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Dated Valhalla secrets
November 3, 2007, 11:03 pm
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It’s official, Halo 3 contains more eggs than the Easter Bunny’s basket.

Now it seems even the date itself is bringing about subtle changes to multiplayer maps. In particular, Valhalla. Over the Halloween period some of you may have noticed the odd chalk tombstone picture appear at various points on the map.

Well, it seems these pictures are date-specific easter eggs (much like the sign on the beach in Halo 2’s Zanzibar), only showing themselves on particular holidays. A quick fiddle with your Xbox 360’s date and time settings though and you can cheat the system into letting you see them as and when you wish.

Here’s what’s been noticed so far:

New Year’s Day – Jan 1st

Earth Day – April 22nd

Cinco de Mayo – May 5th

Independence Day – July 4th

Bungie Day – July 7th

Veteran’s Day – Nov 11th

Christmas Day – Dec 25th

Thanks to GruntsRUs for putting in much of the hard work snapping shots and changing dates. Remember, this isn’t a definitive list – there may be more.

Has anyone seen anything odd on any of the other maps?


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I saw these on b.net the other day. still don’t know what the last one is.

Comment by D-thunda

looks like a kenyan shield and spear? kinda like zulu-ish no?

Comment by maccie05

i wonder what day it is…

Comment by D-thunda

Lol I was born on Cinco de Mayo

4th of July is a joke on Marathon, where if you killed one of your bobs with flames you’d get the “Bob-b-q” achievement

Comment by Marathon Man

im actaully impressed
bcos as of now… ive been disapointed with halo 3 wth easter eggs…
yea theres been a few…
but liek the help of that “handy” mag mike made with all the easter eggs on halo 1 + 2 ages ago.. the comparrison.. is small..

eg the way so bloody much stuff ads up to 7 ;)

nice 1!

Comment by Wiplash ll7

7th u mind askn bungie if fire grenades will ever be on matchmaking? or has anybody heard anything about it?

Comment by spartanized

I think its a christmas tree light and the lines are like the light shining off of it.

Comment by Squirrel Jockey

just thought… that shield one colud be a kwanza symbol? eg; the african celebration that goes on about the same time as xmas… they are major up ont shields and that kinda imagery.

Comment by maccie05

its the star that led the 3 wise men to jesus
when he was born

Comment by Trevor

Comment by maccie05

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