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October 22, 2007, 12:50 pm
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Stuck for things to do in Halo 3? I highly doubt it, what with all these Skulls, Terminals and Multiplayer sessions. But maybe you’ve not been introduced to the beauty that is ‘telerunning’ yet…

Exploiting a small glitch in the game, ‘Telerunning’ is born out of the fact that a player’s velocity is increased when travelling through teleporters. By stringing together mutliple teleporters using Forge, it is possible to create fun tricking and jumping maps or ‘teleruns’.

A ‘Telerun’ is a course which uses the speed gained from travelling through one teleporter to another to cover huge distances and reach far out points of a map in record time, creating a sort of ‘run’ for skilled players to go through, hence ‘telerunning’.

Still not sure what I’m babbling on about? Check out this video below. It’s truly amazing.

The guys over at High Impact Halo have already created several maps ranging in difficulty to show the basics of what can be done with the technique, which can be downloaded below:



jt_trun-demo_1 (Easy)
jt_trun-demo_2 (Med)
jt_trun-demo_3 (Hard)

Before you play here’s a couple things you should know:

  • Lag reduces your speed a bit so it’s important to have low ping when trying these. Sometimes perfect ping is required to do them. For this reason they are not recommended to be played in big parties.
  • The teleporter’s are never set up to be jumped out of when in mid air because the host can’t.
  • On the hard version, each stage has a separate teleporter that takes you back to the start when you miss, which you will…many times =P

So forget Portal, when it comes to teleporter tomfoolery, Halo 3 is where it’s at. Yet another fan-made reason why Halo 3 is sure to stick around for many years to come.

Props to mr0llie, Reidon, Cloud7654, and Maluu for creating this first batch of maps.


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wauuuuu…….!!!!!!!!!the stupends videos

Comment by thomas

Hey 7th i started a lot of polls in the general disscussion of halo 3 i’d be glad if you voted

Comment by Master Tricks #1

that was clearly something that has been practiced a ton of times.
many many times indeed.
this is something i dont have enough time and patience even for the worlds most fanatic halo fan.
i know all there is to know about halo…to an extent…and this is amazing.

Comment by heath

Don’t overstate you status heath ;)

Odd, me and my friend were experimenting with a very primitive form of this a while ago.

As a HIH longtime member I’m not surprised with the inginuity, however it is pretty awesome.

Comment by Marathon Man

cool… what is doubly cool tho is that portal game thingy… faaaaaaar out man?! :O

Comment by maccie05

I might try it when I’m on holiday (30 November)

Comment by D-thunda

Thank god that imposter Tricks is gone

Comment by Master Tricks #1

Wooo that totally awesome! ^_^
the one ith the rockets seems well hard.
hence hard!
would try but….lolz xbox still broke! *blarrg!

Comment by Wiplash ll7

i made my own tele-run… check it out

click on tele run


Comment by Alex


Comment by AX


Comment by NAV

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