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Halo Laser Command Review
December 3, 2007, 9:25 pm
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Remember the Halo Laser Command toys we mentioned earlier in the year being put together by Jasman toys?

Well they’re here, and OZZYO72088 has managed to nab himself a Plasma Rifle. Happy with his purchase, he’s put together this short review of the toy which can be viewed below:

I gotta say, I’m impressed. The scale, sound effects, recoil and overheat all seem pretty damn true to the game, giving the impression these are of a much higher quality than first thought, back when they were announced.

Currently there’s only a Plasma Rifle and Pistol available, but more weapons are apparently planned. If anyone else has one (we’d love to see the Plasma Pistol in action) let us know your thoughts…

They may be expensive, but damn, they’re awesome.


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If I were a kid I’d buy these :)

Comment by D-thunda

Sick! If I had the money…

Comment by Marathon Man

Dude!!! I wanna see how the energy sword works!!

Comment by Stinkles

I could imagine some people getting seriously ingured with that…

Comment by D-thunda

too bad my money all goes towards games

Comment by Max Merenda

lol lol hahahahhahahah lol

Comment by Master Tricks #1

Sweet to badits just a target u shoot it should be a body suit so u could wear it and have little gun fights

Comment by sniper snider

Ohh Gimme the freaking snipe!

Comment by Josh

i would hope to see a spartan laser

and sniper snider,it has a clip to go on your shirt

Comment by Garkalla

woot a clip

and Thunda, i though u were 15-16? i call that a kid.. im 15 and id love to have one of those guns.

Comment by V M31573R NL

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