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7th on Gamer.tv (again)
October 3, 2007, 12:29 pm
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Well it would seem your good ol’ 7th Columnist has hit the telly box once more.

During my trip down to see the Gamer.tv guys a week ago to chat about my early copy of Halo 3 and the Argos scandal – we filmed a whole bunch of stuff. Most of it I never thought they’d use, especially since I’d only had a copy of the game for 24 hours at that point and couldn’t comment all that much.

Still, it would seem they liked what they got and saw fit to include the segment below in the latest show (broadcast last Sunday).

So much was cut, as is always the way with these things, but here you can see me giving a brief demonstration of how to take down that pesky Scarab towards the end of level four, after one of my first play throughs. It’s not much, and as we all know there’s a whole bunch of ways to take that thing on, but I figured I’d share all the same.


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The guys actually said it was mongooses, because they didnt like mongeese, but w/e.

Comment by Stinkles

nice vid, but too bad i have five different ways to kill the scarab. so your name is mike 7th? should i call you mike or 7th?

Comment by x_kenney_x

I think 7th is easiest ’round these parts. ;)

Comment by 7th Columnist

I lol’d at that. hey mike :P

Comment by D-thunda

British people never stutter or falter with words. It amazes me… (that commentary was perfect, dude(coming from an American))

Comment by Russkie

wait so that english guy is u 7th

Comment by ryguy

that’s him.

Comment by D-thunda

of course hes british, you americans couldnt run a genius site like this with out spamming each other and bitching lol

Comment by maccie05

“of course hes british, you americans couldnt run a genius site like this with out spamming each other and bitching lol”

nice vid. U said u were on gamer t.v.
i find it easiest to climb onto either 1 of the 2 crains and jst jump aboard and run for the back.
oh.. then make a giant run 4 it.

lmao.. was playing that mission the other night and i just kept drivin to the edge of the cliff and jumping off last minute so the solider goes hurterling off the edge.
only for him to turn round and rocket me in mid air lmao…
A.I never stops to amaze me!

Comment by Wiplash ll7

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