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Halo 3 Rube Goldberg Machines
November 21, 2007, 2:27 pm
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Those looking for new things to try out in Forge might wanna think about creating their own Rube Goldberg style machines. Making use of Halo 3’s physics engine and the explosive nature of Fusion Cores, maybe you’d like to:

Commit suicide

or trap a n00b.

Great stuff indeed. Has anyone else out there had the patience to create something truly special (and a little bit different) through Forge?

Thanks to the herculean efforts of Ice V and Ultimate Dragon for the vids respectively.


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absoluty briallaint! (:

Comment by Wiplash ll7

Wow… Just… wow.


But these are better than mine, and the second one is absolute genious.

Comment by Marathon Man

Keep at it!

I’d love to see a 7th Columnist themed one if anyone’s up for the task? Then we can shocase it on 7th Columnist TV and on the site.

Comment by 7th Columnist

:O…. PHAT AS FCUK… i just pooed my pants in amazement

Comment by maccie05


that truly brightened my day up, damn english exam!

just awesome…

Comment by D-thunda

I remade the Announcement Trailer using Forge. It’s on slot 1 in my File Share.

Comment by DEL360X

lol been doing that since day one!!

Comment by Master Tricks #1

hey 7th your freinds list is full, and so is mine, when i get my 360 back add me, so me you and d thunda can play like we suggested a few months ago, and have the humpday challenge as well.

Comment by xkenneyx

where’s your 360 kenney? red ring or something?

Comment by D-thunda

i got my 360 back yesterday. lets next weekend

Comment by xkenneyx

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