got the terminals from this site thanks a lot dude u you alll helped me out ty! any1 needs help just message this place….

Comment by braden

I have all the skulls besides 2

Comment by HaloPro

Catch & fools is all i need

Comment by HaloPro

Catch isnt working, i got on the building, without any wraiths getting destroyed,played on legendary,but its not working

Comment by HaloPro

just read everything thts in each terminal and theres no way you wont get the achievment and there is a second set after it all goes red read tht too

Comment by person

Alot of people are wondering why they have not gotten the achievment it’s simnple. You must watch the terminal all the way through you dont have to finish the level or do it in order because I didn’t do either one just what until it says
//FRAGMENT END at the end than wait like 2 seconds than press b

Comment by HaloManiac

isn’t there a hidden one in the level cortana below the skull

Comment by crazedhamster

Ty so much, this is a good guide

Comment by BoldChris

Most important information that i read on here that i tested to make sure it was true is:

1. order does not matter
2. do not have to finish the level
3. IWHBYD skull can NOT be on when u get last terminal


Comment by HPM

if anybody can help me it would be very helpful my gamertag is deathinbound just add me cuz i will not be coming on this site any more thanks.

Comment by deathinbound

DUDE F*** THIS!, i did all of them, waited for hack, EVERYTHING THIS IS BS, do some people NEED the cortana one? Or can everyone get it w/o…

Comment by laxkilla14

Relax, Lax.

It’s only an achievement – it’s only 50 useless gamerpoints that are meant to be FUN to get.

Of course, by saying this, I have probably just opened the gates of hell – and by the gates of hell, I mean the rooms of wherever all of the overcompetitive, diehard, and/or vulgar Halo fans are playing in.

Well… shit. :P

Comment by chewy8126


Comment by axel

i did all of them, the 4th one is a little confusing cus i get mixed upp with the 6th one just start the level on easy, rush to the elevator jump to the dark area and acess for 4 and 6

Comment by bunniehustla

just kidding. I got it. I was just uber frustrated cause i did it like 5 or 6 times. W/e. :D

Comment by laxkilla14

I read all the comments you guys said and did everyting. I had already found the 7th termanal, when I got to the 6th it gave me the achievement. I still think it helps if you do them in order.

Comment by Sgttony

Holy crap, Sgttony, you read all of this!?


Comment by chewy8126

I W3nT ktaaaana

Comment by laxkilla14

i dont undrstnd instructons to terminal #4

Comment by xxxsp33dyxxx


Comment by sabath13902

hi i love h3

Comment by 123

savannah shore is hot

Comment by 123

terminals = annoying

Comment by 123

i though you had to finish the level with skulls but not with terminals

Comment by tyler j

im getting my wireless connector tomorrow i beat halo on legendary within 1 week and i worked most the time i played it so i barely played it im gonna own u all just wait ;)

Comment by killcon08

um……ya well i was reading the 6th terminal and um…..yea after it turns red theres alot more information on there just to let u guys know it talks about how this guy built a garden and basicly the garden is earth so i’d check it out if i was u if u havnt already seen it

Comment by killcon08

ok ive done this like 3 times i finaly get it ok u have to fucking wait until it turns red then redirects u to another message read threw that message till theres no more then you do the samething to all the terminals and u will unlock it its simple damnit

Comment by killcon08

I originally accessed some of the terminals while playing the game the first time, but didn’t know about the marathon man achievement. I went back and did them all in order still no achievement. So I went back and did them again, and got it on the 5th terminal. Guess I didn’t wait for that one to turn red.

So I guess it doesn’t matter what order you do them in.

Comment by Jonny

it says nothing about the terminal on cortana level

Comment by luvcanal

Hello you do not copyright down the bottom of this page…

Comment by bobby

terminal 5 is clearly located on tower 1, not tower 2.thank you!

Comment by billy

1.) Does not have to be in order
2.) Can be on any difficulty
3.) Do not have to finish mission to get credit
5.) Can be completed on Co-op. All players must be near the terminal to get credit.

Comment by Ryan

Sweet tips dudes! Thanks! I have only found 1 terminal on my own before this. I’m off to find more!
Excellent blog BTW! You might be able to get this excellence in blogging badge if you were interested). Later!

Comment by TheStooge

go kill yourself

Comment by 123

what if u go through the ark the do u to the 6th termanil and quit then go to the 7th termanal because i did that and nothing happend………….should i go and do the cortana level with it an finish the campain

Comment by tyler

if u have any advice pleas message me at tript10@hotmail.com

Comment by tyler

there is a eights temanal on the level cortana. it is were you find the tilt skull on the basemant level of the room. there should be a gravity hammer leaning on something and that is the termanal. it does not look like the other termanals. and it does not act to the achevment. but you get to see a secret message

Comment by Eric fry

I completed it on easy
1) you don’t have to finish mission
2) just quit at next check point
3) cortana terminal does nothing
4) wait for 2nd text then tap A until green arrow changes to red and leave

Comment by Vyper

hey so do you have to do the terminals in order or not becuase some people sya you dont and some say you do so please tell me and you wait once the screen gos red right because i am just wondering how to do it right thanks evryone in advance thanks alot bye
ps: i have all 13 skulls too not that hard once you know how and sometimes the way they word it is very confusing but if you have the p[atience nd the want to get them all you can do it so keepp treying people

Comment by kyle

I’ve found all the terminals and accessed all of them, but I didn’t get the achievement for them. Any suggestions

Comment by jordan

After days of searching I never found a 100% way of getting the Marathon Man achievement. I tried first time and didn’t get the achievement. So I played all three levels (The Ark, The Covenant, Halo) from the beggining and completed them on easy. I got the achievement.

So:, just to be safe:
1. Play the levels from the beggining.
2. Complete them afterwards.
3. When accessing the terminals wait until it has gone red and all the small text has gone past on the right, then wait 10 seconds more just ti make sure.

I checked this method on a friends acoount and it worked. There may be shorter methods but it isnt difficult on easy and better to be say than sorry. Hoped this helped anyone.

Comment by John Smith

Oh for my comment above.

4. Get the terminals in order as well, just to be safe.

Comment by John Smith

there is a terminal on cortana, in an underground bit as you go through the flood caves. its a dome halfway with a grav hammer, cloaks and deployable covers inside and lots of dead elites.

Comment by henry hill

Well i found them all in order but didn’t get the achievement, It may be because i didn’t wait till all the red text had gone past.

Comment by Brook

i am determined to get the sword and i have spent teh last 28 hours completing and still havent fucking gotten the terminals

Comment by halol

yeah i havent gotten the achievement yet but will be attempting it shortly! also the terminal on cortana is an extra and is NOT REQUIRED FOR THE MARATHON MAN ACHIEVEMENT!

Comment by Dylan

I just completed this achievement yesterday, and I can tell you that these terminals DO NOT need to be discovered in order. I couldn’t find the terminal in the second tower, but others I’ve discovered months before and I got the achievement. But like everyone says, be patient and wait for the messages to cycle all the way through til the end and it’s yours. Got my katana yesterday because of it.

Comment by bborst

Yeah all of you who only read the first five comments or so.
You have to wait until the screen is ‘hacked’ and when the green arrow on the bottom left corner turns red.
I just beat it on Easy Co-op so obviously it works on all levels.

Best of luck!

Gamertag: Dethyl

Comment by Dethyl

There is an 8th on the level Cortana, it is right under the floor area in the spot where the skull is located.

Comment by Jacgren

Why doesnt the cortana level terminal count for the achievement

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Terminal Terminal

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Comment by 123

just did it, didn’t even have to finish the levels, i just did ’em in order and bam! 40g’s in the record book. :]

Comment by Chris

has anyone tried to see if they are “worthy” for the last terminal by beating doing it with the Mythic Skull on? if on legendary you aren’t worthy, maybe on Mythic you are.

Comment by mike

thanks for the locations now im onto getting every skull full hybussa or however u spell it

Comment by mango

Has anyone read all of the test associated with Terminals. I think there is a bigger secret…

First, there are two sets of information at each terminal. The first set becomes corrupted after about 10 seconds of reading, but if you exit before it becomes fully corrupted, you can start over again and finish reading everything in 3 or 4 tries.

Once you wait long enough, the first set becomes coprrupted, but if you watch closely, there is even more information within the resulting error message.

Finally, the background will begin rushing past for a little bit. If you wait, a second set of information will appear that seems to be some type of ongoing communication between a few forerunners. You need to hit the A/X buttons to cycle forward / backward between pages.

Unlike the first 6 terminals, the 7th terminal has one final bit of information beyond the last “page”. Something to the effect of:


Anyone know what this is?
Comment by Joshua September 29, 2007 @ 11:39 am

there are small voice clips as it switched screens while you are accessing the terminals, the voice is played backwards, does anyone know what its saying?
Comment by Tsuki September 29, 2007 @ 5:54 pm
ok i think if you get this program called audacity you can record it with any mic and then reverse it

Comment by alex

did you all know their is an secret 8th terminal

Comment by max

where is it?

Comment by axel

on the final lvl. dude just do the damn research on halo 3 planet

Comment by max

and all i did was google halo 3 skulls amd went to the halo 3 website then went all the way to the bottom of the website and selected terminals (it is written in white shade color.)and do a little research in theire and it will tell you how to find it.

Comment by max

i found this very simple, go into a level on easy go to a terminal and wait till it says fragment ended or something or you cant go any further press B and there will be a noise but a quiet one and you dont have to finish the level.

Comment by harry

Wow, I went through all the terminals three times (first time I forgot to wait for red screen and was on legendary) the second and third times I was on easy and didn’t do them in order, but after I accessed the final terminal and it went red it didn’t give me the achievement so I left it on the final screen of the terminal and came here to figure out what to do, 10 min later I go back and I have the achievement… Don’t know if its luck or if you just have to wait a while on the final one. Good luck to everyone getting this messed up achievement.

Comment by Desolate Doom

who plays halo 3 every day…

Comment by max

why did i reply to myself??? lol well reply to me and i will be willing to talk halo 3 with you all just send a reply!!! o.k

Comment by max

you have to wait till each terminal starts blinking red then after that more words will come up do that for all seven and youll get the achievement

Comment by poopsickle

Yes you have to access the terminals in the order 1~7 stated at the top by the very helpful person who created this walk-through (most likely found in the book too, but oh well)and you do have to wait until the writing goes into covenant text and watch it all, read it if you want, but you’ll know that that one has worked because when you back off it,(B)it will make a noise and this Eye shaped thing will get brighter than before you accessed it!

Comment by BipolarPndaBear

it doesnt matter the order you do the terminals, you can start then quit when you access them, but you have to wait, like 10 to 30 seconds, the screen will turn red then it will start speeding up and more text will show up, you have to wait till the end on all of them

Comment by James

I went home and did this yesterday. You do not have to do them in order. Just wait for the terminal to corrupt on all seven terminals to get the achievement. I did it on normal.

Comment by halofan

You DO NOT need to finish the levels to get the Marathon Man achievement. What you do is find the terminals and “hack” them by reading through them by pressing A and X over and over and over again.

Comment by Ryan Lieder

I just got the marathon man achievement by using the video. I accidentally accessed the second terminal first, ending missions after i got one. At the seventh terminal in halo, i got the achievement. That simple for me.

Comment by Koen

Pretty sweet, cant wait till halo: reach

Comment by Casey

i have just got the ‘marathon man’ achivement…


you have to find all the terminals in sequential order of the levels that they are in.
when you find a terminal, access it there are messages and stuff being displayed, soon enough the screen should start to flash red as if its saying ‘intruder alert!’ lol, something like that, you’ll know what i mean…anyways when this happens DO NOT exit the terminal!! the screen should show some sort of animation where its flying past thousands of those blue hexagon background things. eventually it will stop and a second set of messages will appear, read through all the messages (or skip of you like) with A=Next and X=Back. most terminals should read “//FRAGMENT ENDS” when you’ve reached the end of the last page.
do this to all the terminals and you will be rewarded the ‘Marathon Man’ Achievement once youve found and scolled through the last terminal :)

NOTE: after youve found and scrolled through all the ‘pages’ in a terminal, you DO NOT have to finsh the rest of the level, you may ‘Save And Quit’


By MiKo$

Comment by Mikos Babao

So I have to ask this. I’ve gotten 6 out of the 7 terminals and am ready to do Halo. But my dick is messed up and I have to clean it. Am I able to turn it off and back on and still get the achievment? Or must I do it all in one sitting?

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Comment by dick hole

Arent you supposed to get armor for it? Cause I thought you were supposed to get security helmet or katana or something like that cause I dont think its security shoulders because I had them without the achevment. A little help here?

Comment by Crisean

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Comment by PloxiaAlgonna

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Comment by Frulsisee

I’ve gone through all the terminals at least a half dozen times and didn’t get the achievement. Argh! Maybe it’s because I *always* have IWHBYD on. I also usually have scoring on. Gonna turn both off and try again. One thing I noticed is that on the last terminal (on the Halo level), Cortana asked me how many terminals I had found. She only did this ONCE ever and it was the first time I accessed that terminal. She hasn’t said anything after I’ve accessed that terminal in all my subsequent times.

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