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Bungie Q&A: Rat’s Nest
November 19, 2007, 11:53 pm
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Chris ‘Barry’ Barrett and Steve Cotton of Bungie continue to talk new Halo 3 maps, this time looking at John Carpenter’s Prince of Dorkness, now officially known as Rat’s Nest.

Q: Rat’s Nest, that sounds like Crow’s Nest, the second level from the Halo 3 campaign, surely this isn’ t a coincidence – but it’s also not simply reused space, what’s the deal?

Christopher Barrett:
We really wanted to create an indoor multiplayer level, something we hadn’t done a lot of in Halo 3 and the setting of Crow’s Nest was a perfect fit.

Steve Cotton:
Rat’s Nest is a great example of a simple idea that turned out to be a great map. And it was only a simple idea because Barry came up with it.

Christopher Barrett:
We felt that the single-player mission wasn’t long enough so we wanted to make you play through it again over and over in multiplayer.

Q: It’s a pretty big map with a lot of smaller, tighter combat spaces, how do art and design create those spaces and make sure they play nicely?

Christopher Barrett:
A lot of testing and iteration. We also wanted to give a nice balance to larger open spaces where big battles can occur with vehicles and also allow some close quarters combat. The combination really worked great. The first part of this question makes me feel weird. I’m not sure why.

Q: What kind of items will populate Rat’s Nest’s Forge palette?

Christopher Barrett:
A hamster wheel and wood shavings.

Steve Cotton:
Who hasn’t always wanted to drive a Scorpion tank inside.

Q: What’s been the biggest change in Rat’s Nest from the prototype/concept phase to the “ship it” phase?

Christopher Barrett:
Originally the entire map was indoor and underground. We had the idea of opening up the wall to let in the sunlight, give an epic view and create a memorable space. Doing that really added a lot to the visual feel of the level. We almost forgot to put any rats in the level.

Steve Cotton:
That better not be why we were losing performance!

Q: What’s the ideal player count for Rat’s Nest?

Christopher Barrett:
6-16 Players, it will really add to the Big Team Battle matchmaking hoppers online.

Q: Which gametypes have worked the best? What would you guys like to see in Matchmaking?

Steve Cotton:
The typical symmetrical games work well, Multi-flag, Territories, Neutral bomb, Team Slayer.

Christopher Barrett:
Infection on Rat’s Nest is great, the dark moody atmosphere and all the hiding places make it idea for zombie hunting. There is a perfect race track around the outside!


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very nice. looks pretty cool

Comment by D-thunda

hmmm… well its not Chiron.. but itl do… *sighs and sips becks vier*

Comment by maccie05

Very nice.
I wonder if me and Steve are related.(Cotton) also my last name

Comment by Brandon Cotton

Wie junge Leute mit Köpfchen mit Blogging Millionen verdienen, sich dennoch völlig ihrem gegenwärtigen Job widmen

Comment by Suchmaschine

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