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Halo: Uprising #2 Preview
November 21, 2007, 3:11 pm
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Part two of Marvel’s four part Halo Uprising series should finally be on sale now, but if you feel like sampling the goods before you part with your cash, the good folks over at MySpace Comic Books have put up a six page preview in their blog.

Here’s what Marvel.com has to say about the issue:

The award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev unveil a new chapter in the Halo mythos. Master Chief is captured and interrogated by Covenant forces. While back on Earth, a star-crossed human couple tries to stay alive as every single thing they hold dear is taken from them. Earth is falling to alien invaders, and no one knows what or where the mysterious artifact known as “the Key” is. The human race is at the brink of destruction—can the bravery of a few turn the tide?

Head over to the MySpace Comic Books blog to grab the pages for yourself, or use our conveniently placed links below.

Halo: Uprising #2 Cover
Table of Contents

Miscellaneous Pages:

Page Two
Page Three

Page Fourteen
Page Fifteen

Page Twenty-eight
Page Twenty-nine

Awesome stuff, and with news of hardback version being made available next spring once the series is all wrapped up, Uprising is turning into a real must-have for Halo and Marvel fans alike.


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WoWa Wooo Waaa!
Very nice
like the drawings ^_^
better than thows of *cough Brett Lewis & Jean Giraud!

Comment by Wiplash ll7

meh… ive read better looking/scripted comics and graphic novels recently- but the halo theme should get the punters in i guess

Comment by maccie05

I want it so bad but i never have money.

Comment by Justin

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