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The man behind the warthog
November 5, 2007, 12:56 pm
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Neill Blomkamp’s Halo 3 shorts were awesome, largely down to that hulking great Warthog WETA had built for them. But who was responsible for re-creating Bungie’s messiest 4×4 in the real world?

The man in question is Peter Osborne, an Automotive Fitter and Turner by trade, with over 25 years in the engineering industry. Peter was brought on board specifically to oversee the creation of the fully functioning Warthog due to the number of challenges facing WETA surrounding the need for a futuristic four wheel drive vehicle.

“I have always had a passion for four wheel driving since I was a teenager”, says Peter, “from building them to reworking, sourcing parts and putting the machines together. All my spare time and weekends, were taken up with working on automotives.”

From school, Peter landed an apprenticeship at a local garage, and soon moved into his area of interest, as a production fitter, then ultimately engineering. Engineering is what he enjoys most. “It’s like putting together the lifeline of a vehicle”, he says. “From the design to the build of the automotive, the engineering aspect means you have to understand every process behind the running of the machine.”

After nearly 30 years you could forgive anyone for getting tired of their chosen profession, but for Peter it’s the creativity involved that keeps him coming back for more. “It’s a visual tool”, he explains, “you are building things and seeing them evolve, and to see the finished product at the end of the project is a real thrill.”

Having now been at WETA for a year, Blomkamp’s shorts were Peter’s first chance at getting on a film set – as he was called in to join the Halo crew, making sure the Warthog behaved as it should during shoots. “It was eye opening”, he says, “the amount of people involved in a shoot is just amazing, it was great to experience being on that side of the production process.”

You can see Pete’s astounding work in action in the Halo 3 shorts, recently re-released over Xbox Live Marketplace as one standalone piece; Halo 3: Landfall. Check it out below.

For more information about Peter Osborne and his Warthog, check out the latest update over at Weta Holics.


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w00t! weta and New Zealand for the win!

Comment by D-thunda

Halo movie!! halo movie!! movie! movie!

Comment by Master Tricks #1

Next he will be working on a fully working mongoose…
with can dispenencer…. and it has a mini fridge for refreshing snacks.

Comment by Wiplash ll7

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