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Bungie Q&A: Foundry
November 20, 2007, 12:02 am
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After hearing a little more about Standoff and Rat’s Nest, it’s time for Bungie’s Christopher Barrett (Barry) and Steve Cotton to talk Foundry, or the map formally known as Art Vandelay.

Q: Foundry is completely different from any map Bungie has made for a Halo game, how so?

Christopher Barrett:
Foundry was designed from the beginning to be a Forge level. There is an almost limitless amount of potential map designs that can be made by arranging objects in different configurations. You can remake Hang ‘Em High out of crates. Kind of.

Steve Cotton:
The second you see someone delete the entire level in Forge, you realize the potential a space like this has. The default layout Tyson put together is great, but the possibilities are definitely greater.

Q: Was Foundry’s art inspired by areas from a Campaign space like Rat’s Nest?

Christopher Barrett:
We loved the feel of the Warehouse area in the campaign [on Voi] and it really made for an ideal playground that could be filled with lots of modular crates.

Q: Tom Doyle called the Forge objects for Foundry “Legos” – what kinds of items are players going to have at their disposal?

Steve Cotton:
Legos that look like all the things you might find in a Warehouse in Halo.

Christopher Barrett:
All the things you’ll need to make a great multiplayer playground. Man-sized crates, walls, fences, stairs, bridges, and of course fusion coils. I wouldn’t trust anything Tom Doyle says if I were you. He’s shifty.

Q: What’s the default set-up on Foundry? What’s it built for?

Christopher Barrett:
The layout that will be include with the map is set up to work well to support as many gametypes as possible. But once players get a hold of it with Forge I can’t wait to see what people will do with it!

Q: It’s not a huge map so what’s the ideal player count for Foundry’s shenanigans?

Christopher Barrett:
I can’t think of anything funny to say about this question other than being impressed you somehow fit shenanigans into one of the questions.

Steve Cotton:
4-12. Unless you’re Barry and then probably 1. Playing Halo isn’t the only thing he does by himself.

Q: In daily playtests, what gametypes have been the most successful on Foundry?

Christopher Barrett:
Most gametypes work great on Foundry. I definitely had some memorable Territories and Assault games. Kill Barry, repeatedly, has been a popular one.

Steve Cotton:
Yes. Kill Barry. As well as traditional Slayer and CTF.


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I can’t wait to forge on this map. It sounds like it has tonnes of possibilities.

Comment by D-thunda

whats all this about “delete all” then?! we were discussing that with the blank forge maps werent we?! everyone can go on my fileshare and see how i ruined narrows… btw thunda shouldnt you be in school?! :) lol oh i forgot- exams?!… me too… know owt about solitcitors accounts?!… me either

Comment by maccie05

hehe, yes i should.

nah, I’m kidding, I had a 3 hour maths exam (damn geometric reasoning!) and then i went home.
No exam tomorrow!

I might get up earlier so i can finally own you mac :P

Comment by D-thunda

lolz i have to give my mate a lift with his kit to a gig tonite- then i gotta be up early to fail this accounts exam! :(

Comment by maccie05

hopefully I’ll be able to give you a game of halo 3 (in between study for my english test)and own you mac.
nah, you’ll do fine. I have my accounting exam on tuesday, science on wednesday and eco on friday.

Comment by D-thunda

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