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Blank Forge Maps
October 8, 2007, 9:09 pm
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By now I think it’s fair to assume most of us have completed Halo 3’s campaign, seen the ending, wept, saluted et al… It’s also fair to think that multiplayer has probably consumed more than one or two nights since launch as well. One thing that may have been overlooked by many though, and something I’ve really only recently sat down to sink my teeth into… is Forge.

Personally, I think it’s awesome. I know there’s a been a few grumblings here and there to do with limited budgets, specific objects/weapons/vehicles not being available on certain maps and whatnot, but already I’ve come across some mind boggling-ly different variants that have really opened me up to the potential of Bungie’s new ‘in-game real-time object postion-er’ thing.

If you’re like me – and only just beginning to play around. Using Forge to create inescapable rooms filled with spawn points, fusion cores and fuel canisters… you’ll probably agree the most annoying thing about the new mode is the lack of an erase all button. I mean, if I want to create my own totally unique map variant then I want to start from scratch. I want my complete budget from the get-go, without having to go around hunting for objects already placed on each map to delete just so I can place one more sadistic fusion core in the ‘Pit of Death’.

Pit of Death v1.1

Sadly, short of Bungie implementing such a feature in a future update, that’s exactly what we have to do. Or at least, had to do. One plucky B.net user has painstakingly gone through each of the maps on offer and removed every object placed on them as standard, leaving us with 11 new blank ‘canvas’ maps to get creative with.

High Ground Canvas
Snowbound Canvas
Sandtrap Canvas
Valhalla Canvas
The Pit Canvas
Narrows Canvas
Last Resort Canvas
Isolation Canvas
Guardian Canvas
Epitaph Canvas
Construct Canvas

So grab your copies from the links above, fire up your 360 and get forging new maps and gametypes. Share them with us below or in our forum and perhaps I’ll even start to showcase the best ones each week accross these very web pages.

I gotta say though… a special 7th Columnist map sure would be swell, wouldn’t it?


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Comment by K-Bizzle the Dizzle

lol everytime i play splitscreen i hate to do forge we don’t do regular

Comment by Master Tricks #1

“Had” not hate

Comment by Master Tricks #1

well, that 7th columnist map hint was subtle :)

Comment by D-thunda

I’ve gotten on top of The Pit using teleports.

Comment by Evilpro

check out my file share ive made two gametypes that my friends love

gamertag: MaxMan12

Comment by Max Merenda

Well after joining every1 “attempt” of making the “true” zpmbies… and seeing every1 fustratly make a map to go with it.
i munched on a poptart and decided to make my own :)
i did it on HIghground where i bacically trashed everything about.

But to make it “interesting… where the main gate is at the start there is a big explotion that flings little barriers at the start.. thats when fact sinks in..
“we’re going to die.”
So to make it uberly intresting onli the normal canisters respawn. that the detoator. so when a group piles through the gates… a swift shot will blow ’em all up!

What you think?

Comment by Wiplash ll7

7th, You should showcase my awesome Forge Maps. Like… “The Community”, and “The Ark Hotel”. You guys can grab these maps and “The Halo 3 RPG!” custom game that goes great with the maps off of my File Share.

PS(pick up Popcorn Maker too!)

Comment by DEL360X

not every thing
unless he use this trick http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/15294 and delete the stuff on the other side of the fence

NOTE. not the side in the video but the other side of where he was at, other base

Comment by ION 360

I’m sorry if I sound a little gay in saying this, but I love you.

Comment by marginis

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